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Information about An Inconvenient Truth from Rachel Guthermann:

Below please find information regarding an online An Inconvenient Truth DVD giveaway for educators to use as a classroom tool in studying the environment. Please help to save our planet from its climate crisis by posting this information on your site so that our future generations can become better educated about global warming. Please let me know if you choose to let your readers know about this fantastic opportunity by sending me a link to your coverage.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: An Inconvenient Truth DVD's Available for Teachers via Participate.Net

Los Angeles, CA - Laurie David, a producer of An Inconvenient Truth, announced today that 50,000 DVD's of the acclaimed documentary will be donated on a first come, first serve basis to teachers across the country interested in using the film as a teaching tool in classrooms via www.participate.net.

The DVD's will be given away starting Monday, December 18, 2006 thru Thursday, January 18, 2007. Teachers are encouraged to log on to www.participate.net to request the DVD, which will be delivered within 6-8 weeks. Every teacher must provide a nine-digit federal tax ID number belonging to the school where they teach.

"Since the film debuted, we have received hundreds of emails from teachers interested in using An Inconvenient Truth in their classrooms to educate students about global warming. I am thrilled that we are able to give away these DVD's through the generosity of individual citizens who are underwriting this effort and I hope it helps inspire and move a generation towards solving this urgent problem," said Laurie David, a producer of the film.

A free downloadable curriculum guide to accompany An Inconvenient Truth is available for download at Participate.net courtesy of the film’s financier, Participant Productions. Developed by Topics Education for Participant Productions and Paramount Home Entertainment, the "AIT in the Classroom" curriculum is aligned with national curriculum standards and is designed for use in high school Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physics, and Chemistry classes. It can also be used in civics classes, middle school science classes, and offers Serving Learning opportunities for students.

“An Inconvenient Truth has ignited a national movement to make the public aware of the effects of global warming and how each of us can contribute to the solution. By providing access to this film together with curriculum support materials for educators, we intend to support our teachers, advance the study of environmental science and contribute to a new generation of environmentally-conscious citizens," said Jim Berk, CEO, Participant Productions.

This generous donation was made possible with the cooperation of Paramount Vantage, Participant Productions and The Environmental Media Association. The Environmental Media Association (www.EMA-online.org) was created in 1989, as a non-profit 501©3.

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