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  1. I appointed Mr Tomlinson with the view that the status quo is not sustainable. Doing nothing is not an option. Under the current system, many of our young people achieve very high standards, whether in schools, colleges or work-based training, and move on to higher education or employment. But too many drop entirely out of education or training by the age of 17. Some do not have sufficient grasp of the core skills that they need for work and life. Others cannot find a straightforward path to meet their vocational ambitions. Some are simply not stretched enough to enable them to fulfil their ow
  2. Since 1997 substantial new investment and significant reform have brought education, skills and children's services to the centre of our national life. A powerful alliance now exists for higher standards - embracing parents, our schools, colleges and universities, the voluntary sector, local authorities and employers... Five key principles of reform will underpin our drive for a step change in children's services, education and training: *Greater personalisation and choice, with children, parents and learners centre-stage; * Opening up services to new and different providers; * Freedom an
  3. While history had seen a 21% improvement (proportion of lessons judged very good or excellent for 11-14 year olds by Ofsted) the increase in the case of design and technology was 8%. At the moment 81% of PE lessons were rated very good or excellent, compared with only 59% of those in modern foreign languages. Overall, the system is quite unreliable if you are a pupil or a parent. It's not quite hit and miss, but it's almost hit and miss whether your classroom teacher is working rigorously and systematically to improve the classroom experience for every child. We are making progress and ever
  4. Today the government will introduce a bill to reform higher education. Before we do so, I wish to make a statement about the related matter of student support. Change in higher education is necessary because: · The barriers to access to university need to be lowered. The measures I'm announcing today mean that disadvantaged students will get financial support to study what they want where they want. · Universities need more investment. Vice-chancellors will tell you that these proposals generate hundreds of millions of pounds new money for them to spend on improving the quality of teachi
  5. About the e-Learning Strategy Unit The e-Learning Strategy Unit's overriding objective is to achieve coherence in Government ICT initiatives which support learning and teaching and in working with our external partners. The Unit is responsible for cross cutting issues across all sectors of learning from pre-school, through school, FE and University to community-based lifelong learning. Issues concerning the digital divide, access to the internet, and community-based e-learning initiatives are core strands of the unit's work. The Unit carries out a wide range of functions, including: Identi
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