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Newly found photo shows fire out in two hours...

Jack White

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If this photo I recently obtained is genuine (and there is no guarantee of that)

it destroys the myth of authenticity of nearly all other Pentagon photos.

It show the fires all out within two hours, plus other oddities. Other photos

show the fires burning for hours and days. It cannot be both ways.


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November 11, would have been 2 months after the attacks which happpened on September 11, you're really racking them up this week Jack!!

Where did you get the photo? And Jack, if I'm not mistaken the sun sets in the west so we wouldn't expect the west wall to be in shadow in the afternoon but rather to be front lit

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Come'on Jack

- that "12:14" photo is too low resolution to reach any such conclusions

- there is no guarantee that it is authentic or that the time/day stamp is accurate please tell us its provenance, your failure to do so will be taken as a sign that you have something to hide.

-please provide uncropped copy of the comparison photo, the trailer appears to be next to the collapse zone in the inset and NOT in the location that you suggest. Hopefully you will be able to document the date the comparison photo was taken.


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