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Thomas C. Mann

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Mann was a graduate of Laredo High School. Received his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law degrees in 1934 from Baylor University in Waco and then practiced law in Laredo until 1942.

His foreign service career began in 1942 as a special assistant to the United States Ambassador in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In 1947, he was sent to Caracas, Venezuela, to be in charge of political and petroleum affairs at the United States embassy.

In November of 1950, he was appointed deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of Inter-American Affairs, and in 1953 was sent to Athens, Greece, as counselor of embassy where he served until his appointment as counselor of embassy at Guatemala City in 1954. From there he was sent to El Salvador.

Over the years, he has also served as assistant chief of the Division of World Trade Intelligence, assistant chief of the Division of Economic Security Controls, chief of the Division of River Plate Affairs to look after United States interests in Argentinia, Uruguay and Paraguay, and special assistant to the assistant secretary of state for American republics affairs.

In 1975, in an interview with Mann, the Oakland Tribune reported that Mann confirmed an armed Cuban was arrested during JFK's visit to Mexico in 1962. The arrest came after the CIA generated reports of a plot to kill the President while he was at Mass at Mexico City's Guadalupe Basilica, July 1, 1962.

Mann did not name the Cuban.



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