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  1. Having experimented with a couple of VLEs, this does seem to be the one students actually like to use. If it encourages collaborative learning and motivates students - great.
  2. A European internet team has developed a new resource for science education. The team from Xplora, the European science education gateway, has developed a DVD - Xplora Knoppix - based on the Linux Debian distribution and completely contained on a self-booting DVD. The Knoppix version is especially mastered for Xplora and contains software applications focused on science education, as well as a number of educational materials from the Xplora repository. As it is open source software it can be given away freely and be copied as well. The Xplora Knoppix release has a multilingual support in E
  3. Nick Falk


    This weekend will see maths and science teachers meeting in Prague to explore ways that ICT can be used as a tool for collaborative learning across Europe. This is one of a series of workshops to support the eTwinning project.
  4. Nick Falk


    A new community for chemistry teachers has been created on the xlpora science portal. This may be a useful supplement to this forum. Members can upload and share resources and conduct live chats.
  5. Nick Falk


    Xplora is the new EU funded Science Portal. Xplora is the European gateway to science education. It is aimed at teachers, pupils, scientists, science communicators and science educators. Soon to be featured will be a series of chats with top experts in science and science education. First chat – climate change The first chat is scheduled for Monday 20 June 2005. The topic is "Climate change", to tie in to the Green Week being organised by the European Commission's DG Environment. The chat will be led by Mr. Mika Vanhanen, leader of the ENO-Environment Online, a global web school for envi
  6. Babel Fish translation The 11 of April (instituído as day of the scientific investigator) we will be entertained by our scientific trajectory, Professor Samuel Finkielman and suscripto, in the hall the Council of the Faculty of Medicine of UBA. Simultaneously, the CONICET, that integral like Contracted Superior Investigator, has denied a scholarship holder to me, with little the subtle argument that I, his Director, do not fulfill the requirements to be Director. That is added to parallel attitudes with other investigators who have shown dissidences with the policy of the Conicet of the last
  7. Chemistry in my school has been fortunate in having equal proportions of boys and girls post 16 and performance in examinations have not been dominated by one sex. I agree that styles of learning are different and this requires a different approach but is this difference due to genetic differences? We are aware that students learn in different ways. Is it an artificial divide to suggest that these different learning styles are sex based?
  8. Toby ActiveScience is now an impressive looking site. Forums in school can be a problem. I have started two - both after functioning for a few weeks were blocked by the web filter. I also tried to access your forum from home but had problems therefore could not leave a message. Keep trying.
  9. I should be teaching my Y13 ICT class but while looking for resources for collaborative learning I have stumbled on this impressive looking site. http://www.jazzatlincolncenter.org/educ/cu...m/launcher.html Is there room for this in the curriculum? - I hope so.
  10. There a lot of valid pionts being made here but the one about intelligent search engines is the one that started me thinkng about the thought processes being replicated electronically. An attempt at this can be found www.webbrain.com WebBrain lets you search the Web visually, so you can explore a dynamic picture of related information, instead of searching through long lists of text. The search engine lets you browse the Web and discover what’s out there. WebBrain aims to use the so called TheBrain technology to enable effective use of knowledge on the Web, the corporate intranet, and even y
  11. Urgent call for participation The European Commission and the European Space Agency have decided to prolong the Earth & Space Week Competition until January 24 given the high demand of schools that would still like to participate. More pupils will now be given the chance to submit their designs of "A Flag for Planet Earth". The flag should depict both Earth and Space dimensions and show their views of how Earth Observation and space sciences help to improve life on planet Earth. The 3 winning and the 6 finalist designs will be exhibited in Brussels during the international
  12. "The Lab in a Lorry is an interactive mobile physics laboratory staffed by volunteer practising physicists and engineers. Young people do experimental physics in the way it actually happens, while experienced scientists provide guidance when experiments fly off into new arenas. Lab in a Lorry is rolling out in your community because the Institute of Physics and the Schlumberger Foundation have partnered to launch the programme." An Institute of Physics/Schlumberger project. The key asset of the Lorry is that it attracts busy physicists and engineers to share their excitement and knowledge wi
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