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US Government Usage of Atomic Bombs-Domestic

John J. McCarthy

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A most recent post on my site, below, Mysteries of 911, focuses only on the collapse of the WTC Towers on 911. There is no finger pointing, conclusions or demand for further action. The facts of this dreadfull event are provided to open the eyes of those who have not yet seen the light. Related articles are located in the left column.

In addition, the extensive report by Dr. Ed Ward, below, provides new insight on the use of nuclear devices for construction and destruction. The obvious relation for the use of a pure hydrogen bomb at the WTC complex is inescapable.



John McCarthy

The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - WTC


(This article contains about 80 embedded links and several rare

pictures. Take the link to the main article if the links do not


Declassified August 1958: "Mere fact that the U. S. has developed atomic

munitions suitable for use in demolition work

<http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/doe/rdd-7.html> ." Declassified January

1967, "The fact that we are interested in and are continuing studies on

a weapon for minimizing the emerging flux of neutrons and internal

induced activity." Declassified March 1976, "The fact of weapon

laboratory interest in Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR) devices. The

fact of successful development of MRR devices."

The factual evidence indicates that our government is using and has used

3rd or possibly 4th generation hydrogen bombs domestically and

internationally. The evidence for international usage is not quite as

strong as the domestic usage, but when domestic usage is considered the

international usage seems inescapable. The process of exclusion based on

the known facts leaves only one viable option for the destruction of the

World Trade Center (WTC) buildings - a relatively pure hydrogen bomb.

Just some of the facts are: widespread


1_regionalnews_susan_edelman.htm> cancer in

<http://neworleans.indymedia.org/news/2006/09/8763.php> the responders

<http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/64219.htm> , molten steel

<http://www.acebaker.com/KingdomCome/BlownToKingdomCome.html> , melted


<http://www.prisonplanet.com/Pictures/Aug06/240806cars_wtc2_all.jpg> ,



itgeist> beams hurle <http://www.saunalahti.fi/wtc2001/sor11.jpg> d

hundreds <http://www.911da.org/crr/images/CRRDB/data/documents/3424.htm>

of feet


h.very.close.mpg> , aerosolized metals

<http://www.ehponline.org/members/2003/5930/5930.html> , vaporized

<http://thewebfairy.com/911/h-effect/filingcabinet.htm> steel witnessed

and video


eitgeist> , aerosolized

<http://home.debitel.net/user/andreas.bunkahle/plate7.htm> and

pulverize <http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4731051210315608217>

d concrete <http://www.princeton.edu/~rnelson/papers/physicstoday.pdf> ,

elevated tritium levels


lbnl> , vanishing (vaporized) victims

<http://www.911citizenswatch.org/print.php?sid=906> , only sliver

fragments <http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,173874,00.html> of

victims on roof tops


, EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse effects


=61> on communications

<http://home.debitel.net/user/andreas.bunkahle/plate5.htm> , hundreds

<http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/08/21/ward.htm> of eyewitness

testimony <http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20060118104223192>

of ancillary explosions

<http://www.chiefengineer.org/article.cfm?seqnum1=1029> by heroic

rescuers <

and victims


eitgeist> , massive <http://www.rms.com/Publications/wtc.pdf> dispersal

<http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/trade.center/damage.map.html> of

debris (large `missiles' up to 1,600 feet - small

`missiles' up to 0.5 miles), demolition expert

<http://johnmccarthy90066.tripod.com/id472.html> states hydrogen bomb


=61> needed for this type <http://c2ore.com/archives/?itemid=1936> of

demolition, <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uqrn5x2_f6Q> audio

<http://www.911eyewitness.com/samples/wtc117peak.php> of a massive

explosion <http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/shake.html> prior to

collapse, video


eitgeist> of ancillary explosions

<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pTsecDzsyg&mode=related&search=> ,

audio of ancillary explosions


eitgeist> , significant reduction in debris pile, ancillary thermate

<http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/06/341238.shtml> found in

wreckage, shockwave of a mini yield nuclear blast knocked people off

their feet

<http://911research.wtc7.net/wtc/evidence/oralhistories/shaking.html> ,

vaporization of 200,000


=61> gallons of water, removal of wreckage

<http://www.house.gov/science/press/107/107-256.htm> without

investigation, only remnants

<http://www.911eyewitness.com/samples/northnofire.php> of fire in one



itgeist> minutes after the plane collision, unprecedented history

<http://www.infowars.com/articles/world/madrid_towering_inferno.htm> of

3 skyscrapers collapsing secondary to fire, early miscalculation stating


eitgeist> WTC building 7 `pulled


', towers fall <http://janedoe0911.tripod.com/> at demolition or

free fall speed, foreknowledge

<http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/oem_wtc.html> of WTC 7 immediate

collapse <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m2mRyOkLFk> , slow-motion

video evidence of plane appendage with smoke


r_op=view&ANN_id=16> and explosion immediately prior to impact

<http://letsroll911.net/images/Pip%20Low.wmv> of both planes,

unprecedented NORAD non response

<http://www.arcticbeacon.com/30-Nov-2004.html> to variant flights, FEMA

drill <http://www.911eyewitness.com/samples/fema01.php> scheduled for

same day, military `exercise


' of exactly what was taking place

<http://www.arsenalofhypocrisy.com/911/9-11_Truth.htm> to prevent NORAD

response, most of NORAD protection planes sent far away

<http://911review.com/means/wargames.html> in another

`exercise' to prevent response, prevention of examination


of wreckage by those assigned

<http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1822764959599063248> to

investigate, seismic evidence

<http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/LCSN/Eq/20010911_wtc.html> of a mini yield

<http://www.house.gov/jec/hearings/dualuse/leitner.htm> nuclear

explosion, Cheney takes over NORAD


response command, Cheney prevents NORAD response


tm> , WTC towers designed

<http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/entity.jsp?id=1521846767-3087> for

757 <http://hawaii.indymedia.org/news/2003/07/3257_comment.php>

collision and fire, 911 used falsely

<http://thinkprogress.org/2006/08/21/bush-on-911/> for previously

planned war

<http://politics.guardian.co.uk/iraq/comment/0,12956,1036687,00.html> ,

government fabrication of `evidence' correlation

<http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/darkside/view/> for starting

war, hundreds of people found themselves trapped by locked doors and

missing escape routes <http://www.mjbarkl.com/locked.htm> above and

below the impact zone

<http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/wtc_core_baldizzi.html> , and not all

inclusively, but finally, Bush brands anyone noting any of these facts a

terrorist <http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/09/11/ward.htm> .

The spectrum and percentages of cancer are massive. There are at least 4

classifications of blood-cell cancers

<http://www.firechief.com/news/cancers06162006/> : leukemia, lymphoma,

Hodgkin's and myeloma. There are many more classifications of soft

tissue cancers. There is brain cancer

<http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/64219.htm> . There is breast


<http://www.womensenews.org/article.cfm/dyn/aid/2450/context/archive> .

For most of these there are subclassifications of many different types

of specific cancer in each, so far not publicly disclosed. There are

huge percentages of respiratory distress

<http://www.nydailynews.com/news/local/story/437583p-368733c.html> and

loss of function. Multiple reports of `irregular cycles'

(miscarriages?). Most likely there will be several more types of cancer

to follow. In particular, responders should be checked for thyroid

cancer and function. There has been no noting of birth defects which

also needs to be done. There is one thing and only one thing that can

cause all these cancers and problems - RADIATION.

In response to this myriad of disease, a statement of environmental

mercury has been claimed. That claim is not verified in testing of air

and particle debris samples by private citizens and organizations. It is

possible the mercury quotes are from the federal source of science, the

United States Geological Survey's analysis of the WTC dust debris.

The USGS's leached analysis


did show mercury at the 3rdlowest concentration of metals at the mean

value (mv) of 0.011 parts per Billion (ppB). The most abundant element

concentration in the leaching tests was Strontium at 1,000 ppB (1 ppM) -

100,000 times more than the mercury value. It appears that the leaching

of the sample was only partial and inadequate as the reader will see

from the spectrometry values



Why would only mercury be quoted when there were so many other more

dangerous elements at higher concentrations than mercury? While the

regular elements like Copper - mv 136 ppM, Silver - mv 1.66 ppM, and

Vanadium - mv 31 ppM, some of the other significant elements were:

Barium - mv 533 ppM, Strontium - mv 727 ppM, Cerium - mv 91 ppM, Yttrium

- mv 57 ppM, Lanthanum - mv 46 ppM, Molybdenum - mv 11 ppM, Thorium - mv

9 ppM, Uranium - mv 3 ppM, Beryllium - mv 3 ppM, and Cesium - mv 0.6 ppM

- partial listing. For readers that are not familiar with most of these

elements, here is a link to their relevance

<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fission_products_(by_element)> .

There is also a claim of environmental benzene that `permeated'

the area in jet fuel as the cause of all of these problems. Once again,

we have the quoting of the miraculous jet fuel that burns up in a

massive fireball in the first few minutes, then like Christ's

feeding the multitudes, still causes a massive fire inside that reaches

the temperatures of a Hades that weakens massive fire proofed steel

beams and trusses, then resurrects itself on the permeated ground to

cause cancer in one hour of limited exposure.

In less than 1 hour, the first WTC building had collapsed and covered

Manhattan, in at least 1/3 of a Million Tons of particulate debris

<http://pubs.acs.org/cen/NCW/8142aerosols.html> . Unless the jet fuel

makes a final appearance and is again resurrected by NIST in it's

3rd miracle, benzene is buried under 1/3 of a million tons of

particulate debris after 56 minutes of exposure. Benzene is also a

component of gasoline. The assertion that cancer was the result of 56

minutes of exposure to minimal amounts of benzene is ludicrous. If that

was true, everyone in the US would be suffering from cancers. As the 3rd

WTC building falls, Manhattan is covered in two Billion pounds of

pulverized and aerosolized building.

Two billion pounds seemed like an extremely large amount of particulate

matter from buildings whose total weight has been quoted at around 3

billion pounds. Debris removal has been quoted at 1.2 billion pounds.

Based on these rough numbers 2/3rds of the building was indeed turned to

dust or vaporized.

"Live loads on these [perimeter] columns can be increased more than

2,000% before failure occurs." "One could cut away all the first-story

columns on one side of the building, and part way from the corners of

the perpendicular sides, and the building could still withstand design

loads and a 100-mph wind force from any direction." Engineering

News-Record, April 2, 1964


Take a look at a collapsed

<http://www.photoduck.com/photo.aspx?id=41552> 10 story


building in Pakistan <http://www.photoduck.com/photo.aspx?id=41601> .

Note the height and size <http://www.photoduck.com/photo.aspx?id=41546>

of the collapsed building's


l=3&nChannel=Pictures> remnants compared to the other 10 story

buildings. The debris pile is about 30 feet, approximately 1/3 of the



/main.php%3Fg2_view%3Dslideshow.Slideshow%26g2_itemId%3D> of the erect

building. This ratio is consistent with a collapsed building's

rubble height. Note the almost complete lack of fine particles

<http://www.photoduck.com/photo.aspx?id=41553> . The 47 story WTC 7's

building debris should have contained at least five times (approximately

15 stories) the amount of the Pakistan debris as WTC 7 was also built

significantly stronger materials. Yet, WTC 7 remains are casually noted

in the government propaganda article as a 2 story debris pile

<http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2001/12/011204072931.htm> . Look

at the Pakistan debris `collapsed' picture again, then imagine

that debris with 4 more piles on top of it and finally try to imagine

the awesome power it would take to break it into 53 micron or smaller

dust particles.

The only estimates of the two 100 story WTC building debris piles are

`several stories' <http://www.asse.org/groundzero1.htm> . In the

very few area photographs of the debris piles published, the amount of

debris in the range of several stories is minimal at best. There is also

quoting of debris 6 stories high, however, if the reader looks at the

rare pictures, the only debris of that height are portions of outer beam

skeleton towering significantly higher than the general debris. Not one

official measurement of the debris piles is noted. The building residue

height is deceiving on 2 levels. First, all of the buildings had craters

of a depth of `several stories'. Secondly, since the craters

were in tiered sub-level flooring, the area of the bottoms of the

craters would be significantly smaller than the area covered at ground


In a failed demolition, a 20 story concrete building, Zip Feed Mill in

South Dakota, significantly weaker construction than the WTC buildings

takes a 4 story dive while the top 16 floors remain intact


ion_20051204.mov> .

Of the cumulative facts previously noted that deal specifically with a

major explosion and it's effect, the only single possibility for all

is a thermonuclear bomb placed by the US government. Even when taken

individually, the only possibility for some of the facts is a

thermonuclear bomb. The next logical step is "Do bombs with the needed

characteristics exist?"

The government's answer to that question is a super-top-secret

response that will not be answered. Both parties sequestered Operation

Northwoods and more for 40 years, so they are certainly not going to

answer the question truthfully. The following evidence clearly shows a

mini yield semi-pure hydrogen bomb existed in 1958 and that it has had

40 years of refinement.

The graphic to the right depicts the only published diagram of an atomic

bomb in which public general knowledge of atomic weaponry is known. This

is not the bomb that would be required for the WTC demolition. The bomb

is a 2nd generation atomic bomb of the `hydrogen bomb' category.

The H-bomb pictured is not a pure hydrogen bomb which is actually very

closely related to the already developed `neutron bomb'. In

reality, this 2nd generation H-bomb is nothing more than a fission bomb

used for a trigger with hydrogen fusion used for extra power. This bomb

produces the results of which the general public is aware - massive

power, radiation and millenniums of radioactive devastation. It is at

least 30 to 40 year old late 2nd generation technology that has been

phased out for lower yield 3rd generation atomic weapons which have a

longer half life, easier maintenance and an inserted energy source.

Note the use of DU in the weaponry. DU is used as the casing and as the

container for the fusion reaction which becomes part of the fissionable

material. This is important in the current international 3rd generation

H-bomb usage and the hybrid fusion bomb. At first it was believed that

the DU casing and the DU fusion container would most likely not be part

of the late 3rd generation or 4th generation weaponry used in the WTC

demolitions as it is too dirty (long term radioactive residue) for the

pure hydrogen bomb needed. However, subsequent information of dust

analysis, hybrid fusion, old known facts of pure fusion bombs, early low

yield semi-pure warheads, neutron bombs, and knowledge that debris would

be removed as classified information makes either scenario viable.

According to brave activist, Howard Morland, in his article `The

Holocaust Bomb <http://www.fas.org/sgp/eprint/morland.html> ',

second generation atomic bombs got their start in 1950 and came to

fruition in 1956 with Eisenhower's announcement of a 95% clean bomb.

In 1958 the Mk-41C <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Cohen> was

tested for a 9.3 Megaton yield, 4.8% of the energy was from fission with

95.2% from fusion. Less radioactive (more fusion and less fission

energy) or semi-clean H-bombs were known then and were used for testing

purposes only. The more powerful mostly fission bombs were deployed for

usage in a cognitive effort to produce maximum destruction on

`enemies' for generations and no forethought of the worldwide

consequences. Among various other types of hydrogen bomb warheads, the

W54 nuke was developed in 1961. The W54 was a micro-nuke that weighed 51

pounds <http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/News/DoSuitcaseNukesExist.html>

and could be fired from a slightly modified ordinary bazooka. Different

versions of the W54 ranged from .01 kt to 1 kt yield. Between the mid

1950's and the mid 70's both types

<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_nuclear_weapons> (large yield

dirty and small yield clean), of 2nd generation H-bombs were refined.

Focused nuclear explosions

<http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/rocket3c2.html> were envisioned in

1959 as a possible concept for propulsion of the spacecraft Orion

<http://www.astronautix.com/lvfam/orion.htm> . The mere directing of the

yield was obviously known prior to 1959. Samuel Cohen has stated that a

low yield neutron bomb may be tailored

<http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/~wbova/fn/gov/china_nb.htm> to direct yield

and proposed the concept more than 35 years ago. An underground

detonation causes shaping of the direction of yield as well.

Around 1960, the relatively pure H-bomb was modified for selective

effects <http://www.warriorsfortruth.com/neutron-bomb-mini-nuclear.html>

creating the first 3rd generation H-bomb - the Neutron bomb

<http://www.danshistory.com/nuke.shtml> , Enhanced Radiation Warhead, or

a mostly fusion bomb. The neutron bomb's energy was mostly based on

fusion using Deuterium/Tritium with only a small fission component to

ignite the fusion reaction. The neutron bombs are designed to release at

least 80% of its yield as neutrons at the expense of blast and heat as

compared to previous fission-fusion warheads. It was not until around 15

years that the existence of the neutron bomb was noted. It was during

this period that a trial regarding Chinese espionage forced the


<http://www.radiochemistry.org/history/nuclear_timeline/70s.html> of the

neutron bomb. Shortly thereafter, Reagan deployed the W70 version with a

yield range of 0.8 kt to 1.6 kt. At least 2 years after the neutron bomb

had been developed and tested, declassified May 1963

<http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/doe/rdd-7.html> , "The mere fact that

the U. S. is "interested in pursuing" a program to determine the

characteristics of an "enhanced radiation" weapon (neutron bomb)." The

standard policy seems to be to develop the weapon, inform congress for

development of the weapon and then to inform the public after they have

been informed there is a need for the weapon.

Very little has been released about the specific selective refinements

of 2nd and 3rd generation weapons in the last 40 years since their

development. The fact refinement was taking place is proven by the Orion

spacecraft and the neutron bomb. EMP effects have been another area of

concern and refinement. While these effects were noted in 1950's

testing, there was elevated interest in 1962 with the high altitude

<http://www.infobunker.com/HERFandEMPthreats.htm> (HEMP) detonation

producing a massive EMP effect. In November 1972, the following sentence

was declassified <http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/doe/rdd-7.html> : "The

fact of existence of weapons with tailored outputs, e.g., enhanced

x-ray, neutron or gamma-ray output, that we are hardening our weapons to

enhanced weapon outputs and that high-Z materials are used in hardening

nuclear weapons against high-energy x-rays." Note - the date is the

declassification date, not the development date.

How small can a nuclear reaction be? Through hydrodynamic experiments

for triggering fusion, extremely lows yield nuclear explosions have been

generated on the magnitude of "several Pounds of TNT

<http://www.house.gov/jec/hearings/dualuse/leitner.htm> ." As noted

above, in 1961 .01 kt was unveiled in 1961. In 1956, the Tamalpais with

a yield of 0.072 kt was declassified.

Prior to the demolition of the WTC buildings, the largest imploded

building, Hudson's Department Store was 2.2 million square feet with

33 levels and required 2,728 lbs of explosive


0030225133807> . The WTC buildings were significantly stronger than the

Hudson's building, but it is doubtful more than a 0.01 kt bomb would

be needed for the 47 center columns

<http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/wtc1_core_collapse.html> designed to

hold many times the weight of the buildings.

This program produced <http://ray-green.tripod.com/zip/nuclear.zip>

(partial list) the following information for a regular 0.01 kt yields,

air ignition: Fireball max light radius = 25.4 meters, Max time light

pulse width = 0.011 seconds, Max fireball airburst

<http://www.caps.org.pk/Papers/March2002.htm> radius = 10.6 meters,

Time of max temperature = 0.0032 seconds, Area of rad. exposure = 0.12

sq. miles; Blastwave Effects: Overpressure = 5 lb/sq. inch (160 mph)

radius = 0.09 km, 1 lb/sq. inch radius = 0.26 km; Underground ignition:

Crater diameter = 56 feet with a Richter magnitude of 3.52. Thermal

radiation damage range is significantly reduced


/NuclearWeapons/FirstChainReaction/EffectsNucl/Mechanism> by clouds,

smoke or other obscuring materials. Surface detonations are known to

decrease thermal radiation by half

<http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/navy/docs/fun/nucsuppl.htm> . A neutron

bomb produces much less blast and thermal energy

<http://www.caps.org.pk/Papers/March2002.htm> than a fission bomb of the

same yield by expending its energy by the increase in the production of

neutrons. Even the older neutron bombs produce very little long term

fallout, but made considerable induced radiation

<http://www.princeton.edu/~rnelson/papers/physicstoday.pdf> in ground



an.html> . The half life of induced radiation is very short

<http://www.paforge.com/files/resources/nuclear_effects.pdf> and is

measured in days rather than years.

Summing up known information, an underground explosion of a pure (most

likely) or semi-pure, Minimum Residual Residue direction focused 0.01 kt

yield hydrogen bomb with selected enhanced radiation dispersal - most

likely neutron since that radiation would be absorbed by the ground and

building, and would decrease the blast and temperature effects.

In 1993, Joe Vialls exposes some facts about single explosions that were

very similar to the 2001 WTC bombing. The article, "Micro Nukes in

London <http://www.vialls.com/nuke/nukes1.htm> ," notes the sudden usage

of massive explosions in business districts by the IRA with a brief

mention of the 1993 bombing of the WTC. In the supposed first

mega-bombing by the `IRA', an eyewitness stated, "The ground

shook under our feet. There was a brilliant white flash and a tall

vertical column of smoke." Significant information about the Special

Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM - the general class of the W54

warhead). While the government was working on the usage of a

conventional bomb to the corporate media, there was accidental filming

of investigators of the bombing in full radiation protective gear.

Description of the crater created by the second explosion reveals a hole

60 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Quotes of physicists' Galen Winsor,

John McPhee and Theodore Taylor are prophetic for the usage of micro

nukes. Taylor specifically notes the future usage of an extremely small

micro nuke being used in the WTC in the year 1973.

Another crater 22 feet wide and 5 feet deep is noted in the article

"Bali Micro Nuke - Lack of Radiation Confuses Experts

<http://www.vialls.com/nuke/bali_micro_nuke.htm> ." Within 48 hours the

Bali government found traces of C4 explosive. Next came the revised

explanation of explosives on top of gas containers. After that failed to

explain noted facts, the next theory was explosives with napalm. The

final explanation from London quoted a reliable source that an IRA style

bomb mixture was used. Still, there were significant problems with the

story as the IRA had detonated 1,000 pounds of the mixture and there was

no crater produced. The US bomb, BLU-82 - used for clearing helicopter

landing zones in the jungles of Vietnam, contains 6.3 Tons of high grade

military explosive with an aluminum additive for increased heat does not

create a crater. The 1/4 inch steel encased explosive is parachuted to

its target and detonated 1 to 2 feet above ground. Approximately 40

people close enough to be vaporized simply vanished without a trace.

Insights on Israel's .01 kt Dimona nuke are also related in this

article. According to the information presented, the bomb uses highly

enriched Plutonium 239, 99.78% pure, and only emits alpha radiation

which is invisible to most Geiger counters.

Another Vialls' article dealing with the supposed vehicle bombing of

the Australian embassy in Jakarta, "Zionists Nuke the Australian Embassy

in Indonesia <http://www.vialls.com/myahudi/embassynuke.html> ," reveals

significantly more information on the nuclear attributes of the

explosion. A surveillance camera caught the underground nuke explosion

and is included in the article. There are pictures of the resultant

mushroom cloud compared to a typical nuclear cloud. The crater left by

the explosion was 18 feet in diameter and almost 10 feet deep. Pictures

and information of the American Special Forces detonation of two trucks

loaded with 1,000 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) compound

are shown. Multiple links to Vialls' special coverage of

`terrorist's' bombings throughout the world are included at

the end of his article.

Any terrorist truck bomb with less load capacity than 6.3 tons of

explosive that creates a crater is a thermonuclear explosion until

proven otherwise.

Based on the above information it is quite clear that our government has

murdered citizens, friends and families. Our government used their

tyranny to further destroy our God given rights affirmed by the

Constitution and to extend their fascist powers worldwide in war. Once

you have seen the facts, you can no longer say you are innocent of being

an accomplice unless you act by trying to end the tyranny, murder and

destruction by this government. Either, act to end it or know that you

are an accomplice of traitors, tyranny, murder, maiming, and torture.

The following three paragraphs will show you how and where to react to

the extent of your degree of involvement. There are other ways to

resist. Find one that is effective if you don't like any of my

options. If you do nothing, you will never escape the disdain and

dishonor of your inaction. Expect no sympathy when your name is called

to be the next sacrificial lamb of this government's tyranny. The

time is NOW for Action!

For almost a century, both democrats and republican regimes have eroded

the rights of The People and strengthened the authority and powers of

government with the assistance of the corporate press. The public can no

longer vote for the lesser of 2 evil parties. Third parties have failed

to form <http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/06/26/ward.htm> a viable

coalition toward a legitimate national candidate. Those looking for

return of Constitutional rights must unify and choose the best candidate

for return of those rights regardless of political party affiliation.

Currently voting is nothing more than a farce and will continue to be so

until there is no longer a secret vote, or until the Brennan

recommendations <http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/07/17/ward.htm>

for electronic voting are enforced. Preferably, both voting reforms

should be initiated to stop this charade of voting for a candidate.

The best hope for this nation appears to be the organized philosophy of

Debra Sweet <http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0925-27.htm> , in The

World Can't Wait <http://www.worldcantwait.net/> campaign for the

strength of The People to be seen and felt on October 5, 2006 in a Day

of Mass Resistance. At first there were concerns this was merely another

democrat ploy organization

<http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/08/28/ward.htm> for a regime

change and not a regime removal. Subsequent research resolved most of

those concerns by the noting of democrat participation in our current

rule by elitists. This interview


59> by Maryland's US senate candidate, <http://www.kevinzeese.com/>

Kevin Zeese <http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/06/19/ward.htm> , notes

that the removal of the Bush regime is merely the first step in a regime

removal movement on the neo-fascists in both parties. Hopefully, this is

just the first of a series of demonstrations and actions to force

<http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/06/08/07/ward.htm> the return of

Constitutional rights

<http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/11/19/ward.htm> and peace by The

People to have those rights returned. The USA Today full page ad

<http://www.worldcantwait.net/ads/usatoday.pdf> on September 21, 1006,

calls for taking off work and demonstrating for your rights at high noon

on October 5, 2006. If you value your rights enough to actually do

something about them, I urge you to join this organization and

participate in the first step on a path to a Constitutional government.

Downsize DC, http://www.downsizedc.org/mission.shtml - Read The Bill

Act, http://www.downsizedc.org/rtba_legislation.shtml. Many other quick

and simple ways to email your voice on Constitutional rights and

organizing for activism - https://secure.downsizedc.org/rtba/coalition/.

If you live in the New Orleans area and would like to participate on

October 5, 2006, contact: edward19(at)cox.net . No demonstration planned

in your area? Organize your own.

(Reporter's note: The embedded links in this article contain a

tremendous amount of information. The use of these links is highly

recommended. While researching this article, it was noted that there is

a dearth of pictures regarding some of the information presented. If you

have any pictures regarding any of the facts presented, please send them

to edward19(at)cox.net.)

Legal Disclaimer: This article is entirely, completely and only my

opinion based on the interpretation of the referenced information. While

the views above may be shared by many millions exhausted by this

government, they are only my views and I do not imply that they are

actually shared by anyone else.

This article is not copyrighted and may be published, copied, dispersed,

posted, and transported as long as the authors' credit accompany it.


http://neworleans.indymedia.org/news/2006/09/8818.php (No links but has


Dei Jurum Conventus

Ed Ward, MD <http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/arc_ward.htm> ;


Independent writer/Media Liaison for The Price of Liberty

<http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/> ; http://www.thepriceofliberty.org/

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