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Video Tutorial on FotoMagico

Chris Meermann

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Hey everyone!

A new screencast by Teacher’s Corner has been published!

In this episode I give a feature overview on FotoMagico, the powerful slideshow creation program.

Teacher’s Corner is a website created by a teacher (myself) for other teachers, for students and for everyone willing to learn. It provides you with interesting, captivating and sometimes entertaining lessons, tutorials and fully fledged courses on software, the internet and technology in general. I addition to that, another section of this website will offer short lessons snippets on learning English in the future.

In this episode I introduce you to FotoMagico, the powerful slideshow creation application.

FotoMagico is an easy-to-use application that allows you to create stunning slideshows to be displayed on almost any device imaginable. It’s ease of use is rivaled only by Apple’s iLife apps and yet it is far more powerful than those. It comes with complete iLife integration and cinema quality transitions.

Feedback wanted

I tried a different approach to screencasting in this episode: I wrote the complete script and read it into the microphone. After that I recorded and cut the video and matched those clips to the audio track. In previous lessons I spoke freely and didn’t have a detailed script. Both methods have their pros and cons. Reading a complete script leads to more concise and elegant language but might be a bit fast and sterile. On the other hand, improvising the commentary and speaking freely slows down the tutorial’s pace and sounds more personal as well as lively but will surely lead to more Uhms and Ahhs and even a few minor language flaws.

Which way do you prefer? Please join the forum and tell me what you think of this show.

Download the show here:

Teacher’s Corner RSS-Feed

Teacher’s Corner Screencasts on iTunes

DEVONtechnologies discount still valid until February, 28!!

DEVONtechnologies, the app’s developers, have kindly granted a 15% discount to all Teacher’s Corner viewers.

If you’d like to try DEVONthink yourself or are interested in another product from their catalogue, go to the DEVONtechnologies store page.

Watch the show for details.

As usual, the screencast is absolutely free and nobody is forced to pay a single cent at any time.

See you next time!

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