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  1. That does not look like a picture from 1963. The guy's hair looks more modern. Also, were color passport pictures common in 1963?
  2. Has anybody heard the story of JFK sending RFK to talk LBJ out of accepting the VP nomination? http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/rfk/peopleevents/e_1960.html
  3. I was there in June which was the first time I've ever been to Watergate. The Howard Johnson's is now a dorm for one of the Universities, I think GWU. I don't know about 35 years ago, but that's a very busy area.
  4. Is it your position that a crime shouldn't be prosecuted if it costs more than the crime itself?
  5. Why is this such an incomprehensible idea?
  6. What I find interesting about these documents is the reference to a Lefty Rosenthal. This appears to be Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal of Casino fame.
  7. I am assuming that the phone # is in the right column. If this is correct, there are other companies who share the same phone #.
  8. Hey Ryan. I never saw anything about that? But it's interesting. I was thinking recently that the driver of the Pick-Up seen by Mercer is not the same as the shooter. The Mercer piece is extremely confusing. But it's interesting to note the resemblance to Ruby here - taking into account the fact that the photo at right of Barker seems to have been taken many years later. Maybe Barker is working with this team / teams? Do we have the entire Joe Smith story? Could it be Barker that is the original driver of the pick-up, instead of Ruby? Is he the guy that Stone used as the basis for the
  9. Bill, I also like your approach and ideas. In your opinion, how should people who claim involvement in the assassination be handled? Should they be called upon to testify under oath in a civil court or government setting? I ask this because there are many people who claim to have been involved in the assassination. Most of who I personally dismiss as publicity seekers but there is one person on this site who seems somewhat creditable. Sometimes I get the feeling that the assassination investigation has turned into game where people are pumping up their egos. Would forcing a person to t
  10. Why would people like Shackley and Lansdale risk being around Dealey Plaza during the assassination? I understand but drugs always seem to be envolved with CIA operations. I remember reading about Barry Seal flying guns down to the Contras and Cocain on the return trip.
  11. Has anybody stumbled across CIA documentation describing a Soldier of Fortune returning from Cuba in 1959 wearing yellow canvas shoes and red denim slacks?
  12. In my opinion, this does not dismiss the possibility that Shaw was involved only that the CIA was not directly involved in the assassination. We know that Shaw had some-type of relationship with the CIA and I have to assume that if Shaw was personally involved with the assassination the CIA would have heard about it through the grapevine. In this case, why would the CIA get involved with Shaw's defense? To me, this situation is simular to the case of Barry Seal. Additionally, if the CIA was directly involved and Shaw was their man, why not just have Shaw killed? Having said that, I per
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