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  1. I was intersted in John's comment "I have this theory that it is the novels that we read as teenagers that really influence our personality." I recall as an early teenager - keep in mind this was yonks ago as I am well into my fifties now - I read with eagerness each and every one of the 58 novels in the Elinor Brent-dyer Chalet School Series. These were set firstly in the Tiensee then Guernsey, later Wales and also back to Switzerland. A very multi-cultured school where English was spoken one day, French the next, German the 3rd, Saturday any one of these of one's choice, the students all coming from different countries to school there. The changes of location followed world events, the move from Austria co-inciding with the outbreak of war. Another special feature were the half-term holidays to different places in Europe all carefully described in delightful historical detail. I lapped up the difference in this school series, learned all sorts of snippets of geography, history and languages so that when I later travelled to Austria for example I felt I already knew some small parts of it. As a fairly insular teenager these books broadened my world both in terms of knowledge of places, cultures etc but also in terms of people. Maybe a much lower key contribution here but the series was significant enough to find me now still owner of all 58 books and taking quiet inotice of the current collecters' interest being shown both here in Australia and in the UK in the author and her work. I seem to have not been alone in enjoying these books. Back to John's comment though - here I am a teacher who takes a real interest in different students and enjoys the interaction with them as people, perhaps I am just delving in a real world now not my past imaginary one.
  2. Virtual Learning Environment - well, that is how I view it. Not sure though what is meant by schools purchasing one, don't you create the sort of learning environment that you wish using whatever tools and strategies are available to you in your situation?? For example, I have used epals to have students learn about other places through this online connection. I do have access to WebCt so can create virtual learning experiences of short or longer term using that as a learning management system. There are also many accessible web quests which are, to me, another form of a VLE. Maybe more explanation of 'buying one's own' would be of interest? Maybe others see VLEs as different to my examples also.
  3. Hello, I have been meaning to do this for months but time seemed to disappear somewhere - I teach F2F at a southern Tasmanian suburban secondary school and also deliver Business Studies Online through the Tasmanian Online Campus. I frequently use blended learning in the F2F classroom offering students various online options in terms of projects, communication and interactions. I have been an online adult student taking part on Ikarus 2003 Virtual Learning Environments and moderated in the same course in 2004. I also have been honoured to act as a judge for Global Schoolnet student projects. Whilst not at all an academic paper writer I have shared some ideas through various on and offline magazines, one which caught particular interest being http://www.curriculum.edu.au/eq/summer2002/html/bridge.htm I find sharing in forums such as this one enriching, the exchange of ideas and information is so frequently enlightening and enjoyable. I wish I had more time to dabble!
  4. Hi Graham, I have used Moodle during a course in Learning in an Online Environment set up through Saarland University, as a project sponsered by the EU. The first time there were a few problems but not immense ones, 12 mths later with extra development work done it has been working well, the only thing a bit frustrating to me is seeing someone online and not being able to call them to chat. I also believe that it is more user friendly to adults or older students than younger ones. We use WebCt here in Tasmanian (Australia) with all ages and as there is the availability of icons and graphics it works better for younger students, even though, as with anythng, there are still some issues. Patricia
  5. I came across this accidentally and maybe providentially! Here in tasmania, Australia I have a student avidly interested in radio, he has started using the school PA system at lunchtimes to broadcast music with a very limited commentary. As the PA is in the office area it isn't the best place to try to run a radio station. How did you set up your station and how does it operate?
  6. There is an excellent bank of resources and teaching suggestions for those who are teaching English on the Tasmanian English Learning Area site at http://www.discover.tased.edu.au/english/
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