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  1. I loved working in a new school that did not have a formal uniform where the students wear colourful clothes Then a group of students formed to discuss buying a hooded school fleecey top (or jumper or sweater according to the country) with school logo and names. At lease it isn't compulsary and we only need to ask where thier names badges are.
  2. Jean Phillipe, what does "citizenship'" mean to you? I don't understand the word. Jay, do you know how much of the education budget to state schools is salary? How much does the federal government pay to rich state schools above the salary scale?
  3. What an interesting discussion. I am pleased that it has its own thread. It does serve as an example to our students that some Internet resources are not as accurate as others. As this is an education forum, it would be good for students to see the fervour in this topic, even if they do not understand the implications of the issues. Although I understand that John has alterred his original page (which I didn't know existed) now I wish I had the original to use as a teaching point. As a teacher of langaue in use, I found the language used in these published interactions is a credit to thi
  4. Homework isn't always done at home. Most school have the library open at lunch and after school so that students who don't have access at home are on a more equal footing. I know students who use public libraries still. And what a useful resources they are as well. I enjoy lunchtime in the library especially if there are chess sets and similr games. Will teachers in 2020 speak fondly about the days when kids ran and played outside? To be honest when I teach younger students I often set homework that requires a phone call to Grandma, conversation with a sibling etc. When I am being reall
  5. Difference in systems are what makes the world an interesting place. But my experiences in the North American education system included many multiple choice questions and classes all working on the same levels- even sometimes the same English texts. Even today, when I browse school websites I see the same texts. The Red Badge of Courage, etc. How is this dragging our students into the modern world? In my Australian experiences I have always (or almost always) taught mixed ability classes. While I may yearn to inherit a class that all has the same educational background and who all could
  6. Stephen, I have to say I always find your posts interesting and well written. As an Australian I find the idea of assimilation deplorable. Different values and attitudes are what makes life interesting. (Have you seen the city life in the film Bladerunner? What a mix). Although I feel unfortable asking people not to wear cultural dress, last week I spoke to several students about naked navels and lip and ear-ring studs. Does this make me a hypocrite? Why do I champion the wearing of the hijab and yet need to comment onmetal? Maybe it has somethng to do with community expectations. If w
  7. Life does seem to be getting more interesting. Now I need to have a sound understanding of my subject matter, be skilled in delivery and extending students, encourage leanring as a cooperative activity and fix those pesky computers. Maybe as time progresses, students will become more skilled in technical issues (or even ones like putting paper in the printer themselves). Primary school programs are including skills in learning how to learn and recently I have been amazed at the information literacy levels of younger students. In fact this Wequest is designed for 9-10 year olds. I think I
  8. What a great way to learn about "things". I noticed that many of the Opening Minds students were either aged 11-14 ish or "disinclined". What happens in the senior years of schooling and how do these students compete for tertiary entrance. Is there a separate pathway for tertiary bound students? Oops still logged on as a teacher from another thread. Pauline
  9. Well Jam, you have encouraged me with your perserverence. I though that teaching in a Military establishment would be difficult, but it seems the salvation for education in your area. Here in Australia I have seen trade Union groups advertise the plight of some "third world countries". Maybe you will have to resort to publically embarrassing your education system. It is our job in the more enlightened world to provide a sounding board and encouragement. But rfrankly at this point I am a bit speechless. What is the contact for your legislature? Maybe a few interested parties could emai
  10. Hi all I found the longer posts hard to read. Maybe some people like to think with thier typing fingers and others work differently
  11. Hi Richard Well done. On Monday I will talk to the two students from my school and see if they have had sucess. So far the comments are sometimes long but interesting. I will practise quotes with my students. This is rather a new idea and worth the effort. Pauline
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