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  1. Dear Ron, Thank you for the trouble you have taken to put that link on above, and looking up details so that you could do that. I have ordered the book and I look forward to seeing what they the author says, and the people you mention above say....
  2. I have been sent some jpg files scanned from 35mm slides which were produced from the original 8mm film - and scanning was at the highest resolution that NARA were able to do....
  3. Dear Kathy, My 'theory' reckons that the Babushka lady took the photographs that were later said to have been taken by Mary Moorman, and somehow 'gave' the camera and/or photos to her. if you're able to say any more about the idea of 'Mary Moorman' and her friend being dressed differently at any stage, then I would be interested to hear about that - and also about the name of the 'babushka' lady being known...? I always thought that person had never been traced. (About the 'Umbrella man' - it sounds reasonable to me that if there were further would-be assassins waiting to fire after the first shots, then they would want information on how the first shots had gone - after all, if they had killed the president, then any other assassins could just melt away into the background - so I would wonder if this was a signal of some kind to others involved....)
  4. I realise I could have said more about my 'theory' - that Jean Hill and Mary Moorman are not the figures in blue and red in the Zapruder film and that one of them fired the fatal shot that killed president Kennedy... With luck, (I'm not used to these bulletin boards), there's an image attached from frame 303 of the Zapruder film showing these two figures. I believe that the figure in blue's right arm is very strange, (as is very much to do with these figures, I think!), and that the 'arm' and 'hand' are actually artificial, e.g. there are no signs of fingers on the very round 'hand', and that the 'arm' is unnaturally thin. Using Photoshop there are signs of mechanical attachments/gadgets on the 'arm', (and elsewhere on the heads and clothing of the two figures), which given the position and time that the figures were in, makes them, I think, very suspicious indeed. Add all this to other arguments to be found on my website - http:www.robsdataservices.co.uk and I believe it makes for a very good case, and also explains some other 'issues', e.g. what the so-called Babushka lady was doing there...
  5. Dear Denny, In my theory, the real Moorman and Hill would have been bribed, I presume, to take on these roles, so I wouldn't use the word 'Actresses'. They would have had to come forward and be prepared to be witnesses, and had their stories looked at in a lot of detail. My 'case' depends on a lot of things put together, really, e.g. their demeanour, their positions at the ideal time and place to hit the president, my 'analysis' of frames from the Zapruder film using Photoshop, and - at the moment - looking for 'evidence' that there were real and other Moorman and Hill's out there...
  6. Dear Michael, Yes, you are right in this and I plan to change that on my website in due course....
  7. To: David Andrews - thank you for your comments. I think Mary Moorman might also have a different length coat in some photos, but plenty to think about ....
  8. I believe that the figures in red and blue seen in the Zapruder film that are thought to be Mary Moorman and Jean Hill are not those people, but two others, and that they were carrying covert weapons, and that both shot at the president, and the one firing last was the one who hit him with the fatal shot. More on this on my website - www.robsdataservices.co.uk. I would be interested to know if anybody has good reason to agree, and/or who has seen subtle differences in the clothing, height, hairstyle, etc of these figures in film clips or photographs of the scene, especially before and after the shooting...
  9. Hello, I wish to communicate with others about the JFK assassination. My own theory is that the figures who were thought to be Jean Hill and Mary Moorman are not those people, but two others who both had covert weapons, and who both shot at the president, and that one of them, probably the one who fired last, hit him with the fatal shot. There is more about this on my website - http://www.robsdataservices.co.uk. One of the things that follow from this is that the people pretending to be Jean Hill and Mary Moorman must have been 'replaced' by the real Jean Hill and Mary Moorman in the aftermath of the shooting, and 'evidence' for this can be seen by looking at the heights, clothing and other bodily characteristics of the figures in red and blue that appear in the Zapruder film, and other films and photos. It is this especially that I hope to discuss....
  10. I have gained an interest in the JFK assassination after watching a
    documentary in which there was part of the Zapruder film.  I was taking
    photos from the TV, with my zoom camera, and the figures thought to be
    Jean Hill and Mary Moorman seemed to be strange. After looking into it
    more, I am of the belief that those figures are not who they are said to
    be, but two others who both have covert weapons, and that one of them
    fired the fatal shot that killed the president.  More details on my
    website: www.robsdataservices.co.uk.  I am especially interested in
    communicating with John Butler about differences between these figures
    in different photos/film clips.

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