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Guest Mark Valenti

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Guest Mark Valenti

It might be useful to put some DP theories into perspective by changing the location and injecting them into a new place - Fifth Avenue in New York. The distances and relative geographical positioning are not precise by any stretch - but you get the idea. DP theories can become slightly incestuous, one feeding off another, decade after decade. What happens to them in this context? Are the various theories more true? Less true? Spot on or ridiculous?

This is admittedly an apples and oranges comparison but who knows, it may be instructive.

1. Sixth floor, alleged LHO perch

2. JFK limo

3. Zapruder

4. Tague

5. Dal Tex (wrong side, I know)

6. Bush snipers

7. Tramps/tracks

8. Sewer

9. Badgeman/fence shooters

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