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Judyth Baker and "The Green Amsterdammer

Guest John Gillespie

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Guest John Gillespie


I have alluded to this in some prior postings and am glad that I have recovered it. It's an interview with you-know-who from a June, 2003 edition of a Dutch magazine called The Green Amsterdammer. Though the translation resulted in a Borat-esque text, one can easily surmise and understand.

In it, Baker states that she learned ex post facto that the "occasional" (read: chance) first meeting with LHO was of course planned. Didn't say who finally told her that, though. Please read this and let's see if there are points - fine or otherwise - worth discussing. Hope it's worth reading for you.


John Gillespie

P.S. Maybe we can translate the translation; oh, don't bother with the spell check.

"The green amsterdammer | 21 June 2003

NOTE: Translated by Worldlingo online translator 11/19/03:

"an American hero"

To theories concerning the assassination on president Kennedy already forty years no lack is. Judyth Vary nurse, to own the last mistress of the alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, say joins to that now her. The tale becomes always crazier.

by René Zwaap

Recently in the small street 136 in Haarlem the Lee Harvey Oswald have established museum. It has been set up by the American Judyth Vary nurse. They was to own say the mistress of Lee Harvey Oswald during the last year of its life, 1963. and with him will have cooperated in an underground department of the American secret service in New Orleans, in a project which had been aimed at the elimination of the cuban LEADER Fidel Castro. According to Judyth Vary nurse Oswald the history has wrongfully entered as an assassin of John f. Kennedy. Lee have the assassination on the president correctly try prevent.

The tale of Judyth Vary nurse is shocking, sometimes bizar, as a delivery from The X-files. At the same time weet they for the adstructie of its relaas this way much original proof material to discuss that its tale impossible whole can be ignored or ridiculised, like in the US so far especially has happened.

By means of innumerable letters and documents she can show for example that them if young student was indeed involved with study into the cause of cancer, the research which its to own says eventually did end up in ultrageheim, by the CIA laboratory sponsored where it was worked for a virus to assassinate Castro.

The existence of that laboratory is confirmed by the American writer Edward t. Haslam, those in 1995, with the book Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey virus: The Story or an Laboratory as first the existence of such research centres to underground showed. Haslam have Vary nurse several turn said and explained that its tale relies really on truth.

Concerning Vary nurses relation with Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who two days after the assassination on Kennedy, on 24 November 1963, itself in the cellar of the police force prison in valley mow was shot, is possible she by means of wage slips and tax papers show that them indeed in exactly the same period as Lee Harvey Oswald operative has been at the Reily Coffee Company in New Orleans.

According to its wax this firma a dekmantel for diverse and very secret information - and agitation work. Sources also other -- such as notorious Cia-huurling the Gary Hemming -- concerning Reily-firma have done that statement. Photograph of Judyth and Lee is there not. There has been, however, taken a well-known photograph of Oswald -- in New Orleans whereas he distributes pro-Castro-folders in the matter heart of the city -- a not recognizable woman on state. Vary think nurse that she is the woman on that photograph, but that cannot prove.

If Lee Harvey Oswald effectively an agent of the CIA has been -- like not only Vary nurse, but also renowned Kennedy-speurders (such as British ex-BBC-journalist the Anthony Summers in its book Not in Your Lifetime, 1997) put -- provisionally a question of speculation will remain. Oswald have a mystery, 51 documents counting Cia-dossier. But on the basis of the national security the American government has decided that in the kluis file up to September 2038 to keep, just like the file concerning its friend and partner in dark matter David Ferrie.

Judyth Vary nurse: I am born on 15 May 1943 in South Bend, Indiana, thuisstad of the famous Notre lady college footballclub, proud of the Irish catholics in the US, and also the favoriete club of Lee Harvey Oswald. My father worked as an inventor in the radio - and tv-industrie. Ever he got a job at the army in saves Stone Rocket project in New Mexico offered. That did not go at the last moment by because my mother found it there terrible. But the complete family, however, security clearance had then already got, and I think that that of influence has been on my further life.

After the retirement of my father in 1955, we left to Florida, where I train the Manatee high in Bradenton visited. Bradenton had been unloaded with military characters and also the school had been linked strong with the army. On my sixteenth I won a national price for a new manner to win magnesium from marine water. With measured IQ of 155 I was considered as whizzkid and strongly encouraged me further deepen in laboratory research.

My passie lay at cancer research. I got its own laboratory on Manatee where I did experimentings with live cancer cell Len on mice. There was at that moment mystery still nothing to. Local and rural newspapers wrote concerning my project, with photograph of me. My research had been aimed at the question to what extent increase of cancer cell Len was stimulated chemicaliën and using radiation.

I was put in contact with the biological weapon expert dr. Canute Michaelson which financed my research and that, to later appeared, also operative was for the CIA. In St. Petersburg in Florida met I two Nobel Prize winners in physics, and eventual I became during an international science grant, still on high the school, put in contact with the then already legendary doctor Alton Ochsner, founder of the famous Ochsner Cancer Clinic in New Orleans.

Ochsner were a famous surgeon, those under its personal knowledge ring both Juan Perón, dictator Somoza of Nicaragua as Richard Nixon and "wild Bill" Donovan, the head of the OSS -- -- could count the preamble of the CIA. Ochsner were the first American doctor who smokes a link empty between and lung cancer and put much money in research. Ochsner for everything virulent anticommunist at the same time were. This way he was oprichter of the Information Council or the Americas (INCA), a strongly anti-communist organisation in New Orleans which, supported by the CIA, own radio-uitzendingen looked after for Latin America and cuba. After the coup of Castro in cuba served the INCA as a verzamelplaats for the cuban opposition.

After the familiarisation with Ochsner me became in demand or I my country serves savage. As from that moment I became asset for the CIA, already I did not have that direct. Moreover I knew many people from anti-Castro-gezinde the cuban community in that time already. I received for my research special chemicaliën of for the drove Army Institute or Research, and also of companies such as Eli Lily. I was just seventeen years old, but the most exclusive materaal in hands got. Senator George Smathers, a personal friend of Nixon and of John f. Kennedy, that then exactly president had become, much interest for my work had and moedigde himself further to my country to serve. It were difficult years. With the rocket crisis in cuba and failing the operation pig bay the international proportions particular explosive had become. It was as if each moment could start the third world war.

Against that context I was but even if too proud that I was asked for secret work serve the country. That brought with with itself that I work my scientific as of now low profile had keep. Caracteristic was that I, although I price important had won for my laboratory research, at my graduate low figures got on that field. In place of it got I high figures in the field of art. That was part of the cover up.

After Manatee I arrived with a grant of the National Science foundation in Roswell park in Buffalo, New York, the oldest centre for cancer research in the world. The head of it, dr. George Moore, a good friend of Ochsner was. The institute was active for the American information service in extremely secret projects for biological war sheathing. In 1962, visited I the university of Florida in Gainesville, where I got authorisation to do experimentings with high radioactive radiation. For that I had studied a year to the university of Indiana. In April 1963 I was sent to New Orleans, alwaar I -- had been this way told me -- for dr. Ochsner would will work. There, on 26 April 1963, I met Lee Harvey Oswald, on the mail office. It seemed an occasional meeting, but I have been afterwards persuaded of it that it was opzetje.

It was love at first sight. Within some weeks we had a passionate affair, although we that did not want both actual. Lee were a terrible lover and high-spirited, vigorous man with a lot of friends, in the nothing "lone usefulness" for which the commission commissie-Warren -- the research group which had select the assassination on Kennedy but that in reality especially work made of hiding truth -- has determined him.

I stood will marry in April 1963 on the point with Robert nurse, but was not happy with that expectancy. Lee had married with the Russian Marina, but its marriage stood collapse on the point of. I seemed in that time very terrible on Marina, and the fact that I also what Russian spoke -- just like Lee, that eventual still a year in the Soviet Union had lived -- bound us also.

Lee ensured that I got a house at him in the buurt, and also he was that ounce both a job provided at the Reily Coffee Company. We worked both in the same bldg., as from the same day: 10 May 1963.

Reily Coffee Copany were a dekmantel for all kinds of underground operations. There existed narrow links between the company and Ochs ners INCA. Baantjes that we got our real activities hid. Lee worked at Reily as manusje of everything. To be work existed from machines oils, candle ends indraaien, stoppers and coffee machines clean. All kinds of matter which had hide where he was in fact busy. In reality he was hardly present at Reily. He was always busy with infiltration operations in rings of Castro-aanhangers.

To disguise my task those activities were it Lee each time from clock, so that seemed that he had been the complete day on office. To be real occupations were coordinated from the office of privé-detective Guy Bannister, in the same buurt. For the was ex-hoofd of the FBI in Chicago and cooperated with the mafia and the CIA. He was rabiate anticommunist. I him a couple has met time with Lee. He found oneself in the assumption that I Marina, the Russian woman of Lee was. That was a truc which we removed more often. In reality he has never seen Marina. For the died in 1964 to a heart attack, but Anna Vincent, the woman of its employee David Lewis, official has explained that they and its man and Lee and I frequently with its celebrate the nightlife of New Orleans have been withdrawn.

Lee were a spion, and also never something else then a spion has wanted be. To be favoriete films were James Bond-films. I remind myself still well that we together From Russia With have seen Love. He felt himself American James bound, and not wrongfully. To be communist sympathies were all verzinsels, a façade behind which he are undercoveroperaties could carry out. Thus he set up for cuba in New Orleans the local department of the committee fair play, of what he was the only member. The address on the propaganda material for that organisation -- that targeted was on standardising Amerikaans-Cubaanse the relations -- stood note bene on the office of Guy Bannister.

In May 1963 Lee put me in contact with David Ferrie, oftewel dr. David Ferrie, as he gladly called himself. Ferrie were a very particular character. He was pilot, and both connections with had the mafia and the CIA in New Orleans. He had carried out clandestine flights on behalf of the CIA to cuba and played also a role at the invasion of the pig bay in 1961. He was a particular verschijning: by a sickness he had already haren have lost, so that he walked around with opzichtig a toupet and with stuck eyebrows. He went deeply burdened under its bisexual geaardheid, that him its job as a pilot at the Eastern Airlines had cost. He had already known Lee as a young person. Then Lee fifteen were, Ferrie its counsellor was at the civil air stalemate role. He was for Lee -- that without father had grown up -- a type father character.

Ferrie hated Kennedy because of the failure of the operation pig bay. That hatred against the Kennedy's shared he with mafia boss Carlos Marcello in New Orleans, for he who Ferrie all kinds of hand - and performed attachment services. This way the Ferrie were which Marcello flew back to America after these by order of minister of justice Robert Kennedy as had turned off undesirable alien to guatemala. Marcello were as from that moment erfvijand of the Kennedy's. He had a large role in the plot which led to the death of the president.

David Ferrie were a man of a lot of qualities. He had been religiously interested very and let itself even as bishop appoint at a branch of the free catholic church. He had been fascinated by occult. But moreover he also did to cancer research, just like I. In New Orleans Ferrie had been involved in an underground laboratory where it was experimented with biological war sheathing. Also involved in that laboratory -- that was financed by the CIA -- was dr. Mary Sherman. She was world-famous for the to the causes of cancer and vertrouwelinge of dr. Ochsner. With both I have cooperated intensively in the secret laboratory and in a hospital in New Orleans.

Also the house of Ferrie was used for the research. That is the reason why shacks up there after mysterious dead of David Ferrie in 1967 with hundreds of mice was found. Jim Garrison, the public indicter of New Orleans,

indicated directly after the death of Ferrie on his strange fascinatie for cancer research. It him was made by the death of Ferrie impossible to examine that link further, although later has appeared that Garrison on the point have stood for dr. Alton Ochsner to accuse as a medeverdachte at the assassination on John f. Kennedy.

In our laboratory Ferrie stood, dr. Sherman and I confessed as dr. Ferrie, dr. Mary and dr. Vary. I think afterwards that that has saved my life. As people later the name dr. Vary left falls, they went out of it that with that David Ferrie were meant.

Lee had been also involved in the research. He got a spoedcursus concerning handling the transport of live cancer cell Len, that in a special chemical fluid living could be kept. At that technique it was worked with SV-40, material that was drawn from the kidneys of man monkeys, that it was used also at the development of polio vaccine. The aim of the operation was contaminate Castro. He stood confessed if a liefhebber of cigars and nobody would be surprised of it therefore strange if he would get lung cancer.

Lee had try the material in Mexico get city, where a cuban contact, a student medecines, further transport would ensure. Staff of the hospital in havana that Castro visited -- not doctors, but technical staff of the radiology department -- would ensure vervolgens contagion.

Afterwards it of course an immoral research it was seen. But that moment seemed as if it the death of Castro America could deliver of that enormous threat of a nuclear war. However, I have expressed my care concerning the project to dr. Ochsner. He communicated me that I was replaceable and warned that the research could not fall in found oneself hands.

To my abomination discovered I that in the US taste there with people was done with the cancer virus. The test rabbit was a prisoner from Angola-gevangenis in Lousiana. Those to the East Louisiana State Mental Hospital in would be transmitted Jackson for treatment, but do there in reality service as human test rabbit.

By the end of august 1963 went together Lee with David Ferrie and Clay Shaw -- a good acquaintance of dr. Ochsner and just like these involved in the secret Get Castro"-project -- by car to Jackson, with the intention joining itself there at a convoy which brought the test person to the hospitaal. That was an unfruitful sniffing, because the prisoner had not yet arrived in the hospital. In the surrounding Clinton, where they waited hours for the convoy, were at that moment let themselves be registered an action to pace zwarten in the molar registers. It was therefore very busy, and that the reason was that later numerous witnesses have communicated themselves with the communication that they Lee Harvey Oswald with Ferrie and Clay had seen Shaw. For Jim Garrison was that fact later a reason Clay Shaw to accuse, but as confessed he obtained sail.

A couple days later I have travelled with Lee to Jackson. David Ferrie it had meanwhile contaminated test person with the cancer virus. I had with blood tests check if the virus started also effectively. We found it both terrible, but we represented ourselves that it was in the country importance, and that the man was in question condemned an assassin. Experimenting succeeded: within 28 days the man died. The virus was for use.

In September 1963 Lee with the carcinogenic material left, packs in a closed soup bowl, to Mexico city. At that moment cuba was assaulted by the hurricane flora. Castro ordered already the medical staff that surrounded offer aid him to the population of the island, and the plan fell in duigen.

Afterwards plan b became effective: assassinating president Kennedy. As Castro could not be caught, the president there to must believe, because he was considered pro-pro-communist.

Lee could of the plot assassinate Kennedy, but he was of it an antagonist. He was correctly a bewonderaar of both Kennedy's. He was fel proponent of the antisegregatiepolitiek of the Kennedy's. Then he in New Orleans after on the street distributing pro-Castro-folders once had stand trial because of a scuffle with antagonists, Lee in the courtroom sate oneself demonstratively on the spot where the black citizens were considered sit.

He was without more pro-Kennedy, and that thus the reason that he was in October if a broken man returned from Mexico.

He knew which new plan does not become effective there this way as Castro could be assassinated. At Reily Coffee Company he had meanwhile got its congé. Its new workshop became valley mow. A day for the assassination on Kennedy I spoke him for last. He found oneself in an extremely dark state. ‹I'm a dead man, anyway›, he said against me. He told me of the plot to assassinate that Kennedy and trusted me he would try prevent that. The intention was Kennedy and assassinate Castro the debt there to give, so that the operation varkensbaai could be repeated, this time with the desired result.

Lee went to valley mow in the conviction that he could sabotage that plan. Possibly he discharged the first shot on Dealey Plaza, the shot missed that, behind the presidential carriage, with the intention alarming guarding.

On 22 November 1963 I was in gaines ville, Florida, where I examine did for Ochsner. There I heard of the assassination on Kennedy, and later I saw two days on TV how Lee were assassinated. It was the end of my world. Lee and I had to leave a plan together from the US. We would will live on the alligator islands, where he had contacts. But that could not have been all.

I its assassin has personally known jacket Ruby by means of Lee. Ruby knew Lee as a boy in New Orleans and valley mow. Lee's mother had the necessary mafia connections and which descended time the connection with jacket Ruby already. I think that Ruby have been forced by the mafia assassinate Lee. How weet I not. Once in the prison Ruby have explained that he had been contaminated with cancer cell Len. Nobody praised him. He died in 1967, to an extreme form of lung cancer.

Doctor Mary Sherman became on 21 July 1964, the day which interrogates of the warren Commission to the death of Kennedy in New Orleans started, dead found in its apartment. Its poor had completely burned down, as with a flame thrower. She had fourteen knife twinges in its undressed body and one had put her in fire. You understand that afterwards nobody more talked concerning the secret lab. I myself did also being silent.

After the death of Lee it was as if my world had fared. I was forced stop with my activities as a research worker and zocht with my man protection at the mormonen. I dedicated myself to the education of our five children, and spoke with nobody over my time with Lee. Of the eight persons whom I knew at the cancer laboratory in New Orleans, were there in 1967, already five dead. After 1972 only Ochsner and I were still in life. Ochs ner have also died. I am the some which the tale can tell.

For thirty years I have been silent, from fear that I be assassinated, or that my children something would happen. I tried Lee and exile the assassination on Kennedy from my ideas, wild hear nothing. Suffered up to four years, then I at home saw the video of Oliver Stone's film JFK. That film burst all old wounds. I could no longer live with the idea what kind of onrecht them Lee have struck as. My marriage with Robert nurse had already ended in in a separation and the children were adult. I zocht contact with the American media to do my tale. After the necessary telephone threats and two mysterious car accidents -- the last in 2002, where I touched heavily wounded -- decided I leave the US.

I chose for Haarlem because this is the city of Corrie at tree, the haarlemse woman who during the war risked its life offering aid to gone into hiding Jews. Its book The Hiding Place has been very pleased in America, and also me offered the inspiration to tell truth.

I try my deserve money with my paintings. In the US I had the previous years a good current kunstgalerie. At present I lay the last hand to my book concerning Lee Harvey Oswald. My aim is rehabilitate him. Lee were an American hero, that in the fall it has been lured by people whom he thought being able trust. Although our relation but seven months has been possible last, and remains he was the man of my life.

Many people have to fear of my tale. Hence that one depicts me as hysterica, or bedriegster. But I can have been persuaded everything I say what with proofs confirm and I of it that truth will overcome.

I hou of my country, but hou still more I of freedom. It is no pretje on your sixtieth entirely only in a strange country have live, gone of my children and my children, but that is the price which I must pay."

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