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Indian Wars


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I have been doing some research on the Indian Wars and I wonder if I have drawn the right conclusions when I say that:

1. The term "Indian Wars" is the term officially used to describe the conflict. (just like "Civil War" or "Great War" are)

2.In very basic terms you could describe the war as: the US Army forced the Indians to live in reservations and the Indians put up a fight in order to prevent that from happening. That fight has become known as the Indian Wars.

3. The wars were guerilla-like and the term 'war' could be replaced by 'internal conflict'.

3.There is not a specific date the Indian Wars started at. The wars were fought in the 1870s-1880s.

Being from Holland and only rudimentarily informed about American History I hope that your comments will help me contextualizing the matter of the Indian Wars.


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You will find an account of the Indian Wars on my website:


You should find all the answers on this page (and the internal links). However, feel free to come back with individual questions about the topic.

The full index on the American West can be found at:


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