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Can History be Open Source?

D Letouzey

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"Can History be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past"

An excellent paper from Roy Rosenzweig* (CHNM (Centre for History and New Media, George Mason U). Worth reading, and maybe discussing.


The first part recalls the Wikipedia 's success story, which challenges the authority of the professional historians.

The second tries to determine the accuracy of Wikipedia : he compares entries in Wikipedia with Microsoft's online resource Encarta and American National Biography Online (read his comment on the Lincoln entry).

The third one discusses the historians' implications :

« Should those who write history for a living join such popular history makers in writing history in Wikipedia? My own tentative answer is YES".

"Can the wiki way foster the collaborative creation of historical knowledge?" YES

A comment in French : http://clioweb.free.fr/debats/wikirr.htm

A "translation" is on the way.

If you are bilingual, you may help us in this project.


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