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  1. I have satisfied myself with answering the question "who killed JFK". I no longer look at the magic bullet or the initial lack of Mr Oswald's print on the Italian rifle. I have long decided that this was a conspiracy and that most of the evidence had been manipulated. There are three things that is characteristic of the assassination: Who ever was behind the assassination: 1) They still control the investigation of the assassination, as they did when it happened. This means political control to this day. 2) They control the news media today as they did back then. 3) Whatever the motive it was urgent. One that could not wait until after JFK was out of office. This urgency is the key. Although the CIA, LBJ or the Communist / right wing may have been complicit they were not the mastermind of the entire thing. In fact the people that pulled the trigger may not have known the entire truth. To understand this you have to look at what has happened since the year 1791 and how this cabal tried viciously to take over the creation of money. Once they succeeded in creating most of the money they took control of as many corporations and politicians as money could buy. ONCE MONEY IS COMPROMISED EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS. The power of this cabal is unimaginable to the average person. And their pet project was evident in the Balfour Declaration. Now we turn to the most recently released documents and everything falls into place. The secret negotiations between JFK and Gurion, and the fact that JFK was very motivated to stop nuclear proliferation. Just listen to the UN speech and read what the released documents were about. Put 1 plus 1 together. These bankers that control the money in the USA are an international criminal organization, who will stop at nothing to keep control. Their Modus Operandi is all over this assassination.
  2. There is overwhelming evidence that the three buildings were demolished with explosives. Some of these explosives we set to go off just as the plane hit but failed. Instead those explosive were detonated before the planes hit, killing and burning people
  3. The streets on the photograph The street after the building collapse DO YOU SEE A DIFFERENCE
  4. Right now I am more interested in who took this photo, than debating illogical nonsense from a denial.
  5. This photo shows undeniable proof that there were controlled explosives on 9/11. If a person maintains that fires set off somekind of stored explosives then we need to proceed in that manner. But to claim that that photo was taken in the afternoon is a complete lie
  6. There is a claim to 53 post, most of them are Steven Gaal laying out the foundation for a possible controlled explosives. Most of your retorts are: "What does any of this drivel have to do with the collapse of WTC 6?" It is clear that the first image was taken several days after 9/11. The purpose of the photograph is to show that the debris for the 7 story hole did not come from the roof as the roof in that specicif area shows no sign of extensive penetration. The you proceed to call anyone who supports the controlled explosives theory names. Finally you claim that the photo was taken in the afternoon, and you proceed to show the angle of the shadow without any direction as to what true north is. Then you proceed to explain away the dust. But it is quite evident that that area was completely engulfed with a dust cloud after the towers collapse. So the photo was most obviously not taken in the afternoon.
  7. If you study the picture, you can see a 6 to 7 story gaping hole on the side of Vesey street. This hole is rather curious. Debris from the planes impact on the North Tower could not have caused this because: 1) The building was evactuated successfully after the north tower impact. Such damage would have caused many deaths inside WTC 6. So the questions are: What time was WTC 6 evacuated and how many people died inside the US Customs house before it was evactuated. Was everyone evacuated from WTC 6 successfully? 2) The damage on the roof does not show a type of penetration that would have caused this hole. After all the towers collapse, the roof and the floors remained somewhat intact showing no falling debris penetration. 3) The jets impact on the South Towers is irrelevant because the North Towers shielded that area in WTC 6. In order for debris to hit the WTC 6 from the south tower the debris would have to boomerang, an illogical suggestion. 4) To determine the time the picture was taken you can see a lack of powder debris. This area was hit by a huge powder debris and would surely been evident in this photograph. This shows that this gaping hole was caused before the towers collapse. You may be able to determine time using shadows but you need to be accurate with where TRUE NORTH is and its relation to the casting of sun shadows in September.
  8. I did my undergrad in Carleton College, Northfield MN and post graduate at the University of MN. Was Employed Northrob Grumman in human resources dept. but now am retired.
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