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Moorman photo to be auctioned

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"Friday, April 13, 2007


JFK assassination photo for sale

A grainy, fingerprint-smudged black-and-white photograph taken when President Kennedy was assassinated is going up for auction.

The Polaroid picture taken by Mary Ann Moorman shows the president and first lady Jackie Kennedy ducking as their motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963. Abraham Zapruder, who famously filmed the assassination, is visible in the distance.

For years, the picture had been on loan to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, but Moorman, who is in her 70s, decided to sell it, said Lou Fausak, owner of Legend Sales Inc., which sells items for customers on eBay.

"We're sorry that it's not going to be part of our permanent collection, but beyond that, we're not going to comment," museum spokeswoman Deborah Marine said.

Fausak said he expected the picture to have a minimum reserve of about $500,000 when it becomes available for 10 days starting Monday.

"Something like this, there's just no telling what it's going to go for," he said."

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