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  1. To be honest from experience a true Russian is fairly easy to spot if they’re fresh off the boat but if they speak English well and are from anywhere in Eastern Europe it can be tricky. In addition the fact he had moved around and been abroad with Americans from all over would have twisted the accent too. In England we have always had players from all round the world come to play soccer and they end up with the most ridiculous accents ... I must add too that I have lived and worked with many Eastern European’s and germans . And my brothers wife is Russian , I’m not an expert but probably have
  2. The YouTube video ‘ Lee Harvey Oswald on the radio / august 1963’ . There are lots of examples but 15m - 15.20 is a good one . This guy sounds like he is from a Eastern European country, or German. I know New Orleans have a strong accent but this doesn’t sound like that . He sounds eastern/ Baltic European
  3. A little late to the topic I’m sorry, I have skimmed through so apologies if this has been mentioned already... I am not familiar with the accents of 1950’s New Orleans residents but ... in his radio interview on the fair play for Cuba LHO has moments where his accent and sentence structure sound VERY much like that of German or Eastern European’s . Having a brother in Germany, Russian wife and having lived in London for ten years I have some experience here.
  4. Not that I'm aware of, as far as I understand it it didn't influence the events of that day at all. Theoretically it was designed to draw Tippit to that area and may have been what made him leave the gas station down Lancaster but there is no evidence of that and would you really stab a man so that a pool of blood was left just to draw him there ? Q. Did any of the witnesses give an age description of the man who stood over the body / the second shooter ? I know one gave the description of a long coat, two I think gave the description of a dark coat ( possibly 'jacket') and one described
  5. Yes I read that article and watched a YT video By Micheal Brownlow er al explaining a bit more . I’d heard of it before but perhaps had it confused with the shop lifting incident Tippit dealt with. Has a reconciliatory explanation ever emerged ? I struggled to find much on the web . For what I’m trying to do ( coincidentally similar to the motorcade 63 idea in another current topic) it may not matter at all TBH as it doesn’t seem to affect the movements of anyone . UNLESS there was evidence that Tippit was told to go there from the Gloco station ?....
  6. Sorry, maybe you know more ? I’m not familiar with the stabbing incident at all.
  7. I read it through, most of which I think now is accepted as fact and most people know but there are a few things I would add. 1) To me, the most glaring smoking gun to a conspiracy is that officer Tippit was shot outside the home of his recent lover, a place he frequented often. This is not taken into account in this chronology and would be a HUGE coincidence. 2) This story also completely omits the fact that several witnesses saw a police car parked in the alley Tippit was effectively blocking, a man get out and say something to the shooter, then get back in and quickly reverse ba
  8. Just re-read Baker's testimony and although it is highly suspicious in some regards and seems to change he quite clearly states that the man he stopped was wearing a light coloured jacket. It is interesting that he ducks his head out of the way quite aggressively to avoid eye contact with Oswald in the corridor at the station and more so that it looks like Oswald may then say something to him or pauses on approaching him. A time machine would be great !
  9. Yes, the white jacket white shirt man seems to crop up on the sixth floor, the rambler, East 10th and killing tippit. And POSSIBLY most importantly in the balcony of the theatre minus a jacket, whilst a light jacket is found in a car park near by. I've always wondered if ' white jacket , white shirt ' was actually " light jacket ,white T-shirt". I have a good knowledge of mens vintage clothing and terminology having worked in the industry but were T-shirts often referred to as ' shirts' when worn under another item in 1960's Dallas ? , it seems trivia but these details can make a real differe
  10. Hey, I'm on board with Harvey and Lee ! But maybe not the photographic analysis in all respects. The two faces are just too similar to be different people. December '57 , feb 57 hunting and the photo of Lee outside the barracks, in my opinion are not the guy arrested . Anyway ... Yes that jacket is very very similar to the hunting photo, but it was 6 years later so maybe not the same one exactly. My point about the brown shirt was a bad one.... I hadn't even realised that the main stream story is that he was wearing a light tan shirt but changed into a dark brown one. For me, the
  11. Thank you, I really need to look at all the statements again though, I've been looking more at the Tippit scene so forgotten a lot of what people said about the station wagon man or 'Lee'. I hadn't realised that Craig had seen a man in a light tan shirt though, I'd always assumed it was the light shirt/ jacket, as in the article ' found' by Westbrook in the parking lot. Confusing .
  12. I'll have a look at those graphics, I have an idea but there isn't one map or graphic that does everything so it will have to be done in two or there sections.
  13. Another Q.... Who was it that stated that Oswald was wearing a brown shirt before leaving the TSBD ? Or did no one ? Thats kind of an important one . I can't see it in Bakers testimony, unless i'm reading the wrong one !
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