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The Death of Dr. Margaret Davidson

John Simkin

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Dr. Margaret Davidson, 26, was killed a car crash in May. Her 19-year-old killer was sentenced to four years in jail. She was driving home to Kidlington, Oxfordshire, when she was killed by Nolan Haworth. His Vauxhall Nova crashed into her at more than 70mph after overtaking on the brow of a hill. He said afterwards he was in a hurry as he was late for a court appearance.

During Haworth's sentencing Judge Julian Hall was reduced to tears when Mrs Davidson read a victim impact statement. However, she criticised the sentence: "What is the point of having an upper level if it is not brought home to someone by giving them 14 years." As he was already banned from driving it is hard to think of who would get the maximum sentence.

It has been suggested that all young drivers who pass their tests should be given a copy of the statement. You can hear the impact statement here:


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