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Screencast on Art Text

Chris Meermann

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Hey everyone!

A new screencast by Teacher’s Corner has been published!

In this episode I demonstrate Art Text, the cool logo and banner creation application from BeLight Software.

Art Text lets you apply cool visual styles and effects on plain text and bitmap graphics, this creating simple and yet impressive results.


Please join the forum and tell me what you think of this show.

Download the show here:

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DEVONtechnologies discount still valid until February, 28!!

In one of my recent shows I demonstrated DEVONthink. DEVONtechnologies, the app’s developers, have kindly granted a 15% discount to all Teacher’s Corner viewers.

If you'd like to try DEVONthink yourself or are interested in another product from their catalogue, go to the DEVONtechnologies store page.

Watch the show for details.

If you like this then please Pop it at popcurrent.com!

As usual, the screencast is absolutely free and nobody is forced to pay a single cent at any time.

See you next time!

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