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  1. Ships captains rarely thank the weather service or the BBC shipping forecasts. So despite having a nice web-site, maybe you're in the same position.
  2. http://www.snopes.com/katrina/personal/volunteer.asp
  3. I do not know what that means because post-war Germany only had one grand coalition from 1966 till 1969. Due to the experiences made then many feel highly uncomfortable with the idea of a grand coalition. As all other options (traffic light coalition or Jamaican coalition) seem to be impossible or not wanted by the FDP and/or the Greens three things are possible: 1. a grand coalition 2. new election if the neither candidate is elected by the new Bundestag 3. a minority red-green government tolerated and supported by the left. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I would say prejudice is is a
  4. I don't understand you. All I said was that your recent posts to this thread -- and most of the other recent posts -- appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with abortion in Nazi Germany. If making this point makes me anti-Catholic and pro-abortion, I must be missing something... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The original article was about the Catholic Church as it began and at its end it was still about the Catholic Church, the theme was consistent. The 'go with the flow remark' related to the Catholic themed content of the original article which began the thread rather than any later
  5. When the thread started it was about Catholicism. Other people including at least one Catholic subsequently proceeded along the original lines. By the time it arrived at a discussion about Canada it was still rooted to the original theme. I made a positive comment about a pro-Vatican magazine. I was not under the impression that members were expected to go with the flow and criticize the Catholic Church as a factor of group-think.
  6. I would like to congratulate you on your reference material. Life for one or two liberals in Canada might get just a little exciting in a couple of weeks. The old narrative of corruption, child pornography, trafficking of children and organized crime, always organized crime with the Canadian govt. And as many missing girls as Ciudad Juárez - The Canadian Liberals are a lot of things, nice and safe babysitters are not two of them. Gregory <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Gregory, just for the sake of clarity, you are, are you not suggesting that ALL Canadian liberals are potential, if not
  7. Produce sold outside of the scope of public display possibly lose out on the washing and polishing.
  8. I agree. Gregory has done the same thing in the Abortion and Nazi Germany thread. He is beginning to sound like Tim Gratz with his constant hijacking of threads to argue that Castro killed JFK. Gregory seems to have a fixation about sex criminals. If you continue with this strategy I will start deleting your posts. By all means start your own threads concerning your sexual problems, we are very tolerant on this forum and we realise that people need an outlet for their dark thoughts, however, do not try to take over those of other members. Gregory, you still have not posted a photograph as y
  9. The issue The standing of Democracy Now within the context of anti-war feminism. It was argued that the broadcasters were popular amongst feminists. I work with feminists from all shades of political opinion and DN are widely thought to be going tabloid and to have climbed into bed with the porn people. End of issue
  10. What is this supposed to mean. As Sigmund Freud once said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Once Germany worked like a clock & then the Green Party arrived. Ukrainian & e-bloc crime interests have attached themselves to politics. Joschka Fischer & colleagues are connected with the issuing of visas to Ukranian organized crime figures for the slave trade. German consulates in Ukraine issued thousands of visas to criminals, members of people-trafficking gangs and sex slavery syndicates. Around a million visas have been issued to Ukrainians i
  11. I think it's an Edsel. Why gay marriage should stand for gay rights is strange. Queer politics fought for sexual ideas and to destroy family & patriarchy. There are now radical and assimilationist camps within the gay rights movement. Gay marriage was important to the re-election campaign of President Bush, there were no jobs for Ohio, but the freak-show will eat your kids, so vote correctly and many people did vote for the idea of authentic family.
  12. I would like to congratulate you on your reference material. Life for one or two liberals in Canada might get just a little exciting in a couple of weeks. The old narrative of corruption, child pornography, trafficking of children and organized crime, always organized crime with the Canadian govt. And as many missing girls as Ciudad Juárez - The Canadian Liberals are a lot of things, nice and safe babysitters are not two of them. Gregory
  13. You mean it helps compress something that is 60 mins via story-boarding to a shorter span for a different format? Similar idea to the library music you can get for advertising? The ease of use part caught my eye.
  14. I do not measure stuff as right/left or whatever, I wrecked Joe Arpaio's jailcam & COPS link-up business without blinking over the electoral college aspects. I meet mothers who have 8 year old daughters who want to be lap-dancers or porn stars when they grown up. DN is for the pro-pornography camp. I am often asked to find girls who are dead. I work with young girls forced by pimps to make sex films in Prague, Budapest etc. for '18' content in the USA.
  15. A new election perhaps instead. The Greens are supported by Ukrainian 'interests' and the sooner the brothel-keeping elements are out of political influence the better. Added later in the interests of cigars & clarity The Green Party in Germany are very sympathetic to brothel-keepers & pimps. An estimated 400,000 prostitutes work in Germany. Germany's lax visa rule was also applied to countries such as Albania and Kosovo. Germany has acute unemployment & handing out a million visas to Ukrainians did not make any sense within the context of mass unemployment.
  16. I am interested in any information relating to educational or outreach visits by prison officials to any school in any part of the United Kingdom. My issue is : United Nations Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty & Rule 53 of the UN Standard Minimum Rules.
  17. The district owns 324 buses but 70 are broken down. The bus data is identical to a local news report going back to 2003. The 324 total & "70 are broken down" expression being identical. http://nolassf.dev.advance.net/newsstory/o_bus05.html
  18. ******************************************************************* Absolutely! Anyone allowing themselves to be dominated by fundamentalism in the religious sense of the word, be it: Christian, Islamic, Judaic, etc., are willingly subjecting themselves to superstitious nonsense of the nth degree. Besides lacking the basic wherewithal necessary to think outside, what is present term being tossed around today, the proverbial "box"? Organized fundamentalism, whatever religious affiliation, is nothing more than organized mind control on a massive scale. I suppose that's why televised evangel
  19. "But again the initial response to a natural disaster is always on the local level. Perhaps there ought to be co-ordination between various localities so that, for instance and simply hypothetically, New Orleans could have learned from the hurricane plan of Miami. Although, as pointed out in previous posts, New Orleans did indeed have a plan and the problem may have arisen from the failure of the City to implement its plan as the disaster approached." Tim, has this always been the case? Or, to phrase it another way, has it always been a matter of states' rights over federal intervention? W
  20. Democracy Now is used by pornographers and pro-prostitution fanatics. Public sex is a key indicator of a propensity to offend against children. The definition of authentic solidarity should not require a campaign to keep the right-minded collaborating with pornographers. The Czech state has major issues with paedophilia and its school system, a culture of toleration has contributed to the unsatisfactoriness of the problem.
  21. DN is hated by many feminists who are also opposed to the war. Pornography is as important to many feminists as any other problem. Now the communists have gone the Czech Republic has teddy bears in the brothel windows of Cheb, how much progress is that?
  22. The engine establishing the levels of educator sexual misconduct in primary or early learning is directly related to the perecentage of active paedophiles within the general population. If you estimate the latter figure, we can usefully work out how many the vetting and barring system removes. If you can do a little research and are feeling helpful, you should be able to tell me how big a problem it is.
  23. Bravo, a fine example of appearing to say a lot, whilst actually saying nothing. How about a few facts, you know cite some actual cases, give some statistics, that sort of thing. You say,"how much sex crime will 400,00 teachers be associated with". well why dont you answer your own question, tell us so we can see if its above what is known of other groups, Biulders, long distance lorry drivers, clowns, or how about Catholic preists. You say " I can think of recent UK examples" Well of course you can, nobody is pretending that it doesn't happen, but once again no concrete examples are offered
  24. The right to chose is just an idea, it may be reflected legislatively in some jurisdictions or it might not, in which case abortion may not be allowed. WELL UNDER THOSE RESTRICTIONS, IS NOT ANYTHING "JUST AN IDEA"FREEDOM OF SPEECH,LIBERTY, JUSTICE ETC.. The relationship between abortion and choice is not universal, female feticide in China and India for example is not really about choice. WHO THE HELL SAID THEY WERE,STICK TO THE TOPIC WITHOUT BRING IN FELATIOUS ARGUEMENTS.... The euthanasia of infants and abortion will possibly be merged in Holland in order to protect doctors who are alrea
  25. Why on earth should I withdraw the statement? How much sex crime will 400,000 teachers and school employees be associated with? The gender ratio is universally the most significant aspect for estimating future levels of sexual abuse within the context of early years education. The UK has traditionally used 'allegation' based vetting procedures and that risk strategy will anchor the level of sexual misconduct to male recruitment. (The efficiency of vetting & barring systems is poor generally & in Britain will probably not register more than 3 percent of the paedophiles in education.
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