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Robert Kennedy photos

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There are 2 photos I cannot find on the Internet. On the morning of August 5, 1962, the world learned around 5 am that Marilyn Monroe died. At 9:30 am Robert Kennedy, Ethel and some kids, were photographed going to church in Gilroy, CA. That's one photo I'd like to see again. The second photo (more tellingly) is the one of Bobby Kennedy riding a horse at the Bates Ranch. Bates was a good friend of the Kennedys. The photo was supposedly taken Saturday, August 4th, 1962. I believe that photo was really taken on the 5th, after Monroe died. Bates swears that Bobby was at his ranch in Gilroy, CA all weekend. I saw this photo once in a Monroe documentary with Bates being interviewed, Say Goodbye to the President. It was made by the BBC. Could anyone post this photo?

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