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  1. Sorry - I have been very busy this last week but I will definitely ask my IB1 students about this. I will aslo see if I can get a hold of an old universite friend of mine, Ingrid Lomfors, who wrote her PhD about Jewish Children that came to Sweden right before WWII (from Germany). Her mom was one of these children (but I have no idea if there is any connection with Winton).
  2. Maybe we could use our e-Help Swedish contacts to try to track these people down? That could make an interesting project in its own right. I will see what I can find out...
  3. The Swedish system has its flaws as well as its advantages. If you live in a bigger city like Gothenburg you might end up in a fairly long que - waiting to get a treatmet for whatever your problem might be. There is a priority of people with terminal sicknesses but no guarantee... This can cause problems and we read about them in our newspapers. Still its a system where everybody has the right to be treated - no matter income, background, personal problems, etc... and that's something I don't mind paying for through my taxes. Solidarity with our fellow humans seems to become more rare... My o
  4. Många av våra kollegor är kunniga nog att debattera denna fråga. Det är ju ändå vi historielärare på gymnasiet som skall ta emot de elever som kommer från grundskolan så jag tror nog att det är befogat att diskutera deras förkunskaper... Det är till viss del sant - dock finns det ingen garantitid för historieämnet inom det s.k. SO blocket. Detta innebär att frågan kvarstår - skall det finnas ett krav på att våra elever i grundskolan har fått vissa förutbestämda kunskaper i ämnet historia? OK - sedan hoppas jag att du och flera andra svarar på mitt försök att debattera frågan om en kanon
  5. Innan jag börjar med detta debattämne så vill jag först deklarera min egen syn på vikten av historieämnet. För många år sedan så valde jag att läsa historia och utbilda mig till historielärare eftersom jag ansåg/anser att ämnet historia var/är oerhört berikande både för mig som individ och som samhällsmedborgare. Jag anser att dåliga eller inga kunskaper alls i historia skapar rotlöshet som ökar känslan av främlingskap (alienation). Detta för med sig en mängd problem, både för individen, gruppen och samhället. Därför har vi historielärare en mycket viktig funktion att fylla. Vi skall försöka f
  6. I know that you posted this nearly a month ago but I will still answer the question. According to the "Statistical Abstract of the United States" the amount of US casualties between 1963 and 1967 were; 1963: 78 killed and 411 wounded 1964: 147 killed and 1039 wounded 1965: 1369 killed and 6114 wounded 1966: 5008 killed and 30093 wounded 1967: 9378 killed and 62025 wounded Sorry about the late answer...
  7. När Dalibor startade denna debatt om "förhoppningar på den nya pedagogiken" så tror jag att han ville diskutera om den svenska satsningen på datorer i varje skola har inneburit några märkbara förändringar i vårat förhållningssätt till inlärning. Lär sig elever mer och lättare? Har undervisningen blivit mer varierad, mer lustbetonad, mer innehållsrik...? Har vi fått ett nytt sätt att lära som tar till vara den nya teknikens fördelar? etc... Precis som du skriver John så har de flesta barn/ungdomar idag en helt annan kunskapsnivå och många andra färdigheter när det gäller användandet av datorer
  8. Hannah and all of you that wish that this affair would go faster... To not answer any questions and just delay all communication is a very old method when you want some crisis to calm down (or die out). It's unfortunately fairly efficient; The involved people - students, parents, friends and other supporters of Richard loose some of the early strength and engagement + a few might start to think that there is some serious hidden motives for the dismissal. Personally I have no reason to not trust Richard but I would like to hear the other side of the story. The problem is that I never get to be
  9. AN ANSWER(?) FROM IST... As I wrote above one of the members of E-Help received a short email from IST. It was short and had no real answers except that the financial deals would be taken care of. The more serious part was some hint on legal actions and a comment that the members of E-Help were not willing to continue with the project. That is not the will of the members of E-Help. Ten members from nine (ten if IST continue) different institutions and four (five if IST continue) different countries want to continue and develop E-Help. This project has been the best project I ever participate
  10. I published the above comment on my blog a few days ago. Yesterday one of our colleagues received a short message from IST but it lacked any real answers. One of the statements in this message was that the members of E-Help was not willing to continue the project. That is wrong!!! During this turmoil we have expressed our sincere concern about the dismissal of Richard, our coordinator, but at the same time we have planned for the continuation of this project. IST is the coordinating institution and they need to explain their ideas about a continuation. We have asked IST what plans they have fo
  11. The logic of the posting above would be that I should not say anything because I'm not at the school and will thereby not face the direct consequences. I should definitely not remind Richards colleagues, his friends and work mates, to do a decent thing. It's better to just remain quiet and... Sorry Mike! I don't think that is a very good strategy. It's really important to support Richard and his family in all possible ways. He needs support from his friends, colleagues, students, parents, partners in projects, etc... We owe him that! It's extremely important that his colleagues ask for exp
  12. TO BE QUIET OR NOT... One group that can really help Richard in this conflict are you colleagues at IST. If this conflict is based on one copied paper and "rumours" some hidden personal reason(s) must be involved. Since we bystanders don't get any answers from IST we can only speculate in what's going on and that's not a very creative way of approaching this conflict. Therefore it's so important that you colleagues of Richard stand up and demand an open investigation about what is going on. My suggestion would be to involve parents, students, colleagues and people from the board in this inve
  13. WHY DOES NOT THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF TOULOUSE ANSWER? One part that is of concern in this conflict is a possibility to communicate. So far we have seen one version on what happened which make us all wonder - is there no real substance to the dismissal of Richard Jones-Nerzic? Several individuals as well as groups have asked the board on IST to give any statement, proof, evidence,... to why they thought that the only possible way of dealing with Richard was to dismiss him. The accusations of copying a paper seems to us like a very poor excuse. Wouldn't it be a good idea IST to try to find
  14. I met Richard in 2001 when I was invited to Virtual School. At the time I knew very little about ICT and had no experience of webwork (I had not been invited as an "ICT expert" but as a history teacher who wanted to use ICT...). Not to long after this we held a great meeting at IST in Toulouse and Richard started to teach me the very basics of ICT. With other words - he became my teacher! He very patiently took this slow Swede through the first obstacles of making your own homepage and explained how to continue... It's always been great working with Richard. He is a fantastic pedagog, an extr
  15. I'm willing to do a translation of this activity into Swedish. Could you send me the material as well?
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