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Joe Lieberman protects Cuban exile terrorists

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These guys (LaRouche) don't like Joe Lieberman

From the November 3 issue of Executive Intelligence Review

Lieberman has protected Cuban exile terrorists. Since the 1980s, Lieberman has played an active role in the protection of Cuban terrorists linked to the machine of the late Cuban "Godfather" Jorge Mas Canosa. The "Bay of Pigs" right-wing Cuban exiles around Mas Canosa provided the vital infusion of quick money to Lieberman's 1988 Senate campaign, and he has retained ties to them ever since. This Miami Cuban exile community saw some of the filthiest post-war intelligence operations, including the Kennedy assassination and the later drug-running "Contra" escapades. Its hard core came out of the Meyer Lansky organized crime operations in Havana.

Lieberman himself said of his 1988 campaign, "Jorge Mas Canosa and I really just struck it off." The relationship endured: During the 2000 campaign, the "Free Cuba PAC" (linked to Mas Canosa's Cuban American National Foundation) gave at least $10,000 to Lieberman, and Mas family members gave him more. "No Republican ... can show a better voting record on Cuba than Lieberman," said Gus Garcia, the vice-chairman of Miami's Dade County, Florida Democratic Party, at that time.

In her book "Cuba Confidential," investigative reporter, Ann Louise Bardach reports that Cuban American National Foundation spokesman Jose Cardenas said: "One of our great successess was getting rid of Lowell Weicker [a moderate Republican] and getting Joe Lieberman instead. Joe's been great for us." Among the "great" services that Joe was rumored to have provided, was cover for Mas Canosa's work to defend the Novo brothers—Guillermo and Ignacio—who had been accused of killing Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier in 1976. Another service was to lobby Attorney General Janet Reno in the 1990s to prevent the prosecution of Mas Canosa crony, Francisco "Pepe" Hernandez, president of the Cuban American National Foundation.

Full article here: http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2006/3344..._lieberman.html

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