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Cold War Oral History Project

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I am involved with a group of European teachers in creating an oral history database on the Cold War. The plan is to start threads where people can provide first-hand accounts about important Cold War events. This will include people’s accounts of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, the building and pulling down of the Berlin Wall, Prague Spring, the reunification of Germany, the decline of communism, etc. It is hoped that people will post their recollections from all over the world. This material would then be used as a teaching resource. For example, I plan to create some teaching activities based on the material that is produced.

I am sure members of the JFK forum would have something to say about these issues. If you start off with your personal recollections of these events and then go on to express your long-term views on these subjects. If you were born after these events, maybe you could comment on them as a historian, researcher, etc.

Could you always add your name, age, etc. at the time the event took place. If possible, add a picture of yourself at this date. If it is an interview use the name, age, photograph, etc. of the person being interviewed.


I have started a couple of threads to show you how I hope it will work.


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