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Biography: Brian Smith

Brian Smith

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I am a heavy equiptment operator at a local landfill, and have no formal education beyond high school. I do not, however, regard myself as being of diminished intellect due to my lack of college credentials. Look at people like John McAdams, Gerald Posner, Dale Myers, et al. They may have credentials, but do not know their asses from their elbows, (at least if they really believe the things they say) as far as the JFK assassination goes! Anyway, I have been fascinated with this case since I was a little kid. My mother bought every book on the topic she could get her hands on, and I guess I have her to blame for being what is so sarcastically referred to as a "conspiracy theorist". I am a big admirer of several of your forum members, most notably Jack White, and Dr. Gary Aguilar, and would be very honored to be able to post on the same forum as such distinguished researchers. Thanks for you time, and I look forward to being added to your excellent forum.

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