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  1. I have other names for them Steve, but unfortunately I'm not allowed to post them here..
  2. Boy, did you educate! I misspoke when I said there were more conspiracy debunkers than conspiracy believers on this forum .. The word "debunkers" implies that the majority of the members here actually debunk the conspiracy evidence, instead of just pretend to.. and the world "believers" of course implies that it's just belief, and not facts, that prove certain conspiracies. So I will correct myself and use the word "deniers" and "provers" instead of debunkers and believers. As in: the conspiracy deniers outnumber the conspiracy provers on this forum... The JFK discussions excluded, as I
  3. Steve.. You do know that conspiracy debunkers outnumber conspiracy believers on this forum, don't you? "Truthers" has been turned into a dirty word by many of the members here. I'm sure your poll will confirm that fact, if it hasn't already.
  4. "911 In Plane Site What “In Plane Site” accomplishes that no other video expose’ on September 11th has to date, is it exposes the viewer to a barrage of news clips from a majority of the mainstream news outlets. The official story of that day was told on live TV by reporters, policemen, firefighters, and other on-the-scene eyewitnesses, however, that footage was shown only once on live television broadcasts in the first hours of the attacks and then… it was never repeated. The stories changed, information was enigmatically omitted, and what can only be described as officially prescribed pr
  5. I can't believe you're still posting this type of obvious disinformation when Siverstein opened his despicable mouth and inserted his despicable foot in it.. Pull it means to intentionally demolish the building.. It doesn't mean to pull people ( ncluding frefighers) out of a building. No, the criminal Bush gang did .. Silverstein being one of them. Speaking of the despicable Silverstein, check out why he wasn't at work that day. Can anyone say .. LYING SLIMEBALL ???
  6. Get back to us when you have evidence pull can mean explosive demolition. Do you think the FDNY demolished 7? You are aware that various FDNY personnel has discussed the order to pull firefighters from the vicinity of the building and seeing signs that it was unstable hours before it came down. It doesn't get any clearer than this. Yes, "pull it" means to pull a building, as in; demolish it.. Which is exactly what Silverstein ordered and explained.
  7. The Disclosure Project http://www.ufocasebook.com/disclosureproject.html The text on this site is not in English but the video lectures are and they are well worth listening to. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/disclosure/esp_disclosure_project_8.htm#The_Untold_History_of_The_Disclosure_Project_2004_-_Steven_M._Greer,_M.D.
  8. The truth of UFOs and the alien presense on Earth is just another US government cover up.
  9. "Pull it" means pull the building, not "pull the firefighters out of the building", which was Silverstein's silly excuse after the fact... The firefighters were already out of building when he told them to pull it. Silverstein was not the only 911 conspirator to open his stupid mouth and insert his big foot .. Bush and Rumsfeld also gave the game away with a few of their stupid statements. 911 was an obvious inside job .. I can't believe people like you are still pretending it wasn't.
  10. Does this mean you don't believe the "real" reason NASA hasn't "returned" humans to the Moon in over 40 years is because aliens live there? ..
  11. That sounds like your opinion, and you're entitled to it .. but where is the proof that the Veteran Times has "an agenda and it ain't the truth"? .. Do they perhaps disagree with your opinion about 911 also? Videos can be paraded out by the CIA long after someone is dead, with the pretense that they were recently made.. There's also a strong possibility that boogeyman bin Laden had about as many decoys and body doubles as Michael Jackson.
  12. No matter what might have been corrected, the Chinook continues to be one of the most dangerous means of transportation. "The Army Chinook helicopter, like the one shot down Aug. 6 in Afghanistan killing all 38 onboard, is the U.S. chopper most susceptible to Taliban ground fire, according to statistics compiled by a former aviator. Experts say the crash rate shows two principal facts: The lumbering CH-47 Chinook is not designed to fly into the teeth of a firefight to deliver troops and supplies, and the Taliban is somewhat skilled in using crude weapons to hit a big target like the 50,000-p
  13. That's Col. Daman, Private Colby! Chinook computer was 'positively dangerous' say newly-disclosed MoD documents Tony Collins Monday 04 January 2010 07:56 A computer flaw in the type of Chinook helicopter that crashed on the Mull of Kintyre, killing all 29 on board, was known to be "positively dangerous", according to military documents that have not been published until today. The RAF blamed the two pilots, Flight Lieutenants Rick Cook and Jonathan Tapper, for the crash of Chinook ZD576 on 2 June 1994, which killed 25 senior police and intelligence officers. But an RAF Board of Inquir
  14. Continued... Tip from Afghanistan Posted by Ann Barnhardt – August 7, AD 2011 6:57 AM MST I received a tip from a soldier stationed with an aviation brigade out of Jalalabad overnight. “Almost immediately, after news of the crash began to spread, we were placed in an internet and phone blackout. This means communication with family, friends and “others” back home, in real time, is prevented until further notice. However, there are also chinook pilots, crews and mechanics assigned here who were privy to the details of the crash almost immediately. One of confirmed details they have been di
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