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Deep Cover CIA, False Flag Op's & Foreign Policy

John J. McCarthy

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Deep Cover CIA, False Flag Op's & Foreign Policy

United States Air Force Colonel Edward Lansdale mentioned as the Chief of the Cuba Project in the National Security Archive's article, below, was a full time CIA Agent who was eventually promoted to the rank of General in the USAF for 'cover' purposes, as were all his previous promotions.

In early 1953, Lansdale, then posing as a USAF Lieutenant Colonel, was in charge of a false flag operation in the Philippines which fabricated the existence and threat of the HUK Communist Guerrilla Movement bent on the overthrow of the existing Philippine Government.

This ruse was accomplished with the same tactics outlined in the Northwoods document, below. The operation was successful and the hero of the operation was one Philippine Colonel Magsaysay who immediately became the new President of the Philippines. The previous president was balking at certain US requirements and had to be replaced.

There was no HUK anti-government movement. It was purely a fantasy, orchestrated by Lansdale at the behest of the CIA.

Interesting to note: President Truman would have had a hissy fit if he knew of such an operation. Most learned folks don't believe he had a clue. Eisenhower was newly elected and although he had a great career in military administration, he had no combat experience nor any of the daring do of special operations. Allan Dulles, head of CIA, found a willing student of the Black Arts in Eisenhower. The later U2 incident strained that relaltionship severely.

This fabricated campaign began in early 1953 immediately after Eisenhower's inauguration. At the same time, the plan for the CIA takeover in Iran was underway. Shortly after would be the coup in Guatemala in 1954. Note that none of these activities were allowed under Truman.

After the success of the Philippine false flag operation, the HUK Campaign as it was known at the time, Lansdale was shipped off to become the Chief of the US Military Mission in Saigon, in early 1954, as we had no Embassy there then and the Indo China war was about to end.

As Diem Bien Phu was falling to the Viet Minh, due to the fact that Eisenhower refused the French request for B-52 bomber support, (although not just a few CIA pilots were flying French marked aircraft for resupply of men and munitions for the doomed French position) Lansdale was cozying up to Diem, the newly US chosen first president of the newly created country of South Vietnam. Diem had just been plucked from a Catholic enclave in New Jersey.

Some circles believed CIA wanted the French to lose Vietnam and let the real liberators take charge. Ironically, the mistakes made by the French Forces in Vietnam were repeated, ad nauseum, by the US Military in Vietnam. See: Street Without Joy by Bernard Fall.

By 1956, Lansdale had hatched a plan, with nods from Washington, to import 1.1 million North Vietnamese Catholics, using CIA proprietary aircraft (Continental Air Transport) and ships, to support the Diem Regime (Catholic) much to the angst of the Buddhist's who were the great majority in newly designated "South" Vietnam. The religious conflict set in motion by Lansdale evolved into the Second Indo China War; The Vietnam War. Those displaced by the North Vietnamese Catholics were forced into the country side and resorted to banditry just to survive. This nucleus became the Viet Cong (Free Vietnam---not Vietnamese Communists as spouted by the US Media.)

By 1961, Lansdale was back in Washington, at the Pentagon, working in the Special Op's basement offices. At the time, these offices were known as the Office of The Deputy Chief of Staff For Special Operations.

Lansdale found himself briefing President Kennedy on the updates of the War in Vietnam. Kennedy was so impressed with "Colonel" Lansdale that consideration for his appointment as Ambassador to Vietnam was discussed with Lansdale. Lansdales dashing looks did not go unnoticed by Jackie Kennedy.

In 1962 Lansdale had been on the periphery of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and, as noted in the Northwoods document, he recommended responsiblity for the overt and covert operations associated with Northwoods, be at the Joint Chief's of Staff. Therefore, if anything went wrong, the blame would not go to the CIA, again. And, Kennedy, at the strong recommendation of his brother Robert, had already placed responsibility for all para-military operations into the Pentagon, unknowingly infiltrated by deep cover CIA Agents such as Lansdale.

By 1963, Lansdale had not been chosen as the new Ambassador to Vietnam but he was still closely associated with President Diem.

October, 1963 found Diem assassinated, along with his brother.

Novemeber 22, 1963 found Ed Lansdale in Dallas, Texas, in civilian clothes, photographed walking by the three "tramps" being escorted by shotgun toting "police". The "tramps" were later identified as future Watergate Burgler E Howard Hunt and two Cubans also arrested during the break-in at the Democratic Headquarters.

So, this bit of history begs the question: Who is the new "Lansdale" and what is the next false flag operation to justify the preemptive attacks on Syria and Iran? Or the next batch of assassinations?

http://www.gwu.edu/%7Ensarchiv/news/20010430/ ...

The later release of documents published by the New York Times of the so called Pentagon Papers actually originated at CIA. That is why Ellsberg and Lansdale were so chummy. And, interestingly enough, not all of the documents delivered to the Times were published.


John McCarthy

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