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John Dolva

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Seeing as the Black History page has been empty for so long it may be safe to use it as a temporary Malcolm X forum to see if there is enough interest in startinga separate Forum for him.

A significant figure in the late 50s and early 60s is Malcolm X. His extreme position on Black Nationalism and his assassination was largely overshadowed by JFK, MLK and RFK. Nevertheless, he represented a strong thread in society at the time. The following extract from a FBI COINTELPRO document hints that perhaps he was assassinated directly as a result of FBI ops.


"Malcolm X was supposedly murdered by former colleagues in the Nation of Islam (NoI) as a result of the faction-fighting which had led to his splitting away from that movement, and their "natural wrath" at his establishment of a separate mosque, the Muslim Mosque, Inc.

However, the NoI factionalism at issue didn't just happen. It had been developed by deliberate Bureau actions, through infiltration and the "sparking of acrimonious debates within the organization," rumor-mongering, and other tactics designed to foster internal disputes. The Chicago Special Agent in Charge, Marlin Johnson, who also oversaw the assassinations of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, makes it quite obvious that he views the murder of Malcolm X as something of a model for "successful" counterintelligence operations.

"Over the years considerable thought has been given, and action taken with Bureau approval, relating to methods through which the NOI could be discredited in the eyes of the general black populace or through which factionalism among the leadership could be created. Serious consideration has also been given towards developing ways and means of changing NoI philosophy to one whereby the members could be developed into useful citizens and the organization developed into one emphasizing religion - the brotherhood of mankind - and self improvement. Factional disputes have been developed - most notable being Malcolm X Little." "

There are some curious elements to Malcolm's death. Some people have attempted to find out details and it would be good to at least gather them together. IMO through understanding his life and death one can gain a more rounded understanding of other issues such as the assassination of the Kennedy's and MLK.

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