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  1. "if this is what occurred- I don't think qualifies as a "non-event". that's just it - it never occured -
  2. the position of Tippit's gun is actually most consistent with someone who was shot by an aggressor, and barely had a chance to respond - if Oswald was seen smiling and talking to Tippit, this also indicates little. Whenever I get stopped by a cop I try to act courteous and in a friendly manner, hoping to deflect any negative action (like a ticket) -
  3. 1) Veciana NEVER confirmed to Fonzi that Bishop was Phillips - he actually skirted around the issue - 2) There is no evidence cited actually tying Bush sr. to the the Bay of Pigs invasion - what real documentation do they have?
  4. so what we have is a non-plot to kill no one and no evidence to support it and no arrests or evidence - I think it's time to let this particular non-event rest -
  5. one question we should ask - were these silencers useable at long-range (since I would assume the silencer affects speed and trajectory)?
  6. My name is Allen Lowe, and I live in South Portland, Maine. I am a musician and music historian (have published 2 books on the history of American music); I have been following the Kennedy assassination debate for almost 40 years and am interested in current opinions, developments, etc.
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