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  1. Nicely put, Mr. Zartman. I believe the truth is that there were two very different "Lee Harvey Oswalds." One DID NOT have a drivers license and was still learning to drive when Jack Ruby killed him. The other HAD A VALID TEXAS DRIVERS LICENSE and had driven cars for some time. Marina and the Paines clearly testified that Oswald did not drive and did not have a driver's license. It is remarkable, then, that more than thirty people told the Warren Commission, the FBI, and/or Garrison investigators that Oswald did drive. Some of these people saw (American-born LEE) Oswald's driver's licen
  2. To Greg Doudna, The WC rejected all the Sports Drome Oswald identifications for various reasons, including that one Oswald had a non Oswaldian hat and was chewing something and another drove a car, which the Commission indicated Oswald couldn’t do. (There is, however, a trainload of evidence that one LHO did indeed have a car and in fact had a valid Texas drivers license--see below.) The most convincing witnesses were Dr. Homer Wood and his 13-year-old son Sterling. In describing who they saw at the Sports Drome rifle range, both father and son independently right after the assass
  3. Except for the fact that there was OBVIOUSLY a false Oswald in Mexico City, though it may only have been on paper. So what? Of course doppelgangers were required. Who else showed up at the Sports Drome range all those times? “Oswald” visits the Sports Drome Rifle Range on Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 10, and again on Nov. 17, several times creating a scene and once shooting at another guy's target; On Nov. 2 “Oswald” visits Morgan's Gun Shop in Fort Worth. Also on Nov. 2 “Oswald” visits the Downtown Lincoln Mercury dealership where he test drives a car at wrecklessly high spe
  4. Also for RCD.... Wesley Frazier, who said that he was talking with some women a few minutes after the shooting at the corner of Elm and Houston, said he saw Oswald as he walked south on Houston St. Frazier said that he saw Oswald cross Houston St., begin walking east on Elm St., and disappear into the crowd. CLICK HERE for Wesley Frazier interview (pertinent part starts at 33:00, but please continue to watch for a couple of minutes). Note that both the Beckley and the Marsalis buses arrived at the TSBD on Elm Street.
  5. What I do is present the evidence John A. has found for two Oswalds, evidence which flows through this case like a river. I said previously that there is considerable evidence for the bus and taxi ride, as well as for the Nash Rambler getaway, and there is—for both. You say the bus and taxi evidence is fraudulent, and, we can both agree, the Nash Rambler evidence should have been investigated. If you are aware of anything in those two photos--other than that bus--that is relevant to this case, please let me know. Why else would Reed have taken those shots? Below are WC photos of
  6. The evidence for the bus and taxi ride is far stronger than you suggest. One Oswald apparently left Dealey Plaza in that Nash Rambler wagon, but the other was clearly instructed to take the Marsalis bus. Why else would U.S. Army civilian employee Stuart Reed have taken two pictures of that bus on the same roll of film he used with remarkable prescience to take those pictures at the TSBD and the Texas Theater? Stuart Reed images: On our website, John A. wrote up a series of points for critics of the bus and taxi ride to consider. Sorry for the lengthy cut and paste, but this list i
  7. As I already said in this post, we do not REQUIRE that LHO learned Russian as a child, but simply believe that is what happened through a process of elimination. Here is part of what I said: In October 1959 one LHO returned to the U.S. and was assigned to MACS 9 in Santa Ana, where he suddenly demonstrated so much interest in and understanding of Russia and the Russian language that some of his fellow Marines called him “Oswaldovitch.” He took a Russian language test and got more questions right than wrong. Rosaleen Quinn, who was studying Russian in a Berlitz course, told the Warren C
  8. Mr. Cohen, If people like you tried half as hard to discredit the Warren Commission as you work to criticize H&L and me, we might get somewhere. I deliberately picked a series of non-H&L points above, all critical of the Official Story®, to see if RCD would agree with them; to see if we had any common ground. Clearly, you are more interested in picking a fight. You and a couple of others here often say we don’t answer questions even when we do. In this post, Sandy Larson pointed out that Jeremy Bojczuk refused to acknowledge his answer. In this post, RCD complained I didn
  9. Questions for RCD: Do you suppose we could agree on any of the following? 1. As John A. showed more than two decades ago, the Magic Money Order® for “Oswald’s rifle” had no bank endorsements at all and was, therefore, not cashed. 2. J. Edgar Hoover failed to publicly declare the price paid for the Magic Rifle® until a week AFTER he determined the handwriting on the Magic Money Order was indeed LHO’s. 3. The Social Security Administration failed to acknowledge ANY of LHO’s pre-Marine employment income and, in fact, failed to recognize his income from the U.S. Marines.
  10. As usually happens when he is talking about anything other than the mastoidectomy (which isn’t very often), Mr. Bojczuk waxes philosophical with a silly argument or two and then, when no one bothers to respond, declares victory for the 390th time against the Harvey and Lee Menace®. He is clearly more interested in dwelling on what DIDN’T happen rather than discussing what the evidence shows DID happen. Breathlessly announcing that there was more than one potential way to send an American spy who secretly understood the Russian language to the Soviet Union, and discovering no one cared en
  11. John, I couldn't remember the details, but I finally found this post I made here in 2017: Back when he was researching Harvey and Lee, John visited the Fort Worth Independent School District and got a list of teachers at Stripling and Ridglea West Elementary School. From the list, he managed to call Mrs. Buleau Bratton, LHO’s teacher at Ridglea West. John said that Mrs. Bratton spoke for quite a while about Oswald and eventually said that she had shared a small apartment briefly with “Marguerite Oswald” (the impostor). Mrs. Bratton said that late at night, after midnight, she ov
  12. Sure. One of the men who served with LEE Oswald for nearly a year immediately before the other LHO started his stay at MACS 9 in Santa Ana was Zack Stout, who, asked if LHO studied Russian during this period (late 1957 through much of 1958) said this to John Armstrong: "Where do people come up with these stupid ideas. That's ridiculous. No, he never spoke Russian or had a Russian book or a Russian newspaper. If he had any of those things, all of us would have known about it." There are other examples (see William Kelley’s interview with Richard Bullock), but the point is that this L
  13. Mr. Bojczuk shamelessly supports the Warren Commission excuse that LHO taught himself to read, write, and speak the Russian language in his spare time in the Marine Corps. “Oswald subscribed to a newspaper printed in Russian, which I believe he said was published in San Francisco.” –James Anthony Botelho, from his Marine affidavit of June 3, 1964. Here's an image of a Russian language newspaper printed in San Francisco that is probably similar to the one Oswald reportedly read in the Marine corps while stationed in California. Can you imagine teaching yourself to read a newspap
  14. Mr. Bojczuk tirelessly creates strawman arguments about one LHO’s Russian language skills and then fearlessly criticizes the arguments he himself invented. What he doesn’t do is look at the simple facts. In October 1959 one LHO returned to the U.S. and was assigned to MACS 9 in Santa Ana, where he suddenly demonstrated so much interest in and understanding of Russia and the Russian language that some of his fellow Marines called him “Oswaldovitch.” He took a Russian language test and got more questions right than wrong. Rosaleen Quinn, who was studying Russian in a Berlitz course, tol
  15. But if we don't continually correct his mischaracterizations of H&L research, the bs may be repeated forever on the internet without correction! Why should we let that happen? Mr. Bojczuk will be back in a few hours posting about the mastoidectomy and falsely claiming that John A. is actually a “snake oil salesman.” He has posted this again and again and again and again and again and again in just the last year or so. Although he accuses me of being a spammer, he is actually the one who has made SCORES of nearly identical posts in the last year about the mastoidectomy. Watch for it
  16. Utter nonsense. The H&L analysis doesn’t require anything like the above; the Oswald Project only required a false defector who secretly understood the Russian language. The theory that the Russian-speaking Oswald learned the Russian language as a child arose through a process of elimination. There has never been evidence that he was given instruction, openly or secretly, in that language, and John A. interviewed a number of Marines who indicated Classic Oswald® simply wasn’t in a Russian language program prior to the fall of 1958, when the Russian-speaking Oswald suddenly became known a
  17. Hi, Pam, My favorite granddaughter is in her final year of a physical therapy doctorate at Saint Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. Just a few weeks ago we enjoyed a picnic lunch with her right by a big waterfall near downtown Minneapolis. What a beautiful place! Speaking of Jack Ruby and LEE Oswald.... Let’s continue to look at some more evidence for two Oswalds. 1963: Harvey in New Orleans, Lee in Dallas In the summer of 1963, when the Russian-speaking Lee HARVEY Oswald was in New Orleans pretending to be a pro-Castro commie, a lot of people saw American-born LEE
  18. Thanks, Dennis. I’ve been running this website for more than 20 years now, but John has written most of the material currently on HarveyandLee.net, and I’m proud to present his research to the world. Please feel free to check it out at: HarveyandLee.net
  19. The insults never end. When there isn’t an active H&L thread, Mr. Bojczuk posts his attacks against me and H&L in any thread available. Why is he so interested in me? Is he keeping a dossier? Why? H&L research is hardly a “lost cause,” and Mr. Bojczuk knows it. In recent years three books have been published based on Harvey and Lee. Just two feature-film length video talks by John Armstrong posted on YouTube by “MrChrillemannen” have a total of nearly 619,000 views. The videos are: Captain Westbrook, officer Tippit and Oswald's double and Who imperson
  20. Gene Kelly, posted 7/28/20: The work of Armstrong - and Jim Hargrove's representation - must somehow threaten someone (or something) for it to become so personal. Such staunch opposition ironically has the opposite effect on me ... it sends a message that there's substance to the H&L anomalies. James DiEugenio, posted 8/14/20: I don't have a dog in this fight, but its striking when, in their mania to discredit Armstrong, WC critics team up with WC apologists like Parnell. To the point of using a phony application to a phony college which was part of a phony discharge.
  21. Yes, but there is a serious question about whether LHO actually ever saw "I Led 3 Lives." Robert Oswald wrote: One of his favorite programs was I Led Three Lives, the story of Herbert Philbrick, the FBI informant who posed as a Communist spy. In the early 1950's, Lee watched that show every week without fail. When I left home to join the Marines, he was still watching the reruns." But Robert Oswald joined the Marines and left for San Diego on July 15, 1952, and, as you say, the "I Led Three Lives" program didn't premiere until roughly a year later. This gets worse in Youth
  22. Absolutely! Important open questions are.... Who was Harvey (the Russian-speaking LHO), and... Was the false Oswald of 1963 the same person as H&L’s “Lee?”
  23. Magathanks to Vasilos Vasakas and Jim Di. for bringing us this important series on the seemingly endless treachery involved in the creation of the legend of LHO, as well as the clear hints that this crap may be ongoing even well into the present century. Malcolm Blunt’s work shining a light on Betsy Wolf is marvelous new research. Why was her work declassified so late and why were her handwritten notes not transcribed? Genius is hardly required to reason why. There are so many chilling revelations…. The indication that all the docs in the 201 file so belatedly opened on LHO are co
  24. That's why the anonymous phone call to Mrs. Jack Tippit is fascinating.... if there's any truth to it a whole lot of weird stuff about Oswald is explained. Read it again (I've added some boldface):
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