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    Teaching A/S and A Level English Language and Literature. I work in a 6th Form College, Head of Dept.<br><br>Anyone who fancies getting snipey about my typing/spelling can keep it to themselves, btw - I'm busy, and my first concern is communication, not proof-reading!

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  1. Andrew Moore

    I am so distraught at this news. His death has been subject of great distress on the email Langauge List which was one of Andrew's many projects. I only came over to see if there was a proper tribute for Andrew here, but I was not prepared to hear the terrible cause of his death. Andrew's contribution to English Language teaching in this country is immeasurable; many of us have used his universal teacher site and engaged in personal email communication with him to discuss apsects of our work. His passing has left many of us feeling personally bereaved. It is a cruel a shock to find that Andrew was suicidal. How can one with so much kindness and human warmth, who gave so freely to others, have been driven to take his own life? It is a pity that he did not realise that however much he honestly thought that people would be better off without him, he was wrong ... and that he could not beleive that he could weather whatever low state he had fallen to. I am so, so sad that Andrew has not had that opportunity to survive his troubles and that all the kindness we have expressed towards him is only following him into a void, rather than supporting him to live on. I feel (no doubt arrogantly?) that I could have helped him. I am at a loss for words to articulate my pain and confusion. If we can learn anything from Andrew's demise it must be that even the apparently "super-man strong" amongst us are only human. We must all take extra care to be kind to our colleagues, to cherish our loved ones and to offer support even when none is asked for. RIP Andrew xx