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  1. Thanks, Brian. I had some difficulty with this, but here's a link where you can view the front page that is in the newspaper's archives: http://postimg.org/image/vfthluhxd/ Gary Mack also sent me a link to the Armstrong version, which came from what Gary said was a different edition, but should still be considered an official page of record. I freely admit to not being an "expert," however one qualifies as such, in photo interpretation. However, it is my uneducated opinion that this photo of Oswald was, from the beginning, very muddy and "Frankenstein" like in appearance. I don't know
  2. I contacted an editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. He sent me a scan of the front page of the November 1, 1959 issue, where Oswald's picture first appeared. I would like to share it here, so everyone can judge for themselves. However, it is a pdf and I can't figure out how to paste it here, or to paste the pdf file that can be clicked and opened. In my view, it looks like pretty much of a "Frankenstein" image, but I'm sure opinions may differ. If anyone can help me figure out how to share this, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  3. Greg, I'm not trying to bait you or anyone. I'm pointing out the flaws in your own theory that the Oswald impersonations were not tied to conspiratorial efforts, pre-assassination, to frame him. As for Thomas Graves, nearly every one of his short, sarcastic replies can be interpreted as baiting. You're right- I do tend to respond to your posts more than I do to anyone else's. It's just your cocksure attitude when you post what I consider to be unreasonable speculation, and the fact that only a few others on this forum will confront you. But you are figuratively following John Armstrong all
  4. Greg, I don't have a "story" to coordinate with anyone. I'm not desperate to either prove or disprove any theory. John Armstrong has never posted on a forum, to my knowledge. My contention is, however, that he couldn't possibly be more passionate about defending his theory than you are in trying to discredit it. I think we do agree that whoever he was, Lee Harvey Oswald didn't assassinate President Kennedy.
  5. Greg, So now you mimic John Armstrong's theory by referring to it as "Hardly Lee.nut?" That's some argument. Be careful- Thomas Graves is very sensitive to this kind of thing. This may cause him to reconsider his recent theory that others here are baiting you.
  6. Greg, You're the one who's grasping at straws here, not Armstrong or his defenders. Your dismissal of Armstrong includes the most unlikeliest of conjectures. For instance, Oswald's tonsils growing back. As a baby boomer, I knew lots of kids who had their tonsils out. Never heard of a single case of them growing back later. That had to be an extremely rare thing. You were eagerly claiming to have "solved" the Albert Bogard incident a while back, and posted a lot of information about the man you believed had been mistaken for Oswald, someone named Oswalt. Not long after that, you just as eage
  7. Mark, You mistake my reference to "professional" reporters as indicative of dismissing those on forums as being non-professionals. On the contrary, I have little regard for "professional" reporters or historians. We would know nothing about this case without all the citizen critics, none of them "professional." And I certainly don't want to infer that I am proclaiming myself to be a "professional."
  8. The notion that there is a "simple" explanation for anything related to Oswald flies in the face of 50 years of research by independent citizens. It does, however, echo the views of "professional" journalists and historians. Everything about Lee Harvey Oswald is confusing and open to question. To state otherwise is to ignore much of the information available to us, not to mention all that's been destroyed, lost or remains classified. If there were merely a few anomalies about Oswald's height or something, that would probably be easy to explain. But Oswald was a supposed minimum-wage loser th
  9. Paul, Yes, I'm a huge fan of Dave McGowan, who wrote Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. Much of the book, along with a lot of other extremely controversial "extremist" stuff, can be found on his web site http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/ I'm sure many here will think him way too "far out" for public consumption. I believe you have read my book (and I thank you for that). For others who may be interested, my thoughts on these subjects are detailed there far more clearly than I can do on a forum. http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-History-Conspiracies-Cover-Ups-American/dp/1629144843
  10. Mark, Linda Tripp received a legal settlement because the government violated the Privacy Act by releasing personal information about her to the always compliant mainstream media. She had originally been fired, in a final act of vengeance, on the final day of the Clinton administration. This included the explosive information that she'd been arrested for shoplifting at age 19. This was, of course, "investigative" journalism at its finest. Tripp never published a book, and her original agreement to do so with Gallagher was motivated by a desire to expose what she felt were the wrongdoings of
  11. Mark, Linda Tripp DID NOT write a "tell all," or any book at all. She was careful to point that out to me, in the official statement she prepared for my book. That is just one of the lies that have been told about her. Monica Lewinsky, on the other hand, has profited from her tainted celebrity. The "attacks" on Bill Clinton, whether via SNL, Family Guy or wherever, were always done in such a way as to portray him as a lovably irresponsible juvenile playboy, a really "cool" guy. That is certainly never been the way Nixon has been portrayed. And Mayor Quimby, for instance, on The Simpsons, cl
  12. Mark, I spoke to Linda Tripp personally. She had no agenda- she was a liberal democrat. She described how those who worked in the White House all knew about Clinton's scandals, especially the body count. She was never Monica Lewinsky's "pal"- she was old enough to be her mother. She did what she had to do in order to protect herself. The treatment she was accorded by "journalists" was a travesty. Her family was devastated by the attacks upon her. SNL certainly never attacked Bill Clinton. Marge Schoedinger died mysteriously, after claiming she'd been threatened. That's kind of like how Debo
  13. Mark, I'm obviously not content just to post on forums. My book has become a best-seller, albeit without much support from the JFK assassination research community. I've done interviews with Infowars, Coast to Coast, Black Op Radio and several other shows. Those are the platforms I have. I have other books in the works, which I hope will be published. The Bush rape story was completely ignored by the mainstream media; as I note, the only reference I could find was in a small UK newspaper. The rape accusation against Reagan was so obscure that Meria Heller said she'd never heard about it when
  14. Thanks for posting that Steven. Jim DiEugenio's "Posthumous Assassination of JFK" greatly influenced much of what I wrote about the Kennedys in Hidden History. The ongoing campaign to slander their legacy continues. I will have a lot to say about the assassination of Huey Long in my next book. He was unquestionably targeted by the establishment, and openly spoke of the plots to assassinate him, from the floor of the U.S. Senate.
  15. Mark, I cover everything you talk about extensively in my book. I don't think favorably of any president since JFK (well, I don't really blast Carter, who I think was less dangerous than the others, or Ford, who wasn't in office long enough to do much damage). The mainstream media's criticism of high profile political figures is always distorted. For instance, Clinton was only blasted by the far right, until the ridiculous Lewinsky affair. His scandals were legendary, and only covered by the likes of Jerry Falwell and early internet web sites until Monica came along. Bush was made fun of fo
  16. Mark, Mae Brussell and Paul Krassner were hardly leaders of the counter-culture. They weren't the figures quoted and reported on by the television networks, major newspapers and magazines, etc. You misunderstand me if you think I'm saying the anti-war movement was fake. It was just controlled, as most opposition to power has been for a very long time. I'm sure the majority of those opposing the war were doing so for obvious, justifiable reasons. That doesn't mean their leadership was. Sure, David Crosby ranted about the Warren Report once at a concert, and we know that both Lennon and McCar
  17. Mark, as I point out in my book, the leaders of the so-called counter-culture were largely controlled opposition. Jerry Rubin later morphed nicely into a Wall Street investor, for example. Gloria Steinem and Timothy Leary were both later shown to be affiliated with the CIA. Malcolm X's bodyguard was an undercover FBI agent. So was Fred Hampton's. One of the four "KKK" members who fired the shots that killed Viola Liuzzo was an FBI informant. The list goes on. why didn't any of those anti-war protesters bring up the JFK assassination? Why didn't they criticize the Warren Report? Nixon never
  18. Thanks for sharing that, Douglas. Really important stuff. JFK really was different from most presidents, and most politicians, for that matter. The campaign to assassinate his character has transformed his historical image into one of a reckless, pragmatic politician who really didn't care about peace, civil rights, the poor, etc. That simply isn't accurate, and is connected, in my view, to the ongoing cover up of this death. After all, if they can distort the truth about his life, why should anyone care about who assassinated him?
  19. It's extremely naive to doubt the words of FDR himself, who said, "If something happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way." We have been ruled by primarily corrupt leaders since well before the assassination of JFK. However, things really went into overdrive at that point. When an American president was gunned down in the streets, the inadequate explanation really did crush political idealism, and paved the way for the chaotic remainder of the decade. People scoff and say, "not everything is a conspiracy." Well, actually, if you're ruled by a succession of corrupt and incompet
  20. I echo Brian's sentiments in regards to appreciating Roger Stone's comments here, and Douglas' willingness to post them. While researching Hidden History, one of most surprising things I discovered was just how much Nixon's corruption paled in comparison to LBJ's, Reagan's, both Bushes, Clinton and Obama. He actually looks good in comparison to most of our pathetic recent presidents. This is not to sound like a Nixon fan; he was a typical spineless, crass politician. But I could find no real body count tied to his administration, for example. In contrast, it was easy to count the bodies tied
  21. The way his testimony reads, Lane is pointing out the words on the rifle to the Commission. Certainly, if they weren't stamped there, the members of the Commission would have noted that in the record.
  22. Robert, Mark Lane asked for the Carcano placed into the record to be handed to him during his Warren Commission testimony. He pointed out that the words "Made Italy" were clearly stamped on the barrel. Since no one on the Warren Commission countered him by saying, "Mr. Lane, that is not printed on the barrel," I have to assume he was correct. Here is a transcript of his testimony, where you can read for yourself that he was allowed to examine the rifle: http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/lane_m2.htm
  23. Thanks for correcting me, Mark. I did indeed confuse those two very similar names. I would still take Craig's word on these two very important aspects of the case, as in both instances he was corroborated by multiple witnesses.
  24. Roger Craig was corroborated by both officers Boone and Weitzman, in terms of identifying the rifle found on the sixth floor of the TSBD as a Mauser. Both signed sworn affidavits to that effect, and both later admitted to being identically "mistaken," as so many witnesses who offered information contradicting the official story were purported to be. As Mark Lane pointed out, "Made in Italy" was stamped clearly on the barrel of the Carcano allegedly owned by Oswald, which makes three men identifying it as German truly inexplicable. Roger Craig also saw a man resembling Oswald running away fro
  25. Thanks for sharing this, Douglas. The Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations. It has become entrenched official policy at all levels in our society to punish the whistelblowers, not the wrongdoers.
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