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  1. Not 14 anymore, as of June 24. Am now 15. I have no alias. This is now my real name. "Bud Gibson" is something that David L. Sharp was given by an FBI agent to cover my back because I made a mistake. I'm not requesting that they should be. My real name is Gibson Vendettuoli. As for my picture, I've already explained that, but I attach one to this message (taken with my newly bought webcam) so I can settle this matter. I see, and I am glad that someone is attempting to uphold such rules. You are correct in such a recollection, but again, this matter has been rectified. The reason I couldn't make it an avatar was because it overreached the file limit, unfortunately. G **EDIT: ATTACHMENT REMOVED.**
  2. If all I'm going to meet with is disbelief, maybe I should just not be here. I made a mistake, and that is perfectly clear. Sharpie already had a vendetta against Simkin and Walker and he tried to rope me into it. Overenthusiasm to get the mentally deranged such as Dave Sharp locked up got the best of me. My name is not Bud Gibson. Then again, my name is not legally Gibson Vendettuoli yet (not for another 48 hours) either. Blame my parents for that. I use that because I felt it sounds like a more interesting name than my regular. And what's the problem with me not finding a picture of me that I liked? I have one now, and I'll put it up as soon as I remember. You know, I figured I had fought my way through some opening animosity and was done. I thought we discussed that my parents did not want my photo online. Now everyone's daring me to put one up over this, though I did say I would. I'm done.
  3. You want proof I'm only 15? Fine. Give me a minute or so to put up my avatar.
  4. Guess the name of the crazy old anti-Semitic now reporting some half-truths and falsehoods about us to the FBI I'm not afraid, though I am sorry, to say that I am partly the reason we got into this mess. I made a mistake doing what I did, being a child who acts quickly without thinking, but I figured I could get Sharp locked up. Him and anti-Semitics like him are crazy, especially when they threaten me with a broken nose. Now this. He is actually attempting legal action in the United States. Me and Bob Vernon have not corresponded recently, but I am afraid that if Sharp's legal action goes through on unwarranted charges, not only does that lead to Vernon suing me for slander, but this (expletive deleted) goes on my permanent record. I can't have that. Nik and Matt are not involved. In fact, I don't believe they even know this is happening. This is way bigger than they know. Nik's involved with me through a musical I am trying to do for the stage. He really lives in Australia. And he is not this Nick Andrews fellow that Sharp continually brings up. All I want to know is, if anyone else is named in this case (namely, John Simkin, Andy Walker, or Shanet Clark, not to mention Nik and Matt), will I have your support? I understand that my actions were wrong, but they were not unwarranted and they should not have led to this. Mr. Sharp (or rather, his new moniker, "John Doe") has gone around the bend a long time before he met us, and now it's leading to trouble. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for anyone else to get involved, but now it looks like that might happen. Now that we're involved, we're in this together. Will you stand by me if this case gets any bigger than it already is? G
  5. This Jerry Buchanan account is very suspect, in my mind. In 1972, Bob Smith, an investigator for the private group "Committee to Investigate Assassinations," uncovered an FBI report from Frank Sturgis dated in late 1963, in which he stated that he engaged in a "fistfight" with Oswald in Miami. It sounds too similar, to me. Plus, Oswald was not known by any stretch of the chronology to be in Miami. Either way, look here and you'll find more. ETA: Sorry, I found out these incidents were the same. Either way, there is corroboration.
  6. Nobody has responded to this topic. Why is there such a hands-off attitude?
  7. This shows that I have edited this. I realized why no one was responding; it read too much like a business proposal and no one came here to read that. I have removed such information, so it may be of more interest to teachers of drama. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my proud opportunity to make an announcement to let you know of a new innovation in theatre, musical theatre, and the Internet. I think it will be very interesting to some and the idea quite changes drama education. This is an opportunity to tell you of a new experiment in theatre, an experiment known as world-class online cyber theatre. Cyber theatre is certainly not a new idea, but it has been attempted neither on a very wide scale nor to much response, but there is some interest out there. Theatre performed for free on the Internet, through sound files and/or so-called webcams, at no cost to anyone. (NOTE: Any musicals already copyrighted from other times could be obtained for use legally, rather than the potential producer being sued by other people.) It's being developed on such a large scale mainly in response to the opinion that theatre, in the real mainstream world, is dead. And they don't think it should be. I am not the only one in a group of theatre devotees who agree that theatre has not seen any really good new musicals for some time (with some possible exceptions, such as "The Producers," "Spamalot," "Rent," etc.). Cyber theatre would give us an opportunity to try new musicals without having to worry too much about critics. That way, the world is our critic. We get various ideas and solutions. We're mainly focusing on musical theatre. Musical theatre is a huge part of the theatrical art form. And it also appeals to helpless artistes of that sort. There are new musicals out there waiting to be produced, but no one has the time. With the benefit of the Internet, workshops, rehearsals, and productions can be more easily obtained, without the need for investors (just one producer, a website, and a helluva lot of file-saving and file-sharing webspace). Recording text and/or songs for Internet hearing is not hard. Acting it out on a webcam is even easier. What I want to know is, how would this affect drama teaching? I'd like some opinions as to whether or not it's good for drama and how it would change or not change the course of drama teaching. G P.S.: Sorry, I know I'm not a teacher of drama or dance, but I want to know what their opinion is.
  8. Mr. Wendland, I'm afraid you're wrong about the non-Lebanon thing. Several sources indicate such. From here: He was sent to Lebanon, but was quickly caught up in the civil war there. The Y staffers were evacuated, and Chapman was offered an alternative assignment working with Vietnamese refugees in a resettlement camp at Fort Chaffee, Ark. From here: Chapman attended DeKalb Junior College in the area where these kinds of plans were laid and such political anger was being vented. From DeKalb County, Chapman was sent to Beirut, Lebanon. He was handed the funds both ways. Beirut was the center for George Habash and CIA assassination teams also identified in the Watson testimony before the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977-78. On March 31, 1981, United Press International exposed the connection of "military training in a guerrilla camp" in Beirut, Lebanon to "worldwide Nazi ties." After six months in Lebanon, Chapman went to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas to work with Vietnam refugees recently arrived from Southeast Asia... Mae Brussell built a lot of innuendo into hers, but it is obvious she says he was in Lebanon. Our good friend (snicker) David L. Sharp also said such in Chapter 2 of his book on the subject. Thank you. G
  9. Sharp's a nut job, sure, but why the Dealey picture?
  10. And what connection does Agee have to Watson? Are you saying they're the same person? That Watson was a pseudonym substituted for Agee in the book?
  11. Mr. Weberman, please don't use caps. Reminds me of your days with the Rock Liberation Front (yes, I being so young know about it, I own a John Lennon encyclopedia by Bill Harry).
  12. I don't know about it, but Banister was connected to the Minutemen and the Lake Pontchartrain camps and maybe Oswald was related to that extent, that he trained there and was in a rifle unit with some Minutemen. That would have put him in a position to tell the FBI about the arms cache that a lot of Cubans were arrested over when Kennedy shut down the camps.
  13. Personally, I think "The Key to the Gemstone File" is a bad thing to base your theory on.
  14. No, but someone said they were in the army or something. One of the 'assassins' famously said, "All I know of Dallas is the show on TV."
  15. Mr. Astucia, his complaint is about your unconventional so-called 'neo-nazi' views, which very few people share. Technically, they are out of line, whether on this forum or not. I'm not saying unpopular views should be grounds for banning people, but this won't become a playground for Holocaust revisionists either. Keep that off the forum, please.
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