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  1. Was it a cg83 vessel like these ? Sorry about your dad. I can see he meant a lot to you in conflicting ways. h
  2. Hey Hiram (and Scott), Yes, my mistake, NW South River Dr. is the correct address. I've drawn a red box around the location of the Warehouse or Boat Shop in your photo. The cement is clearly discolored in an outline that indicates where the building stood and corresponds with the address of that business (coincidently appears to have ceased operations in 1964). https://www.dropbox.com/s/klcawukrdizt91x/Dock_miami.jpg?dl=0 Chris ------------------------------------ Chris and Scott, If that is the right address, then the cutter would have been docked at the upper left corner of your red
  3. Scott, Here is the cg83 web site where you can get all the same pics I got, etc. http://www.cg83527.org/83footerphotos.htm h
  4. OK Scott. I have to crash now. Tomorrow I'll post. The photo of Sturgis et al is not connected to the owner of the cg83 however. Which would you like? h
  5. Thank you Chris. How did you get and look up the address? BTW, I am in touch with the owner of the CG 83 foot cutter that is now a display attraction. He has zillions of the best photos and even one video clip of these vessels in action. He has been very helpful: it turns out the deck planking does indeed come up, as a plug, to hoist the engines. There is room in the engine room for a pair of fifteen-foot torpedo or slightly more. Also, modifications would have been possible to the bulkheads, etc. I have found a photo of three raiders of fame on the forward deck of another cg83 with a
  6. ***************************************************************************** Huh??? Ferre? Hemming?
  7. *************************************************************** Hi again Chris, I could not find this address: it seems NE South River Drive does not exist, although NW South River Drive does.. Could you resolve this and post a screen shot ? Thanks, h
  8. OK, Here is my photobucket album, http://s977.photobucket.com/user/gooddog9/media/Hermandad%20Cubana/169%20LIVING%20ROOM%20ANNOTATED_zps6awpr1s3.jpg.html The photo of a living room audience shows a man with a vertical, broad-striped shirt and rimless glasses. He is the one who bears a little resemblance to Barker. If your friends recognize anyone else in the picture, or disagree with any of my captions, and they don't mind identifying them, please let me know. The meeting took place in late September or early October of 1962, at 169 NW 28th Street, Miami, Florida. Thanks, h
  9. I believe that's last thing Gerry would have done, is anything but what the White House wanted. I believe it was more for the money then anything else. Your comment regarding Constable Seymour, it did remain identical with DPD, the WC and Canfield. The only other reason he visited the nut house, was [after] having a breakdown, after viewing Macho's photo on TV after the break-ins. Make no mistake, there is no doubt, Macho was SS that day. -------------------You lost me here. Which comment about William Houston Seymour ( constable ? ) and who is Macho, other than my uncle? SS which day? Who
  10. -------------------------------------------Chris, I just realized that I never answered your question. To Seymour's left and one row behind was a young woman I do not know. To Seymour's left and one row in front of him is a man wearing a striped shirt and rimless glasses: He may be Watergate burglar Bernard Barker. But, I am not very certain because there is a ten-year time difference and the two faces do not look similar enough to inspire confidence in the match. There is an empty seat to this man's right where I was sitting moments before the photograph was snapped. Gerry asked my
  11. Sounds like an agency creep who was doing what the White House wanted regarding raids from Florida. I don't have an opinion of my own, for lack of information. I am just reading every one else's opinions.
  12. Mr. Kaiser, Of the various alternate versions of Fonseca's demise that I have referred in my posts, my best guess is that he was busted immediately, by Fidel's forces, and executed in late October or early November of 1962. Did you have personal experience with Gerry sufficient to form an opinion of whether or not he was himself the informant who tipped off Fidel's forces regarding the Fonseca raid and assassination attempt on Fidel?
  13. Paul, I watched some of his video interviews this week. What do you think of him ?
  14. To all, Paul Trejo wrote me that he has been banned from posting due to his use of a forbidden word denoting a person of dual ethnicity. I was surprised to read Gerry's frequent use of ethnic slurs, when I first lurked this site. Is there a quick way to download an entire thread so that I won't lose expunged content in the future? I did not think to do it earlier, trusting that it would remain for years. Thanks, -HH
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