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  1. To get us out of the Texas Theater on November 22 and back to Parkland (per the subject line) on November 24, does anyone know 1) who rode in the back of the O'Neal ambulance with Oswald, and 2) who helped unload him at the emergency room entrance? Unloading commences around the 20-sec mark of this film. The two attached stills show a man (from the back, wearing sunglasses) at the foot of cart containing Oswald. The man bears, at best, the most superficial resemblance to the "mystery man" in the photo included to begin this post. I am not sure if this man was riding in the
  2. According to the caption on https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth185040/m1/1/ the photograph of the doctor, two uniformed police officers, and the man in suit and shades is dated November 24, 1963, and seems to be part of a series taken in the halls of Parkland that day, and not the day of the assassination, including several shots of Oswald's body (covered by a sheet on a gurney) being taken to the morgue. The pertinent part of one of two captions (depending on which view of the image you select) reads ".. [A doctor at Parkland Hospital speaking to Dallas Police offic
  3. I can't think of another reason to turn the bench over and measure (only) the bottom dimensions other than to verify that the space underneath was large enough for something the FBI might have already had the dimensions of that was an object of suspected concealment. Looks like you could put a bazooka AND Billy Barty in that space. As well as curtain rods. I suppose one would have to dig into the production of the booklet in detail to even get at what the FBI was trying to document by 1) performing the physical actions of pulling the bench away from the wall and measuring the dimensions,
  4. Thanks for the 'welcome aboards'! I have seen stray pics and plans from this booklet used separately across the Web for years, but only recently did I run across what appears to be the whole booklet bound as a bureau-prepared photo guide to the depository. I don't know if the white rectangular shape (file folder label?) on upper right of front cover is either obscuring a CE number, for example, or the number appears on it but has been obscured. I have to think this is an official exhibit, right? The camera locations for all of the photos marked on the floor plans has proven quit
  5. In the FBI booklet containing floor plans and photos of the TBSD, which I recently discovered (as a late arrival to the party, in a manner of speaking), I noted Plate 15 shows one of the benches in the Domino (Lunch) Room has been overturned, and dimensions of the space underneath the padded seat marked in what looks to be a white photo-marking pen (common in those days for annotating photos, marking areas for cropping, etc.). It is the only photo in the booklet that has such markings, measurements, etc. The caption explicitly mentions "dimensions of bottom construction," as if the dimens
  6. My interest is the JFK assassination. I was 6 and a half years old on November 22, 1963, but remember exactly where I was, as so many do, even as children: the parking lot of the Ramstein Air Force Base (Germany) movie theater. My parents and I had just stepped out into the evening after a late Friday afternoon showing of "Come Blow Your Horn," and were heading for the car when a woman approached us at a trot in the middle of the aisle, screaming that the President had been shot. It was a little past 7 pm, German time. The next thing I remember was the funeral on Monday, and three qu
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