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  1. Shanet

    In Col. Aaron Bank's book, "From OSS to Green Berets," a discription of the role played by Taylor in the development of this group of professional soldiers is given.

    The Green Beret training first began at Ft. Bragg (Edwin Walker was stationed at Bragg at the time) and (several years later) when fully established as a seperate unit was then called the 7th Special Forces Group. The "Honor and the Heritage" of the First Special Services Force (a unit that had been commanded by Col. Walker) was passed to Col. Edwards in a special two day ceremony in 1960. All the former members of the FSSF were invited to this ceremony (guest of Honor being Maj. Gen. Robert Frederick, the first force commander).

    Colby was an easy convert to this type of operation, having been a member of the 99th Battalion (later commanded by Walker) who was recruited to the OSS. As a matter of fact some 100 men from the 99th went to the OSS.

    You also must not forget that Maxwell Taylor is well known for his covert mission to Rome during WWII to negotiate the surrender of Italy. His fearless activity behind enemy lines brought great praise from Eisenhower and led to his promotion to the command of the "Screaming Eagles" for the initial D Day assault. (Maxwell Taylor was the 1st US General in France during the invasion of Normandy)

    Taylor pushed for "Ranger" training during the Korean War (Walker was in charge) and continued to push for "Special Forces" that could operate behind enemy lines throughout his career.

    Jim Root

  2. Jools

    I went back and read some of your earlier posts and believe your first one allows me to understand your question, forgive me if I am wrong.

    Fourty years is a long time without anyone comming forward with the "smoking gun." I understand that there are may theories about the assassination. The University of Wisconsin has a publication called "The Onion" that did a front page newpaper print that is dated (spoofed as) Nov. 23, 1963. the headline says (I don't have it in front of me) something like Kennedy shot 114 time from 49 different direction by the CIA, Mafia, Castro, etc....... I keep that on my wall to maintain a perspective on what we are dealing with when we grandly refer to ourselves as assassination researchers.

    For myself I would say that I do not have a clear cut theory that I totally accept myself. When I read the Warren Report I was intrigued by the Walker story. When I first discovered some information about his backround I developed a hypothesis that has led me to search Walker's backround. The "lone nut" theory requires Oswald to not have cared who he shot at (right or left). According to the Warren report Oswald left a note behind after the Walker attempt and upon his arrest after the assinsation of Kennedy he knew what attorney he wanted and why. I must ask myself the question, "Did Oswald have a motive that was connected to both Walker and Kennedy and did he want to get caught."

    I continue to attempt to find a Walker Oswald Kennedy connection based upon my hypotheses and am surprized by how many "coincidences" there are. I am a credentialed teacher in Social Studies and math. The statistical probality of the number of coincidences bothers me!

    In answer to your final portion. I think that if there is some sinister truth to this whole mess, few would have know the whole truth, fewer would still be alive today. The sheer number of theories is perhaps the "Body Guard of Lies" this "sinsister group" invisioned creating when the Warren Report was written to protect some tangled web of deciet or some legitimate mission that went entirely wrong and led to the death of John F. Kennedy.

    Jim Root

  3. Jools

    Since we are talking about the same person....

    First: No one could ever know what he ment but we can speculate. Our own speculations will be biased toward what we may or may not believe.

    Second: Since Prouty spent time in the Pentagon and the U-2 program in particular we might speculate that his words are quoted from the knowledge that he is most familiar with.

    So allow me to speculate on the whole quote not just the highlighted portion:

    "POWER of the cover up..." What makes the cover up so successful is......

    "comes down to a few points." comes down to a few points

    "There has never been a Grand Jury and trial in Texas." The federal government controlled the investigation and presented the Warren Report and as far as the Government is concerned that was and is the end of the matter.

    "Without a trial it does no good for researchers to dig up data. It has no place to go and what the researchers reveal just helps make the cover-up tighter," There are so many different theories and explanations floating around it makes it impossible to discover the whole (or perhaps real) truth.

    "...or they eliminate that evidence and the researcher." Enough truth to that statement????

    Remember that this statement comes from a guy that believed there were many strange coincidences concerning the shoot down of Francis Gary Powers in his U-2 on May 1, 1960 (by the way it was on April 30, 1960 in Washington DC that the U-2 went down.....just a time zone thing).

    Prouty's information has always tilted me toward the belief that there may be a stronger Oswald U-2 connection that may go to the heart of the assassination in some manner.

    Jim Root

  4. Tim

    There are many strange twists and turns to the life of General Walker. I have spent years investigating them (part time of course) driven by the simple fact that the Warren Commission did not feel the need to go into his military background because everybody knew who he was (I didn't). I am a teacher who loves military history and when I first learned of Walker (after reading the Warren Report, with the interest sparked by the movie JFK) I was surprized by how little Walker had been researched. When I first saw that he had commanded the First Special Services Force, 3rd Regiment, then the Force itself (it was such an elite group) I gained an insatiable interest in his role in the assassination of JFK.

    Jim Root

    FYI The two letters of correspondance that I posted between McCloy and Walker....I was so dumb that I didn't even realize who McCloy was when I found them. Later I became more intrigued when they were both (McCloy and Walker) present for the Battle of Kiska. But that will have to be another topic that will tie in another coincidence.

  5. As Chief of staff of the US Army General Taylor had four major crisis to deal with, Little Rock, Lebanon, Taiwan and Berlin.

    In two of those cases (Little Rock and Taiwan) Edwin Anderson Walker was the Army's man selected to handle the situation.

    While Commander of United States Forces in Berlin (1949 - 1951) Taylor was closely associated with John J. McCloy (US High Commissioner for Germany) and the two were avid tennis players.

    Taylor retired from the Army in June of 1959 and wrote a book, The Uncertain Trumpet, were he voiced his concern about the direction of the US Military. He was not happy with the Eisenhower Administration and how he had been treated as Chief of Staff.

    With the election of John F. Kennedy, Taylor had a reemergence after the Bay of Pigs and was brought back into the Military as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. If ever there was a big winner in the election of John F. Kennedy in was General Taylor. It appears that the Kennedy family was very grateful for his service. Bobby Kennedy named one of his sons Maxwell Taylor Kennedy.

    Just coincidence?

    Jim Root


  6. Dave

    In reply to: "I also have a question:

    Is there a Nixon-Walker connection known (Oswald wanted to kill them both according to Marina) ?"

    I am not convinced that Marina was sure that it was Nixon that he was after but that does not answer your question. The simple answer is, "no I do not have a connection between Walker and Nixon" but do believe there may be several connections to Kennedy. It is rather convoluted but very solid in my own mind.

    Nixon believed that Kennedy was receiving a great deal of intellegence on Cuba that he was not supposed to be privy to during the 1960 election. This may now be confirmed:

    From a recent book THE KENNEDYS: America's Emerald Kings

    A Five-Generation History of the Ultimate Irish-Catholic Family

    By Thomas Maier

    "John F. Kennedy ran on a platform of strict separation between church and state in the 1960 presidential campaign, but few people were aware of just how much the church had been involved in JFK's political rise and the Kennedy family's secret, long-time dealings with the Vatican. In a new book to be published on October 7, "THE KENNEDYS: America's Emerald Kings" (Basic Books), investigative journalist Thomas Maier reveals for the first time the extraordinary promise made by family patriarch Joseph Kennedy to Count Enrico Galeazzi, the Pope's right-hand man in 1958, soon after Kennedy received a visit from Allen Dulles, then the head of the CIA; Kennedy offered to serve as a conduit between the Vatican and the CIA if his son was elected president.

    'I think that if there is anything that you want me to do, you could let me know at once and I will contact him,' Joseph Kennedy wrote to Galeazzi. 'He [Dulles] is very aware of the fact that Jack may be the next president and while he has always been very friendly to me, I think that he is more than ever anxious to please.' Had Kennedy's opponents been aware of this letter's existence, says Maier, history might have been rewritten."

    We see that Nixon's worst fears may have been realized in ways that even he could not have imagined.

    The WC's testimony of Edwin Walker begins with "I don't think we have to indicate a great deal of your background for the record, since I think we all know who you are..." (Mr. Lieleler attorney for the WC)

    Do we know who Major general Edwin Anderson Walker really was? The more I have "dug" into his career the more I am convinced that he was closely associated with the elite of the military intellegence community.

    For example: Major General Chester V. Clifton, Jr., who joined the Kennedy staff in 1961 and was officer responsible for the President's daily morning intelligence briefings on world events. He was in the motorcade in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and made arrangements with the White House to deal with military and national security affairs after the assassination. US Military Accademy Class of 1936 First CO after graduation, Edwin Walker (along with fellow classmate William Westmorland).

    USMA classmate Lt. Gen. Marshall Carter (1931) was the Deputy Director of the CIA from 1962 to 1965, Director of National Security Agency from 1965 to 1969.

    Just coincidence?

    Jim Root

  7. Dave

    Thank you for the information. It concurs with alot that I have gathered over the years. The one question still: How did Thorsten know where Walker was? My belief is that Walker first contacted Thorsten or had a seragate contact him to arrange the interview immediatly after Oswald was arrested. Did Walker have a reason to fear Oswald alive and in custody (read The Testimony of Jack Ruby)?

    Walker did another interview with a Canadian paper in the days after Oswald was shot and no mention of the attempt on his life or the connection between the two was made. The only thing that I see that changed was that Oswald was now dead and dead men tell no tales (Walker mentions something to that effect in his testimony before the Warren Commission).

    While this may sound a little odd check out when Walker took command of the 24th Infantry Division, October of 1959. He left Little Rock, Arkansas and traveled to Germany early in October. Was he perhaps on a flight out of London on the 9th or even at the airport in London. Just a strange coincidence of timing I guess.

    The connection of Frey to a CIA financed newpaper (created while McCloy was High Commissioner of Germany and a person who pardoned many Nazi's during his tenure as High Commissioner) and Gehlen makes Walker's story, if initiated by Walker all the more intriguing, but only if Walker would have some connection to the CIA or some sort of covert opps (like running the Greek desk at the Pentagon during the Greek Civil War) that would put a person like him in contact with a person like Oswald.

    If the question about who initiated the call and why could be answered it would be very helpful to me. Perhaps also, who made the connection that (according to Thorsten and the Warren Commission) Oswald had shot at Walker?

    Jim Root

  8. On the 29th of November 1963 the Deutsche National und Soldaten-Zeitung published an article that accused Lee Harvey Oswald of having been the person who had shot at General Edwin A. Walker on April 10, 1963.

    When Walker was questioned by Mr. Liebeler of the Warren Commission on July 23, 1964 he was asked about a phone call he received at the Captain Shreve Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana on November 23, 1963 at about 7:00 a.m.

    Mr. Liebeler: "Did you talk to him on a transatlantic telephone call in which you told him about the alleged fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was the person who made an attempt on your life?"

    Gen. Walker: "I don't recall that name. Did he speak English? I don't speak German."

    Needless to say the Testimony of Edwin A. Walker is interesting to say the least, perhaps misleading for a purpose.

    I find it interesting that the same day this article appeared in Germany the Warren Commission was established. (And that the nformation in the article mirrors the Warren Reports conlussions dealing with the Walker shooting)

    The FBI did not suspect the connection between the Walker shooting and the Kennedy assassination until "the weekend of November 30, 1963." (CE 2524) The FBI interviewed Marina Oswald about her husbands invovement in the attempt to assassinate General Walker on December 2, 1963. (CE 2545)

    How did Hasso Thorsten know that Edwin Walker would be at the Captain Shreve Hotel at 7:00 a.m. on the morning of Nove 24th and from whom did Mr. Thorsten get the telephone number of the hotel that Walker was staying in? Walker lived in Dallas, Texas and had been traveling around the country on speaking engagements. He, to my knowledge, had no plans to speak in Shreveport on the two days that he stayed there (Nights of Nov. 23 and 24).

    Is it possible that Walker, after seeing Oswald's picture on the television news recognized him? How would Walker, an outspoken critic of Kennedy, react to the assassination if he did in fact recognize Oswald?

    Begining in 1951, while Warren Commissioner John J. McCloy was the High Commissioner for Germany, till 1959 this same German paper had been published under the name, Die Deutsche Soldaten-Zeitung. The creation of this publication in 1951 was reportedly funded by the CIA.

  9. Just a historical curiousity....easily found but never published that I know of.

    The first is a letter from Edwin Walker to Lt. Gen. Groves with a c.c. to John J. McCloy dated June 5, 1963.

    Lt. General Leslie R. Groves

    President, Association of Graduates

    West Poin, N.Y.

    Dear General Groves:

    In view of the Sylvanus Thayer Award to John J. McCloy (May, 1963) by the United States Military Academy's Association of Graduates, I hereby resign from the Association of Graduates. I respectfully request that my name and membership be dropped from your rolls. The Association of Graduates is not representing me in it's presentation of the Sulvanus Thayer Award to John J. McCloy as an honored and distinguished United States citizen whose service and accomplishments in the national interests exemplify outstanding devotion to the ideals expressed in the West Point motto, "Duty, Honor, Country."

    I prefer to stand by the ideals, principles, and traditions of the Long Grey Line - past, present, and future - rather than to stand with the Association and the temporary administrators of our government. The New Frontiersmen of today were accurately classified by Khrushchev before he took Cuba - "Too liberal to fight."

    Yours sincerely,

    Edwin A. Walker

    c.c. Lt. General Earl Wheeler, Chief of Staff, United States Army

    General Douglas MacArthur

    Maj. General W. C. Westmoreland, Superintendent, United States

    Military Academy

    John J. McCloy


    McCloy sent a two page reply to Walker dated June 12, 1963

    My dear General:

    I received through the mail the other day a copy of your resignation from the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy, prompted by my selection for the Colonel Thayer Award for this year.

    You are a graduate of the Academy and for you to resign because a group of graduates duly selected to make an award and did so according to their best judgment, in a manner which resulted in an award to me, seems a rather fantastic expression of your disapproval of what you term "new frontier policy" as contrasted to the traditions of West Point.

    Whether my selection was deserved or not, I was very much warmed by it. I was in the regular service in World War I, here and in France. I served as The Assistant Secretary of War during World War II. All during this period and since, I have been closely associated with graduates of the Academy and among them are my warmest friends. I am also very familiar with your very fine record in World War II and in Korea and I had been distressed that a leader of your qualifications should have been lost to the service, whatever the reason.

    I have served the country according to my lights and opportunities, just as you have according to yours. I very much doubt that I have ever been less concerned with the security of the country than you.

    I was called in form abroad in the Cuban emergency to express my views as to what should be done in regard to the presence of missiles in Cuba. I did so and I think no one misunderstood my position. Thereafter, I was asked to arrange with the Russians for the removal of the missiles. This I did and I also arranged for the removal of the bombers, though they were not part of the original agreement -- both under condidtions far better for the security of the country, in my judgment, than the form of United Nations inspection which was originally contemplated. Apart from this, I have had nothing whatever to do with Cuban policy, either under President Kennedy or General Eisenhhower. I have not been what you term a "New Frontiersman" in the sense that I have been a Republican all my life and I was born in the last century, not this one.

    All this is written to you not to justify my selection, in any sense, but to urge you to reconsider your resignation from your own Graduate Association on any account with which I am Concerned. I suggest that you tell whomever you want, as vigourously as you care to, that, in your opinion, I do not deserve the Award, but to sever your relations with the Graduates of West Point on this account, though I recognize in the last analysis it is entirely your own business, does seem to me to be a hasty and perhaps ill-advised action.


    John J. McCloy

    Major General Edwin A. Walker

    4011 Turtle Creek Boulevard

    Dallas 19, Texas

    P.S. In the possibility that it might be of some interest to you, I am sending

    to you herewith a copy of the remarks I made tot he Cadets at the time of


    When I first saw these letters I was surprized to see that these two men had corresponded with each other five months before the assassination of JFK.

    Although mundane in content to the whole assassination business a timeline question (as usual for me) is interesting. April 10, 1963 someone shoots at Walker, May, 1963 McCloy receives the Thayer Award that prompts Walker to resign from his Graduate Association in June.

    Nice trail of letters for two people that would shortly play a major role in the Warren Commission conclusions.

    On August 15th 1943 the Third Regiment of the Firsts Special Services Force, commanded by Col. Edwin Walker, were the first troops to land on the Island of Kiska in the Aleutian Campaign. Present to witness the landings was the Assistant Secretary of War John J. McCloy.

    Any thoughts?

    Jim Root

  10. John

    I did a paper on Oswald's travel from Santa Ana, California to Helsinki, Finland about a year ago titled Serendipity. It combines infromation from the WC, Posner, HSCA, Nechiporenko and Chris Mills into a mozaic of coincidence that places Oswald at the one Soviet Embassy in the world that will issue him a visa in 24 hours. Is it possible to rearrange the "recently" found information that clarified the oringinal questions of Oswald's travel into a new case of Oswald the intellegence "patsy."

    Jim Root

  11. John

    Great read on the LBJ tapes. I tend to lean toward the belief that Oswald had been used by intellegence sources and if this info became general knowledge at the time of the assassination the international political situation could be compromised, perhaps to the extent that LBJ implies in the tapes. Hence a need to "cover-up" aspects of the assassination or of Oswald's life, especially his travel to Russia that was already public before the Commission was established.

    "J. Edgar Hoover: I'm not as enthusiastic about McCloy... I'm not so certain as to the matter of the publicity that he might seek on it."

    McCloy is an interesting character that is under researched in this whole mess. You bring up Warren's involvement in the relocation of the Japanese on the West Coast during WWII and after scratching the surface you find McCloy there as well. Hoover, as shown in the LBJ tapes, was not a supporter of McCloy. This seems to be an animosity (or competition) that went back, perhaps more than a quarter of a century, to the Black Tom investigation days and McCloys success on that case where the FBI and its predessors had failed. McCloy was involved in the discussions on dropping the atomic bombs over Japan near the end of WWII which shows that he, at least at one time, was privy to the most secrete of secrets. How much he remained in the "loop" intrigues me.

    I tend to agree that these particular members of the Commission were brought together with a great deal of thought and purpose in mind.



    Pursuant to the authority vested in me as President of the United States, I herby appoint a commission to ascertain, evaluate and report upon the facts relating to the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy and the subsequent violent death of the man charged with the assassination. The Commission shall consist of...."

    ....is there already a predetermined direction and conclusion laid out for the commission?

    Order No. 1130 continues after naming the commissioners,

    "The purposes of the Commission are to examine the evidence developed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and any additional evidence that may hereafter come to light or be uncovered by federal or state authorities; to evaluate all the facts and circumstances surrounding such assassination, including the subsequent violent death of the man carged with the assassination, and to report to me its findings and conclusions."

    The commissioners were not tasked with developing leads on their own. Nor would they be challenged to examine leads that could or might have been developed by the CIA or the various organizations within the military intellegence community. "THE PURPOSES OF THE COMMISSION ARE TO EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE DEVELOPED BY THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION..."

    Dec. 5, 1963 (first closed session of the Warren Commission, transcribed by Dyer, Reporter for the Office of the US Attorney, Washington D.C.)

    Chairman Earl Warren:

    "Now I think our job here is essentially one for the evaluation of evidence as distinguished from being one of gathering evidence, and I believe that at the outset at least we can start with the premise that we can rely upon the reports of the various agencies that have been engaged in investigating the matter, the FBI, the Secret Service, and others that I may not know about at the present time."

    "Additional investigative requests, where apropriate, were handled by Internal Revenue Service, Department of State, and the military intelligence agencies with comparable skill." (Warren Report forward page xii)

    Because the WC was scoped to only deal with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the death of Oswald could they have "legally" avoided dealing with such issues as Cuba, the Mafia or Oswald's connection to intellegence activities?

    Jim Root

  12. Carley

    Sorry about the double print:

    If you are doing a paper on the Warren Report start from the beginning.

    Look at the charter that LBJ gave the commission (and people of the United States) when he created the commission. While it is EASY to find fault with the Warren Report I believe the scope of the commissions activities was so limited that the conclusions were inevitible. Was there a reason for this? The English language is easy to use as a tool of deciept and manipulation. With attorneys Dulles and McCloy as the members most in attendance at commission meetings and most responsible for the final documents review before publication, the words presented must be carfully scrutinized.

    Jim Root

  13. hello everyone

    I am just about to start my final year of a history degree, and i am going to do a critique of the Warren Report for my dissertation.

    I have three main headings that i am looking at they are:




    I am finding the first and last one fairly easy to do, but the second one i am finding a bit harder to do, as the report is so big ( i have jsut finished reading all 888pages). If anyone has any ideas on how best to tackle this one i would appericate any help.

    Many thanks

    Carly (carls)

    "life live to the full as you only have one life"

  14. Since you enjoy playing "devils advocate" perhaps I can stimulate your mind with a different train of thought:

    Suppose there was not a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy as many now think of conspiracies. Now suppose Oswald was involved in the assassination, implicated and a need to eliminate him in order to cover-up his involvements in covert activities was necessary. Could those same involvements have prompted Oswald to participate in the assassination?

    For example:

    We know Oswald wanted Jonathan Abt to act as his attorney. Abt had acted as a defense lawyer in Smith Act cases. Oswald was aware of this and requested Abt repeatedly while in custody. The Smith Act had been used to prosecute communists for conspiring to overthrow the government. Would a person who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time know exactly who they wanted for a lawyer? Would that same person refuse legal representation when offered if they found themselves in the type of situation Oswald found himself in?

    Undisputed infromation we have about Oswald shows that he was a Marine radar operator (U-2 spy planes at Astugi) that defected to the Soviet Union who then returns to the United States with family in tow. It is easy to speculate, with this one line of known information, that Oswald could be tied to the intellegence community therefore it is easy to speculate that he was involved in a conspiracy. If Oswald acted alone and if the above speculation has any merit whatsoever you could conceive of a problem for the American intellegence community. If Oswald had any connection whatsoever to the intellegence community and it was made public, the ligitamacy of the Johnson administration would be compromised as would, perhaps, the whole American system of govenment.

    A difficult problem that creates a fascinating puzzle for thought that may have led to the Warren Commission and to us here today (with the US Government still being questioned but still in being).

  15. Can you at least say how you get from MCone/Morales to Oswald, and how they set Oswald up?

    I do not believe there is any existing evidence to take the matter above David Morales. It therefore is pure speculation on my part to say the assassination was ordered by the Military Industrial Complex. That is true of all theories concerning this aspect of the assassination.

    However, there are several clues that enable us to point the finger at the Military Industrial Complex. Those involved not only killed JFK but planted information that implicated others in the conspiracy. The plotters did this for two reasons: (1) To guarantee that these people implicated would do all they could to cover up the crime. (2) To create confusion for those investigating the crime.

    The plotters also left evidence that implicated LBJ, the CIA, the FBI and the Secret Service. All three organizations therefore took part in the cover up. They also implicated the Mafia by arranging for some of those who had part of Executive Action to be in Dallas that day. This strategy was very successful and since the 1970s the Mafia has been seen as the organizers of the assassination. In recent years, evidence has emerged that the people surrounding LBJ were also responsible.

    There has also been evidence discovered linking the assassination to General Walker and the John Birch Society in Texas. Other information linked the plot to the American Communist Party and the Civil Rights Movement. Also implicated were the governments of the Soviet Union and Cuba. This has resulted in hundreds of books written about the case arguing strongly for different people being responsible for the assassination.

    Who then ordered the assassination. The best way of finding an answer to this question is to look closely at the people and organisations implicated by the team run by David Morales. In theory, they can be eliminated from the investigation.

    Another clue concerns what happened after the assassination. Those involved believed that the reason for this plot was that after the assassination, LBJ would order the invasion of Cuba. In fact, this was never the objective. It was part of the overall conspiracy to keep Castro in power. The presence of a communist state so close to the United States helped to reinforce the communist threat and the need for massive arms spending.

    The Cubans would obviously feel betrayed when they realised Castro would not be toppled. Those Cubans who knew anything about the assassination had to be got rid of. In the period after the assassination of JFK the Cubans involved were sent on missions to Cuba where they were killed. (They were probably set up). This is what happened to Tony Cuesta. While in captivity he realised what had happened. A few Cubans remained. Some of these were the victims of hit men (who had no idea why they were killing them). Some managed to survive. Why? Maybe because they took out insurance. They let it be known that they had documented what happened. This information has been placed with lawyers, solicitors, etc., only to be opened in event of a suspicious death.

    If it was the Military Industrial Complex that ordered the assassination of JFK, it was a great success. It achieved all its objectives. Rather than the end of the Cold War they got the Vietnam War and a rapid increase in arms spending.

  16. Gary Mack has returned every e-mail I have sent him (something I don't believe I have been able to accomplish myself in my own public life). He has not seemed interested in entering into a dialog.....I chalk this up to his schedule and the number of e-mails, apperances etc. a busy person in his position would have that constrains his time. E-mails not worded in a way that allows for a direct answer are not treated as "nice" as simple questions about facts. In my case he was not interested in engaging in a discussion about particular aspects of a theory.

  17. First time poster so I apologize in advance for any redundant coments I may offer. Just for some backround on William Colby that I found interesting:

    During WWII he volunteered for the 99th Battalion (seperate), a special unit of Norwegian speaking Americans. They were to participate in "Operation Plough" (sabotage actions in Norway). About 100 members of this unit would join the OSS including Major Colby.

    As the War in Europe ended Colby was involved in OSS "Operation Rype" in the Trondelag area of Norway near the border with Sweden. His original unit (99th Battalion) was sent to Norway to deal with the repatriation of 375,000 Germans and the return of German held POW's to the Soviet Union.

    The interesting tidbit: When Colby came in from the cold (literally) he would have been welcomed by members of his former unit. By this time the 99th had been merged into the 474th Infantry Regiment commanded by Col. Edwin Anderson Walker. Would this be the only time their paths would cross?

  18. Graduate of Whittier College - Major in Public Administration Minors in History and Geology Post Grad work at Loyola Marymount University, University of South Colorado, Cal State Nothridge, & Cal State Fullerton. California State Teaching Credentials held - Math & Social Studies (top 1% on NTE in Social Studies).

    Elected 4 times to the Palmdale City Council

    Past member of the Los Angeles County Sanitation District and past member of the Board of the Antelope Valley Transportation District AVTA). Former Planning Commissioner, City of Palmdale.

    Past Vice Chair of the Palmdale Community Redevelopment Agency and Vice Chair of the Palmdale Civic Authority.

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