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Jorma Jormakka

Can you give comments on two articles on the Dictabelt?

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If the lowest peak of the is 380 then it cannot be the motorcycle. I think redline is around 7000 rpm. I would guess 22,800 would sound like a constant tone not a motorcycle. I have been looking at 1/16th slices of the recording for a pattern that should repeat about 3 times in 1/16thsec and see nothing. 
The start of this video has a 1200 idling around 500 rpm and also has other good example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IlU268hgLI It sounds to me like the stuck mic was happening during the whistling with the 3,000 rpm motor running. I have not sorted out all the material you gave yet. I will take a closer look  
 One thing about the whistling cop is  he was a mile or more from Dealey when it happened. if he had the stuck mic all bets are off and the dicta belt is worthless. When people use those radios the never just key the mic and start whistling. Air time is precious because only one person can talk at a time. So if you have nothing important to convey it would be outrageous to just start whistling. You would be in trouble for it the first time you died it.


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