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  1. I'm sorry to have to reply that, No, you don't at all understand the critique. The pupil's transcript shown for Beauregard in NO WAY indicates attendance of any kind before January, 13, 1954. Sandy, perhaps in your case, you were so bamboozled early on by others' misrepresentation of the evidence, that you can't even now read a simple school transcript. If you, and James, were both in a class for reading/interpreting documents, your transcripts should show that you both failed; albeit, I suspect that James is actually disingenuous in his wildly delusional assertions (continually promoting his work) . . . suffering from the same attention/accreditation needs that drove Oswald to (I am coming more and more to believe) make an impetuous decision sometime on Thursday, November 21, 1963. Note that, I have virtually no trust in government wherein there lies opportunities for a person(s) (of any stripe) to make money or gain/keep the trappings of power. There are no more than a handful (if fewer) politicians, anywhere, in the U.S. whom I don't detest, let alone respect, and forget admire. Does the CIA have a despicable history, yes. Does the United States have a highly tainted history; most certainly. Could a very, very, small number of persons within the CIA have conspired to get rid of Kennedy for their own personal gains, most certainly. Did they? That has yet to be convincingly asserted, despite trotting out all of the unscrupulous characters and the political/corruption motivations present at the time. There are just as many opportunities in the private sector for abuse of the public's faith. Laughingly, I think, that the evil which lurks in those who wish to use the power of government for their own ends (no matter the magnitude of tragic consequences to others) does not, in the U.S., need to be manifested secretly. For instance, gravely more consequential results (than those which followed the '63 assassination) came out of a quite openly abuse of power, misuse of the U.S. armed forces for personal ends, under the last Bush administration. I can point to abuse (pure waste) of several billions in taxpayer dollars going on right now, and there isn't a politician (or press person) willing to speak up. The abuse is so laughingly obvious, but ignorance, fear, indifference, and a very poorly constructed (archaic) political system, all allow the pilfering of public dollars in the U.S. far more so than in any other highly developed nation. Sorry, if the last part trailed too far off subject.
  2. A reminder to vote in the above poll, if you have not already.
  3. Take a closer look guys. Here's a blow up of both of the above transcripts that purportedly help to 'PROVE' the beginnings of a multi year sinister plan by the CIA (I suppose) to create a double (or twin) for a future operative to carry out an assassination of a future U.S. president, who by the Fall of '53 hadn't even been a U.S. senator for a year . . . the first is the PS 44 school in New York City, the second is the Beauregard Junior H.S. in New Orleans . . . Lee might have had some troubling psychological issues, but he could decipher things well, far better than is evidenced on these boards. Who ever comes up with a lot of this stuff should be putting their creativity into turning out some good spy thrillers, but ones that are a bit more believable.
  4. David, Your 'What About' (of which there could be almost an endless number) is faulty in itself. If he played a role in monitoring (as you then described them) 'assassination' conspirators, he would have first needed a reason to be monitoring them, and secondly, unless, completely incompetent in that pursuit, would have had at least some inkling that an assassination plan was afoot. He therefore would have had some knowledge, even if he came by it via his own covert espionage work (for whatever bizarre reason), but yet was not (apparently) compelled to reveal it to non-conspiratorial authorities. Thus, choice #2 was/is sufficient. The 'guilt' of having but not revealing that knowledge is a subjective judgment for each person, not implied by the statement.
  5. Greg, I added what is essentially an "I don't know" option.
  6. Norman, I take it from your phrasing that is your contention (and possibly that of others). Instead of asking you to elaborate, can you point me to a topic thread where that is asserted/explored/discussed?
  7. I'm curious about the percentage of the CT (conspiracy theory) community who believe in Oswald's knowledge/involvement, and to what degree. This is only for those who fervently believe, after considerable research, that there are other (unknown or otherwise) assassination plotters. I hope the poll function is working now, as I saw that at one point it had a fatal flaw, but also read where it may have been corrected. Click the Poll tab above. Let me emphasize again, this is ONLY for those who don't think Oswald acted completely alone.
  8. Thanks, David, for that info, image and link. The 1963 passport pages have no stamps. Referencing the 1959 passport, I'd have thought that it would've been relinquished either upon his return from the USSR or upon being issued another one. If indeed, he had retained the first passport, and assuming it hadn't expired, he'd not have needed to apply for another. I know today, upon being issued a new passport, your current passport is cancelled and returned with holes punched in it. I don't expect procedures to be exactly the same today and then. It is amazing that it would be the procedure of any immigration office, at any time, to not document the date of entry of each foreigner into the country, particularly if a 'visa' is a requirement. I can't find at the Ferrell site any images of the (purported) Mexican visa. And yet, there is reference to him and a CIA agent having been issued visas at the same time; I suppose that was deduced from sequence numbers. Is the visa extant, or is it presumed to have been discarded, after his purported trip?
  9. First off, this is a question about existing (so I think) evidence, which did not fit the strict posting rules of the two other 'evidence' related forum topics; thus this 'debate' topic was my only other option. There is much reference to the first passport of Oswald, but other than the fact he was issued another passport in 1963, I can find no reference to that second passport. Seeing as much as Oswald did not have a driver's license, and only a military issued ID from many years earlier, would not he have needed the passport to cross the Mexico border? And if so, would not the passport, assuming it exists, and assuming he traveled to Mexico City, be stamped by the Mexican border officials? I can find not a single reference anywhere stating (or showing photographic evidence of) such. Can anyone, here, elucidate on this point?
  10. Aldin Lee: Atlanta, GA, native, b.1956; Ga.Tech, 1979, B.S. Industrial Mgt.; mostly IT career, largely main frame programming/analysis; residential design/construction briefly; interests went toward community/economic development; currently reside in Savannah, GA
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