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Biography: Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman

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My events for stars to meet their adoring public have featured over 90 celebrities from Oscar© and Tony© award winners to bestselling authors like H. Keith Melton (Ultimate Spy) and Dr. Michael Behe (Darwin's Black

Box). I have spoken, taught and emceed for audiences of all sizes to over 6,000 guests. I am the co-author or editor of several books in print and have appeared in productions for numerous media outlets including NBC, ABC, CBS, HGTV, VH-1, TNN, C-SPAN, the L.A. Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Las Vegas Sun, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Time, Time Europe, and on leading websites, where I have written or edited more than one million words online for his readers.

I reside in Gainesville, Florida. I find subjects including conspiracy theory and some of the finer points of academia shared at Education Forum endlessly fascinating.

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