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will someone help this researcher?

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I received the following from Jim Fetzer:



There are two sites that deal with JFK: assassinationscience.cøm, where I

discuss matters of public policy, and assassinationresearch.com, which is

an on-line journal for advanced study of the death of JFK. I am sending

your inquiry to Jack White, who is better positioned to assist than am I.

Thanks for writing. Good luck with your research!


Quoting Mark Turner <mdturner@gmail.com>:

> Hello,


> I've been looking for something and ran across your very nice website.

> Perhaps you can help. I'm looking for nice, reliable scans of Dealey Plaza

> maps. The main one I've seen with vertical point data is the HSCA

> topographic survey map, which only covers part of the area. The only decent

> scan I've found online has had the bar scale removed for the lower right

> area. I found a distorted low resolution version that has the bar scale,

> but it's too distorted to be useful.


> You've probably run into it, but it seems all of the Dealey maps disagree

> with each other as to exact locations. The HSCA map seems to be the only

> one I've found that appears to have been prepared by professional

> surveyors. I also saw a small part of another older map that had some

> useful measurements but it was also distorted and was just a tiny section of

> the area. I believe it was from a landscaping project from about 60 years

> ago.


> My research is not nearly as indepth as your own. I get interested in the

> JFK case from time to time. Being a civil engineer that does a lot of CAD

> work, I thought I'd try to put together a CAD drawing and possibly 3D

> model. Basically just for my own use but it might be interesting to others

> if I converted it to Google's SketchUp program so others could look around

> at various angles. I'm just really having trouble finding a good reliable

> scan that actually shows the scale of the map. I've even looked around a

> bit for a listing of known distances, but to no avail.


> Thanks greatly for any assistance. And keep up the great work on your site!


> Mark Turner, P.E.

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