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I was very wary about the role Wikipedia would play in providing good information on the JFK assassination and other political conspiracies. For example, Wikipedia initially described Operation Mockingbird as an “urban myth”. However, after a long fight they accepted my article on the subject.


This is important as Wikipedia is always ranked high in search-engines.

I have noticed in recent weeks that the entries in Wikipedia are becoming more critical of the status quo. For example, the entry for Richard Helms, includes details of my account on Operation Mockingbird. I urge members to become involved in this struggle for an accurate account of our past.


The people behind Wikipedia recently launched Scholarpedia, the free peer reviewed encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world.

• Each article is written by an expert (invited or elected by the public).

• Each article is anonymously peer reviewed to ensure accurate and reliable information.

• Each article has a curator - typically its author -- who is responsible for its content.

• Any modification of the article needs to be approved by the curator before it appears in the final, approved version.

Herein also lies the greatest differences between Scholarpedia and traditional print media: while the initial authorship and review processes are similar to a print journal, articles in Scholarpedia are not frozen and outdated, but dynamic, subject to an ongoing process of improvement moderated by their curators. This allows Scholarpedia to be up-to-date, yet maintain the highest quality of content.


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