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Madrid Protest

John Simkin

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It is evident that in spite of UKIP efforts... Europe does exist. My God, one cannot keep his own intimacy :D

Being aware of my own National Team and its "splendid" record, I have been trying to keep a low profile last weeks. The result has been an utter wash-out. Not only Spain was eliminated in a even more pathetic way than the usual one, but The Guardian spy in Madrid took a historical or historic? (I always miss the right word) photograph of myself.

I could scarcely watch a couple of matches last days. Anyway, I will try to catch up with the Championship. Henceforth, England can count with another supporter. Sorry, Richard, I would support Wales as well. :D

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  "If Portugal beat us I'll cycle naked to work" :)  :)

In the light of very recent events, I and most of the citizens of Dartford thank the Lord that I am Manx :lol:

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