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Pic and Marina shoot the breeze

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This is another excerpt from my manuscript. The post titled "John Pic, Jr and radiological experiments" needs to be read first.

John Pic, Jr met Marina at his brother Robert’s place on Thanksgiving Day, 1962.

Pic’s notebook (aka Pic Exhibit 60), which he claimed to keep for recording mileage in his car, on this occasion, also recorded a written “conversation” he had with Marina.

Pic explained to the WC, “She being a pharmacist, and me being in the medical field we tried to communicate with each other just to make small talk with medical terminology…”

Jenner then asked about the three words written by Marina, “Just what was that writing, some medical terms?” To which Pic replied, “Yes; I think these are names of drugs she was writing down. I wouldn't know.”

In fact, all three words can be easily identified, and only the first was the name of a drug – “morphinum” – the Latin word for morphine.

The next two words were “diceiv” (sic) and “heroics“. Morphine and its derivatives have been used by the Russians, the US and Germany in mind control experiments, and to help in interrogations.

Was Marina talking about using morphine to “deceive” someone into believing a particular act would be regarded as “heroic”?

Pic, a couple of pages later, wrote the words “bilirubin”, “urease”, “ urea nitrogen” and “transtaminase”.

Bilirubin comes from the pigmented part of haemoglobin.

Urease is an enzyme.

Urea nitrogen is a waste product of protein in the blood.

Transtaminase is another enzyme.

As can be seen elsewhere, Pic was involved in Human Radiation experiments.

The enzymes and blood components named here would all be part of any blood work done in pathology as part of such experiments. For example: The Subcommittee on Administrative Law and Government Relations, Cincinnati, Ohio April 11, 1994, touched on the sensitive subject of human radiation experiments conducted at the University of Cincinnati during the height of the Cold War and funded by the Defence Atomic Support Agency (DASA). The purpose of those particular experiments was to research metabolic changes in humans following total body radiation “for the purpose of determining whether the presence of amino-aciduria in humans after radiation would provide a reliable biological marker of radiation exposure.” This evidence showed that part of the testing involved checking levels of urea nitrogen.

Pic's explanation that they discussed medicine [only] because it was their common language, is nonsense. If Pic and Marina wanted to converse and get acquainted as "normal" people would do under the circumstances, Lee could have acted as interpreter. And if this "conversation" was so innocent, why did Pic lie about the words written by Marina? And just as importantly, why did the WC buy that lie when one look at the exhibit exposes it?


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One more thing on this: one of the pages of Pic's diary shows his calculation of mileage to Fort Worth for the Thanksgiving dinner. This fits with Pic's statement that he kept the diary for the express purpose of recording mileage.


Such records are typically kept to claim work related travel expenses as a tax deduction.

The implication is that this was no ordinary family reunion.


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