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  1. I am a teacher of classics and Modern Greek Literature in the Musical School of Larissa. I am also a secondary teacher's trainer in the use of ICT in the curriculum. I studied "Modern and classical Greek literature" in the Aristotle University of Thessalonica and I am working in Greek Upper Secondary Education for the last 15 years. I participated in many E.E. programs: (1995) “Interchange of teachers” (2002-2003) pedagogical mentor for Greece of the "Spring day in Europe" project (2004-2006) Comenius etc. During the last two years I collaborate with the Greek Computer Technology Institute (
  2. Hello everyone! I am Tasos Matos. I am a teacher of classic and Modern Greek History and Literature. I also train teachers in the use of ICT in the curriculum. This year, I train teachers of the Greek schools abroad, using the tools of distance learning.
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