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  1. The amazing incredible run of Phil Willis

    Agree! Good point Jack!
  2. Tina Towner Film

    Post removed Great fotowork, Chris! Maarten
  3. YouTube Video

    Thanks John, For extracting Jpegs from AVI files, I use Advanced X Video Converter. Does more jobs...... (among transforming to AVI... regrettibly not IFO( DVD format that is)) Less labour intensive than using Power DVD, and the trying to capture all the individual frames manual..... and less misstakes... Maarten
  4. YouTube Video

    Movie downloaders. For downloading from YOUTUBE and similar, you can use www.vixy.net . Just paste the link Lee gave, choose format (AVI, MPEG), and press start. The site converts to that format, and makes it downloadable. It may take a few tries, but hey..... it is free! Saves the time to resolve the link, download, and then transform the file to avi. Maarten
  5. Useful Research Links and Tools

    Hi, For downloading video's from, for instance YOUTUBE, this site might be usefull: http://vixy.net/ Just copy and paste the video link/adress, and press start. This site converts the file to AVI, and makes it available for download as such. Renaming is a good idea... Maarten
  6. Suspicious Vehicles and 11/22/63

    From Bell film... Differend angle: Maarten
  7. Possible Trajectories?

    To Pat, I am having a real difficult time believing that Connelly got hit in the back after roadsign. In my oppinion, it was the left upper leg. Reasons: The reactions of Connelly, after being hit. He lifts his hat, turns left and below (stretches his neck), and then turns violently towards Kennedy (and his yell of course, distracting Jackie). That would press agains the alledged back wound, causing pain in extreme. The other thing is, in my oppinion, that that part of hisck should be shielded by his chair. So that would make a bullet going through Kennedy, wait, and go through chair, and Connelly. Pop out...... and fall on the floor??? Too much magic. Connelly must have lost consciousness, while yelling out, and with a collapsed lung. Furthermore he turns back a bit, to fall back towards Nellie, and turn over 90 degrees after 313 to burry his nose in her lap. Later to lift his head. (While unconscious?) But according to his statements, what they are worth, he was conscious at 313, to have heard the shot and the bullet hit. And see the limo covered in Kennedy-bits. Those things do not add up! On top of that, he described the backwound as a an impact that pushed him forward. That describtion only makes sence after 313, when he dives on Nellie. I like the idea that the brain malfunction caused the body the maintain their position. I initially thought Kennedy's right arm rested on the edge of the limo, and the left being grabbed by Jackie, was the cause of his nòt moving his arms. Even to lower them. The lack of facial expressions, soon after reappearing, makes me think he was (nearly) deceased. Pat or other medics, do you have any info on holes being made at Parkland in the lower part of the lungs, to help breathing. Makes no sence to me, because it would collapse the lung. Making things worse as it is..... And then decided on a tracheostomy under the adam's appell?????? Or could this be a piece of botched up evidence. Since a shot at that location would have to have come from the up and front, compromising a much desired LN, and Magic Bullet Theory. A picture of what I think happened to Connelly after roadsign: Maarten
  8. Possible Trajectories?

    HI, For the explanation of Kennedy's reaction after reappearing behind roadsign, I have an additional idea. In Autopsy's of the head, where you can see a bit of the upper-body, I saw a mark that did not resemble the place of a nipple. You can find it on the right chest. I thought this could be a bullet-hole. Someone told me that hole was made to help Kennedy breathing at Parkland. But makes no sense to me..... so I tend to rather ignore. So I do... If it is a bullet hole, it would collapse the lung, and forcefull exhail.... like an extreme caugh. In the subsequent frames you can see the shirt of Kennedy under the jacket button. His hips are forwarded. Makes additional sense for the extreme armwaving. And jackie holds her hand under his mouth in the frames leading to 312, like trying to catch the block.... but did not come. After 313 you can see a (relative) long time it takes for Jackie to react to the motions of her husband. And in my oppinion she is looking at his body, rather than to his face, prior to her reaction. This on top of possible neck/back/head trajectaries. Maarten
  9. Possible Trajectories?

    Hi, I would like to add a potential shooting position.. That is in the Dal-Tex building, on the first floor (not ground floor), closest to the corner. In the Altgens foto you can see the left side of the window in the shade (would be a usefull advantage). Another is: you can see all of Elm, if Altgens can see the window. On the downside, it seemed to me that the window to the left (with all the people), was part of the same office. I deducted that from an enlargement, where I can see a light blob, that I would describe as light source from the office ceiling. The angle makes it one office. So if it was a location...... well..... I would appreciate a bit more privacy.... just a bit. On another foto earlier taken on Houston strt., I saw an angle+shade on that corner. I thought it to be a knee. Yet in Altgens there is no-one on the roof visible. Just a thought. Maarten Edit: I believe Don already incorperated... So double..
  10. Photo Chase: Unidentified Boys on Elm

    Hi, I blieve both boys can be seen. The other one is in the entrance, standing a bit higher. A little to the left. From CT point of view: There is a fence in front of them, and the positioning may be strategic, like blocking people trying to get through to the railroad side. Just to be an obstacle, gain time. (Arrested for what? Being clumsy? .... but job is done) Since the shooting stopped way further on Elm, a lot of attention went to the GK area. Making them without a job. But it is not wise to stay long in one place. You get fotographed etc. People ask questions. Better not. Avoid suspicious behaviour, so walk (sheep) with the crowd, not against. Like 3 people do in the Hughes film. On the corner of Main/Houston. Great collection.. Maarten
  11. Splice in Tina Towner Film

    Lee: I see, on the link you gave, mention of a jump in Towner film. Make referrence to same "event". Your version is same as mine.. From what I heard, the film has always been in the Towner's posession, except for a few occasions.... No copies made.. Still hope for an unjumped version. Maarten
  12. Splice in Tina Towner Film

    Hi John, Looks fingerlicking good. Did you use an uncut version????? What program did you use? I would like to do something like that with the Zap film. Without stabilization. So the relation between "camera movement" and ghosting can be established. Maarten
  13. Splice in Tina Towner Film

    Hi, Thanks Bernice for setting me straight on Tina Towner. At the youngest a young woman, not a young girl... Trygve: "But sometimes when wathcing the assassination films, many of the films seem to stop/start/cut/break/something exactly at the right(wrong) moment. And its frustrating. As Gary M. said in that production, something like 'many people don't realize how many photographers where there', and 'they all missed the crucial thing-which is the person in the window'." - Yeah! How (un)lucky can you be. Maarten
  14. Splice in Tina Towner Film

    Hi, Thanks!!! I think Chris describes the best what is bothering me. Jackie has moved a lot in one frame! The second.... Jackie is passed the point where Mrs Connelly was in the first one. I just found it today. And did not have a chance to do any calculations. But it seems to fit to me, Chris..... WOW! I have Googled some, and came across a link by you, John. Something with framerate. Did noy imply the cut.... so... end. The next thing that bothers me, is the why. Did something happen? As well as, could this be the spot in the WR that was reenacted? I can remember having seen reconstruction foto's here in the Forun, from the WR. From Zapruder point of view. And one shows the limo on the left side of the roadsign (from memory). Just a thought... Could mean special interest in that location. Just as the reenactment films ,imo, shows a lot of hot spots. As the official Zapruder film starts at 133 to film Kennedy. And these frames I made earlier on Elm. Since I can see the firestairs of the TSBD, I'd say it is safe to presume that she was filming (near) parallel to the Houston street side of the TSBD. And I would guess that the limo is parallel to the TSBD. According to Groden's DVD, she stops filming when the shots rang out... or was that cut too.... from CT point of view. On the downside. She was a young girl, and the events close to her startled a lot of people. Willis taking pictire #5. Rosemary turning after stopping running... and eventually Moorman who polaroided Kennedy, as a reaction to a shot. Not like the newscrew who dove on the Newman family... She could well be startled and stopped filming, but that is after the first noticable shot.... Would leave the immediate result, and her turning off the camera, and all the blurring/ghosting that comes with it. But Jack White is more knowlidgable at this point (by far). My experience is with more modern equipment. Hi-8 was my first camera (analog video, film is chemical. Chemical is use once.... sort of double exposure). And by using the pause button, the motor starts running, the tape gets wound around the video-heads. But still get jitter from the unpause button, and the tape needs "some" time to accellerate (That issue is fixed nowadays with flash eeproms, but not available at thàt time... so irrelevant). And pausing again, causes jitter as well, and slowing of the tape. Visible when not edited (those frames removed. Makes smoother video). These are the technoligies of 94-95. Zapruder's camera, state of the art at the time so I am told, still has to cope with those things I mentioned before, yet no trace of those things can be found. Either in the (now) Towner film, or any of the Zapruder cuts.. Smells.... Thanks. Maarten
  15. Splice in Tina Towner Film

    Hi, As I was watching the DVD: "JFK: Assassination Films" by Groden. I came across the footage of Tina Towner. After frame by frame play I came to the conclusion there were frames missing. I Have added the the captures below: Anyone seen a version of her film without the splice? I cannot imagine her pausing her recording..... and doing so in 1 frame.... Makes me think it was edited. But a bit less obvious/crude than the splice in Z155 of the MPI. If it was edited...... Why? Seems a harmless piece of film.. Maarten