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Biography: Paul Baker

Paul Baker

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I joined the Education Forum via links from Wikipedia whilst reading about the assassination of JFK. I'm not a teacher or academic, just an interested party. I find conspiracy theories and theorists fascinating - JFK, Apollo, Princess Diana for example - but am fairly level headed myself. In my opinion, observation - and common sense - dictates that neither the Zapruder film or any of the Apollo pictures were altered or faked. I always look for evidence first, rather than working backwards from a potentially flawed conclusion. I'm not cantankerous or dogmatic, and am as happy to be proved wrong as I am right.

I don't have much to say in terms of relevant biography. My name is Paul Baker, I used to be 35 years old, I live in Berkshire, England, I work in IT. I hail from a scientific background - mathematics, chemistry and physics - so approach problems rationally. I'm not a serious researcher, more an observer, but will always interject with a sensible argument if I have one.

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