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Greg Parker

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The question beg's to be asked did the money trail for the hit on JFK go through a circuitous route through various Foundations? The ostensible answer might be no there is no way that if the CIA as an "agency" [compartmentalized, of course] would be so foolhardy as to risk being tied to 'it' in such a blatant manner, [not to mention, no paper trail,, at least in 2006] But, there is this food gor thought, the world as we think of it in 1963 was 4 years away from the 'realization [courtesy of Rampart's magazine] that the CIA was very involved in providing 'funds' to a myriad of various foundations.

Robert, Willie Somersett reported that there was plenty of money available and being spread around for the assassination attempt predicted by Milteer. One person he mentioned as spreading it around was Leander Perez, although the clear indication given was that many others were also being generous.

So that got me curious: who came into sums of money just prior to, or just after the assassination where the sources are questionable?

David Ferrie:

Amount: $7,000

Alleged source: Marcello via attorney Gill as a bonus for work on the deportation case.

Status: unverified

Harry McCall. McCAll had been employed as a saleman at the Downtown Lincoln-Murcury dealership at the time of the assassination. He returned from Dallas to Los Angeles soon after with a man named either Joe Coe or Cole. Coe/Cole was alleged to have been a DP witness - a claim he denied:

Amount: $1,200 was the amount admitted to.

Alleged source: Sale of a home in the Bahamas

Status: unverified

Michael Paine

Amount: At least $3,000

Alleged source: MP was not asked about it. His good friend Krystinik volunteered it was from Lyman Paine or Arther Young (see FK's testimony on it below).

Status: unverified.

"...we were talking about church donations during the coffee break one day shortly after that, and he commented that he was really going to have to do something about his bank account, it was time to pay his pledge dues at the Unitarian Church and he didn't have the money in the bank, and 3 or so weeks later he had $3,000, for a plot of land, so I am assuming, I am not a detective, that he had gotten the money from his father or from Art Young, who is his stepfather. One of those two persons, he had gotten the money. He had, if I remember correctly, Art Young was in Texas, so one of these two places he had gotten the money. Those are the impressions I had, that he had gotten it from his father."

Ruby was looking for a partner to help finance a new club (which indicates he had at least some funds himself to put towards it) and had a new, far more expensive apartment lined up to move into. Also thought his tax bill was on the verge of resolution, and had a large amount of cash at time of arrest - ostensible reason for carrying gun.


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