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What do you think of the software?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the software?

    • A good idea; worth developing.
    • A good idea; needs more features (please state).
    • Not worth it - there are too many out there.

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Hi everyone,

I'm just dropping by from teachingforum.net with a new software idea that will hopefully make all your lives easier.

It's a web-based report-writing system. I do plan on developing it into something really professional that will allow reports to be saved online, and custom comments to be added for your own classes.

I really just need your opinion on the preliminary thoughts, though. I've had positive feedback from our members, but am looking a little further afield for comments and suggestions.

Here's the link: http://reportwriter.teachingforum.net/ReportWriter.aspx

You can either post a message here (I should check back soon :blink:) or leave a message on our board in this thread: http://www.teachingforum.net/shwmessage.as...=4&MessageID=73

We're also offering the chance for someone to win some FREE web-based software for their school at: http://www.teachingforum.net/shwmessage.as...=4&MessageID=48 - it can be anything you want; however big or small.

Forgive me, but I've posted this in three sub-forums as I'm not sure if you all check EVERY forum and wanted to get as many ideas from you guys as possible.


John Russell

Email: john.russell@teachingforum.net

Web: http://www.TeachingForum.NET

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I would suggest checking the spelling of your fourth forum.

Junior and Secondary Education

Curriculem education discussion for junior and secondary school teaching staff.

Also, you need an error-check function as if a user doesn't select all the options in the report (as you might not wish to) an error is produced.

The best thing about this is that it can serve as a guide to help teachers. Mechanically produced reports do not serve students well, but if this is used as a guide and then edited further (as you have allowed this to happen) then it will be a useful resource.

Andrew is an able and conscientious member of the group who displays a real interest in the subject and appears to enjoy all aspects of the work. He has developed a good general subject-based knowledge and is always willing to share ideas with the rest of the class during discussion. His test results (and the recent exam result) have been very good.

His written work often displays excellent understanding but he needs to spend a little more time on the presentation of his work. He needs to be more methodical in his approach to the subject and revise carefully for tests if he wants to improve his grades next year. A reasonable year overall - but Andrew really needs to work on his areas of weakness next year.

Russel Tarr produced a similiar thing here: http://www.schoolhistory.co.uk/forum/index...?showtopic=3092

Edited by Andrew Field
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As someone who has been using on-line reporting since 1996 I firmly believe it has considerable benefits for overworked time constrained teachers. There are many versions commercially available so my advice is not to spend time writing another one. They only really become cost effective when your school has a secure portal that allows teachers to post reports from the comfort of their own homes. Teachers do not like staying back at school late at night entering reports onto the school network

If you feel you must develop this tool then here are a couple of things I have found useful. To make on-line comment banks really precise for each student they have to be very extensive and then teachers waste so much time in selecting the most appropriate ones it would have been quicker to write it themselves. I have my own comment bank developed over a number of years and to my own classification and tailored to the 400 characters allowed so I just copy and paste it into the box on the php page and its done.

Set it up to add the names from the class lists automatically and get it to check the gender so it changes all the he/she automatically.



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