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  1. Ruby's Motive for Murder

    What if Jack Ruby was simply plan "B" in a larger plot? What If someone who was very skilled in espionage, such as James Jesus Angleton conceived the entire plot. What if Jack Ruby was the plan "B" in the event plan "A", who was LHO did not go well? If the LHO lone-nut angle didn't pan out, then Jack Ruby could be linked to the Mafia and give the public, and media something else to focus on, while material witnesses were eliminated. From my studies of Central Intelligence, I have learned their guiding philosophy is to confuse the issue, when all else fails. When the WC played Jack Ruby as a wanna-be wise guy, they were downplaying his ties to the mob. I submit, that had their "lone nut LHO" narrative become unacceptable, they would have escalated Ruby's mafia associations and blamed the mob. They would have probably blamed Carlos Marcello.
  2. Ruby's Motive for Murder

    This is just a tidbit to add fuel to the fire. LHO left his home at 1026 north Beckley and walked to 10th and Patton, where he was intercepted by JD Tippit. Even the HSCA seemed a bit perplexed about LHO's possible reason for walking in this direction. Mr. Edgar of the HSCA later asked Gerald R. Ford Jr. to speculate as to where Lee H. Oswald was going at the time of the Tippit shooting. Mr. Edgar also asked Gerald R. Ford Jr. if he had gone to Jack Ruby’s residence as part of his Dallas investigation (June 7, 1964), when he was re-tracing Oswald’s footsteps. Ford said he would have to refresh his memory in order to answer these questions. HSCA vol 3 Ford pg592 If we look on a map, 1026 N. Beckley is 9 tenths of a mile from 10th and Patton, in a nearly strait line to Jack Ruby and George Senator's apartment at 223 S. Ewing. From 10th and Patton to 223 S. Ewing is 4 tenths of a mile.
  3. Bobby and Billy Hale

    I just found out that the son of Fred Korth, Fritz-Alan Korth graduated from Arlington Heights High School. I am going to check the yearbook again. Fritz-Alan Korth was born in 1938. Here is a link to Legacy.com, where you can read his obituary: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/washingtonpost/obituary.aspx?n=fritz-alan-korth&pid=148362364 I checked the 1957 yearbook for Fritz-Alan, but did not find him listed.
  4. Bobby and Billy Hale

  5. Bobby and Billy Hale

    BTW: Verita's husband was Alexander Austin Sheshunoff. He was a banking guru, who wrote a book about banking in the mid 70s. One article, the Amarillo Globe, lists her name as Verita "SAGshunoff", which is kind of comical when we consider the Texas accent. Just imagine a Texan telling someone at the Globe; "Sheshunoff...S H E, and the reporter hearing S A G. I lived in Amarillo for a while and can totally see this happening. I did find several articles verifying that SHEshunoff is the correct spelling. One of my soarces was the Tarrant County death index for 1969.
  6. Bobby and Billy Hale

    Yes I am. Oswald was said to have been a sophomore, by the WC. His picture is not among the individual photos, because he probably was not present when those photos were taken. He is, however featured in a picture with a young lady pointing her finger at him in a joking manner. Caption reads: "Bing! You're hypnotized," says Janet Bolin to Lee Oswald in the old bio lab." This photo is on page 104. Bobby and Billy Hale were born April 7, 1941, and LHO was born October 18, 1939. Wasn't LHO held back a year at some point? I seem to remember this from the WR.
  7. Bobby and Billy Hale

    Thank you sir!
  8. Bobby and Billy Hale

    In response to the above posts, I have performed my own research into the matter of Robert and William Hale being class mates of Lee Oswald. I recently had the opportunity to look at a 1957 yearbook from Arlington Heights High School (Yellow Jackets). Page 52 is the beginning of the Sophomore Class. Bobby and Billy Hale’s pictures and names are on page 55. I know there is an age discrepancy between Lee Oswald and the Hale boys, but this yearbook is a pretty good indication, that they were all sophomores. I would post photo copies of the yearbook pages, but this would violate copyright laws.
  9. Barry Sampson

    I am 55 years old. I live in Texas with my wife of 30 years. I have worked in the transportation field for 34 years. I am an avid JFK assassination researcher.